Dear Mr. Hemingway

—Dear Mr. Hemingway, thank you for accepting my invitation to a talk about your present day stay in afterlife?  

—Why me?

—Being a Russian I remember the excitement of Russians for the chance to read the translations of some of your works like Farewell to Arms, To Whom the Bell Tolls, The Old Man and the Sea,  because of your communication with Cuban fishermen, as we developed friendship with Fidel Castro and put some of our arms on their territory, provoking famous Cuban  crises and  bringing the world on the threshold of the WWIII.  And so, reading your stories, we had a chance to breath in the atmosphere of old European world that will probably disappear soon under the high-rise buildings and speedy express ways.

— Say, what do you think about Russian communism?

— Please, ask me about something else? We still count and bury our dead, and I do not see the end to this counting.  It was Juri Gagarin who once, asking help with an alternative healing procedure mentioned a priest in spirit who, after his own death, volunteered reading burial prayers for our WWII casualties who were simply thrown into common graves without any farewell words or prayer…  Gagarin said, “He is standing there alone and reading individual burial prayers to souls waiting their turns in long line of unburied Russian souls. The old man cannot do it anymore alone… Did I answer your question?

—Do you love Russia?

—Yes and no! My ancestors moved from Moscow to Estonia at the start of the 20 century before 1917.


—My Jewish grandfather saw Russia as a sinking ship with a captain who did not see the coming storm. And his prediction of Russia future turned to be true.  OK. Let go save American literature.

—Tata, I like your style, despite seeing that you had difficult life in Estonia, and difficult life in the USA because of your countrymen’s too tight interest toward your persona. But it was what it was. You have fulfilled the God’s plan to become a writer, and you will grow in afterlife, I can see it and it had its preparation period and it had its reason, and it is your destiny, the healing will support you at the start and then it will move to writing alone…

—If you noticed, I wrote more about bullfight, and about beautiful Europe not much touched by the war as Germany or France, but neutral Hispania that was, thank good, saved from communists by Franko to Russia disappointment! But I understood that Franko came to save that beautiful country, carrier of greatest traditions of Europe. If you want to find the European real soul you have to go to live one year in Hispania and France, everything else is already dead numbers, and I am afraid that American strange invasion of France is also not entirely understood by us today. Why? Maybe we are there to save France from Arab’s aggressive attempt to conquer that country. But this is only politics that we who are not the professional politicians cannot understand or see in right way what they are doing and what for.

—I am talking to you as I can see that you have a lot of interesting connections with higher hierarchies thank to your monastic attitude toward life. In your dark hours you managed to find light in your earlier monastic incarnations in India and early Europe in Bulgaria and others early Christianized countries, where you learned to write and record and think what you had wrote down as you did with me, making me to recall what kind of presidents had influenced America’s destiny.

 —We are still the center of European civilization, but for how long, if we will go to hell fast with cocaine expansion, it is so terrible right now…

—What will happen to Germany?

—I prefer not to think about morbid predictions that are haunting all Germans today. We are falling into a pit. Are our days over, and what did happen to our children and grandchildren?  Do we have a mission in it, did we do something wrong, can we ask some higher hierarchy representative to talk to us? Right now?

—Jesus? You are busy, I can see you saying to all mediums that you are now a free man who can talk. Tell us what the heck is awaiting Europe, USA, Canada, and Russia at the east corner of our civilization? Talk to us if you have a minute to spare on us?

—Things come and go so fast that we cannot, and we do not have to know the way what the overall outcome would be. We do not know, and had never known ahead of time the full outcome of the fall of Atlantic greatest circle of civilizations, as Atlantis went through at least five different civilizations to collect the incredible technological baggage of high-tech knowledge that turned to be significant… The present civilization had used about 20 percent of it only, still using, not understanding the upper layers of that knowledge at all, mobilizing an army of physicists who were prepared to deal with quant physics, to develop completely new approach to the atomic splitting problem and safety issues. European civilization turned to be great by mastering heart and other higher notes into our civilization. Great high-tech innovative engineers had touched only practical part of what Atlantis was able to introduce to humanity. The offered potential is still bigger than present day engineer’s imagination.  

—Instead, we went through two devastating experience called communism and fascism. Both turned to be the biggest disappointments in latest history, the revolutions did not become possible anymore as they brought wars, and present-day war attributes are eating up the earth’s energy potential. It is an open paradox that no one knew how to explain. Jesus’ civilization involves heart, it includes our emotion, Buddhist compassion, Christians say, “Do to your brother, what you expect your brother do to you.” And put this saying in the center of our ethics and get most bloody war arsenal in history of humanity!

—What we do with Russian war heads, what we do with American war heads? America had not won a single war, thank God! Russia had won every war that has been initiated against her, and up to these days Russia is the bigger threat that humanity can face today. I hate politics. But this comes across my mind when I think about it. Putin is worse than Stalin who was a schizophrenic at the first place, and he was afraid of his own people and, as result, tamed that nation in Gulags.

—And he was creating similar life beyond and around the Gulags as well. Sometimes that were not much differences living in Gulag, or beyond its walls.  

—Putin did not repeat Stalin’s mistakes, he made the smart Russians love him! They believe in him, without any understanding what kind of warheads had Putin with his bustards built behind the back of his people and what kind of military power is now in their hands, and no one has any idea how to stop them now… Tramp did 77 mistakes in handling Russians, Biden is complete idiot, and France and English and rest of the Europe are sitting in mud, they fight they priorities, defend their landmarks against Muslims invasion, and everything reminds us the last days of Roman Empire. We look like them at the last days, and Russians are Huns of our days.

—I ask myself, where are today all these small nations that raised their heads during last days of Roman Empire? And I have found out for myself as a writer that we had no idea what did happen to them — not in what human masses they reincarnated, how they disappeared after doing the last job: erasing great Roman Empire from the face of the earth.

—I wanted to come and talk about literature, do you remember we set out to speak about saving America literature from the constant flow of senseless detective stories, a sea of them… But I left it to you to find out… I promised you that I come back, because now I am going to find out what happened to German different tribes, like Huns, Visigoths, Goths, who were there more… Let think why and how, Romans failed, exercising such cruelty as crucifying alive men, the best ones to the crosses all over the country… opening the doorways to Christianity, a religion of the poor and people in misery, promising them rest in heaven what is not the truth at all… Continuing search of improvement can be seen as time of resting or compensation for difficulties at earth. Ok, we cannot improve no Christianity not Judaism… 

Do you use cocaine?

—Once you use it, you will never get over it completely. I can only learn to control the urges. I was lucky guy to get such man on my way to recovery from senseless use cocaine as food.

—Who helped you in this delicate matter?

—This is my secret. He came down from higher hierarchy and he was capable to help.

—Did you regret that accident with rifle, rifle cleaning incident, did you do it on purpose, was it a moment of desperation, bad mood, or a chronic state of mind?

—It was chronic state of mind, and it was worsening, and it ran in family. My father did the same, he arrived to the same spot of desperation, alcohol, women and finances, not enough money for familyused to live large. We all become old, sooner than we expect. You have happy character, you can laugh, when I would   shoot that Marta at the entrance, for her stupid rudeness…

—She was hoping to get from you some money, or some lighter form of bribery like a bag of candy, I believe.

—It was obvious…

—How was your transition to the other side after the fatal shooting accident?

—So, I shoot yourself in the heart, and the next moment I saw light straight above me. I thought it was a film projector, but no, it was special light, and it was not from this world, so I was done with the earth, and first moment I was terribly happy, but soon I saw something terrible in front of me, a pack, a knot, a  clump of snakes. They were ready crawl back into me, my stomach, but it was already an impossibility for them. They tried to byte me, opening their mouths wide open, and attempting to hit me into neck preferably. But there were always slime space that they could not overcome, there were always some centimeters, or inches missing to bridge the space between me and them. So I was lost and thought where this thing is coming from, and why they want to byte me?

Then I was told that this is my desperation, chronic pain that was attracting more pain from all over the world here I was stung some time… 

Do not interrupt me… please, I am tired from being taught and interrupted on every step I do in this antilife I am in. I ask them all the time let me go, make me become a Cuban fisherman, and I will be drinking on daily bases and always happy.

However, soon on my Judgment Day in front of a jurist, or judges, or lawyers, or entire jury that was judging me, I was asked why you did it having such wonderful record of your life story..

—Bring this to me, I will edit this for you, they would fuck it up anyway, did you like editors?

—Not really, they make your story average, they simplify it.

—All right things are average things. You are right to my surprise. I was done and no one wanted to talk to me, they were probably feeling guilt offering me housing on the 7th level of astral world. Heavenly world, or astral world, which is better, call lit whatever you like!

—To cut long story short I found myself in the company of drunkards, users, and smokers, all bad things together, and in the middle of their ever-lasting fiesta, I was the loneliest man in hell!  Then I started to think that it was time to do something about it.

And I started to do unherdable thing, I started to collect empty bottles and  load them in one corner of my space and remains of food and our dogs’ excrements to another part of replica of my house and garden.

—How that replica looked?

—It looked terrible, I had a beautiful house, my pride and honor …  but in replica it was gray, dirty, and not combed at all…   It was more like Cuban fishermen’s lavatory…. It was nasty to me… I will edit this for you. I was told that this was reality and truth that we cover hiring people, paying them, instead of creating order in our own souls. And I literally hired myself to clean my house, can you believe it, to hire yourself to serve you as the reminiscence of your fame?

 And it helped, but not at the start, I did it about 4 or 5 years on daily bases. At the beginning I did clean a corner, but it turned back by itself becoming uncleaned by itself, and I was told that this girth comes from my dirty thoughts, unclean desires, and senseless depression, as they think that money problems were not worth to be worried about.

Then the change occurs. I was in bathroom taking the shower. Suddenly I sensed that the house startled as some waking up elephant trying to get up on his feet… Then I realized that the replica of my house was seeking balance for moving upward. We were slowly leaving my 7th level and rising toward someplace else. I wanted to run to the window and got confirmation that we were moving up not down, that this is not the drunk hallucination, or illusion, or materialization of my secret wish to overcome my friendship with Castro in form of drunk fishermen’s company around me.  But the instant I was touching the shower door to look, how we move toward the clouds, I was warned that my heavy body may You arrived on the level 17 disturb the balance and we may fell back on solid ground.  The move upward lasted for a while and stopped finally. I crawled to the entrance door and opened it… My house stood on the ground of my own front yard. Firstly, I touched the ground with hand, and found the feel of grass to be average.  Then I got up and lifted my leg over the threshold end assured self that I did not disturb any balance, and ground could, probably hold my weight. After a while I brought remaining leg out of the house and forced myself to make my first step on the familiar front yard surrounding the replica of my house. Was I back at my home, and was I getting up onto this green and blossoming new place in a dream?

You arrived in a seventeenth level of the astral world occupied mostly by writers and journalists. We hope, you will be happy here and chose and find yourself a proper occupation in your next round down there on earth. You have time to continue to be explorer and writer if you wish so.

—Getting from level seven to level seventeen happened some time ago and being still there tells me that at least some of my sins have been forgiven.

—Will you be a writer in your next incarnation?

—Not exactly, but do not ask who I would be. It can change, and I may return to be a writer again. 


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