Healing Session “3 in 1”

BackCoverPortrait-TanikaMy name is Tatyana Elmanovich.  As an astrologer, I have been busy 40 years, and as a medium I wrote my first book based on spirit communication in 1998, and energy healing came firstly as a by product of spirit communication. This year I was certified by James Van Praagh as a psychic and intuitive in his JVP School of Mystical Arts. And healing I learned from Barbara Martin on her courses of alternative healing.  So, what I can do for you in case, if you need my services?

During your call or request via e-mail tatyana.paide@gmail.com  I will ask for your DOB plus birth time, like Tatyana, 08-02-1934, at 8:30 PM in Paide, Estonia. When you come to visit me, I will have your astrology chart in front of me for detecting you most probable problems.
IN YOUR PRESENCE, I’ll contact your guides Guardian Angels asking being brought straight to your problem area, and the healing begins.  For instance, once I was guided to client’s ether layer, where cosmic channels appeared being clogged “up to the last point” and a being in black hooded cape with scythe was standing by already.  I did whatever was possible to free some space for “breathing in” prana. The client realized that she is better the next morning, giving me a surprising phone call and describing how she felt after healing session.

Another case: I was guided right away to the client’s heart chakra for putting out a fire of a burning wilderness in a lovely client’s heart… I felt more like firefighter than healer! Aura layers meaning

Lately I was shown a  dry oak tree (the entire clan’s traditions) in a very professional client’s ether body… We got them out, as it was time for them to go!

Oftentimes I have been guided to the clients’ Solar Plexus Chakra, or Survival Chakra to check out reasons of lack of prana energy (that brings money, love and overall well being). If chakra looks like a flower in hot desert, thirsty and ready to give it up for good, I have to find out what is clogging energy influx. Sometimes they are daily things that do it, like images of dirty rags (client hated cleaning), unwashed dishes (client hated washing dishes), a hoarder’s images of her “collections” were corking invaluable channels of survival energy…  Once I saw there an architect’s  old drawings what he was clinging to, not  even remembering why?  Once I saw … a mother holding back daughter in unholy competition for attention…

Some clients want to discuss this kind of findings after session (recommended), some – don’t! Sometimes clients’ relatives from the other side show up to advise what will help to keep channels, clean, healthy, and delivering both energy and information.  Thank you for reading this! My contact info is:

Tatyana  Elmanovich

404 Cochran Avenue, Apt 306, Los Angeles, CA 90036
preferable way to contact:

(323) 934–0211
Suggested donation $100.00


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