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Case 1. Did Boris Berezovsky commit suicide, or was he murdered?  

As a practicing medium, one of the most intriguing spirit messages that I had received was the spirit message from Boris Berezovsky, who died in London in Mach 2013. He came through for a spirit talk on August 13, 2013.

Berezovsky 2
Boris Berezovsky

… was a Russian business oligarch, government official, mathematician and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, one time one of the richest people on the the planet, and the first super rich of the new Russia. I was an average medium, former Estonian film critic, in other words, an immigrant, or exile, depending how to look at my situation. Of course, Berezovsky and I were complete strangers, our paths had never crossed, and I had no knowledge about his life or career, or circumstances of his death.

But I was a Russian speaking medium who had lived in the United States long enough to become an impartial onlooker of boiling political intrigues in Russia. However, my neutrality had its downside as well.  I was not able to find any evidence or confirmations to his spirit statements. He said one thing, media said another thing. He said he did not commit suicide, but the media said he did!

The pressure of the media was strong: Russian, English and America media, especially Forbes Magazine, parroted what Russian media was spreading around. Forbs magazine claimed non-hesitantly, I would say, aggressively, that Berezovsky was impoverished and depressed because of loss of all his money, following a bitter £3 billion high court battle against Roman Abramovich. International media chorus announced loud and clear that he committed suicide, because he was found with cord around his neck.

In the name of mediumship’s integrity I decided to keep the spirit message intact, as I received it. My consideration was simple: I was too old and not famous enough to get in trouble. So I can afford the luxury to pursue the honesty in my recording. I do not know, and do not have to know, if he committed suicide or not.  My duty to Spirit was not to take sides, not be influenced by politics, media frenzy, but  try to record Spirit message as close as possible, listen carefully, and write it down as accurately as I can.

I posted my recording of Berezovsky spirit monologue on my blog in English and Russian languages, and later added it into my book Prisoners of Fame, a collection of spirit messages from former celebrities.

If I had any cautionary doubts regarding publishing the message they evaporated when I understood why the oligarch was seeking for a medium. He needed to send out the word, especially to Jewish communities in New York and Los Angeles that he did not commit the suicide. He was a Jew, and he did found a way to say it in the most discreet way. I recalled that Judaism considers suicide a gravely sin. And under the pressure of international media shameful allegations about the suicide Berezovsky attempted to make his voice to be heard that he did not consider himself to be an angel, but he did not consider himself a coward either.  Definitely , it was not his time to leave the battlefield called life via cowardly act of suicide. Yes, he lost a chunk of money to Abramovich, but was murdered when he prepared to present new rebuttal evidences to the court challenging its decision in favor of Abramovich.

An excerpt from Berezovsky’s spirit message: “Yes, I lost the shameful lawsuit to Roman Abramovich. He wanted my money, and the judge gave it to him! Nevertheless, I covered the trial expenses and still remained Berezovsky. I had a plan how to replenish my savings. Money was not the object, or reason, or anything that would push me over the edge.

Love, sex and woman…. The press has paid enough attention to my private life. I was no Don Juan; however, I loved beautiful women, and they loved me back, and I had no problems in this department either. I had some power and control issues, but none of them would make me to commit suicide. I saw the loss of a significant amount of money in court as an exciting challenge, no more.  I was eager to search for new business deals; I would begin with the stock market research, my hopes were up and it was as if becoming young again. Instead of succumbing to depression I could not wait merging into business life in the Western Hemisphere. Why I would commit suicide, think of it! Making money was my profession, and this was the only thing that I would do professionally.

Russian and English clairvoyants warned me about the plots to murder me. Maybe the lawyers of Abramovich were running against the time to avoid my counter lawsuit. If I would have time to prepare properly the documentation, I would build a strong case. Could I still lose the second time? I think I would not. I had clear sight how to make back my lost three billion dollars. Moreover, I came to an understanding that I do not need so much money after all! I realized that peace of mind was more valuable commodity than money. I had discovered many incredible things available for exploration in the free world like the ancient history with topics that have enticed humanity through eons, like Sphinx, the Giza pyramid, Stonehenge, Bolivian Andes. I wanted to know more about Shakespeare, who he was, and why he decided to hide his identity. I wanted to know more about myself, who I was, and what were my past lives? Which one of my earlier incarnations led to this lifetime; why I was chosen to earn all that money, and what I was supposed to do with it, and why I was stuck in relationship with Caucasian nationals, and why I had to bring Putin to power? Who was I under the mask of a Moscow lucky Jew?”

When I published it, there was not a single clear evidence confirming any of his spirit statements. Miraculously, in a year the first validations of truthfulness of Berezovsky’s spirit monologue started to pop up in the various Internet publications. Of course, non of them was made to support my Spiritualist recording, every one of them had it own agenda, and it made them most valuable as the source of evidences and confirmations.  A couple of days ago, on the Russian you tube, I noticed a  video “Смерть Бориса Березовского” — “Death of Boris Berezovsky”, TV program “Момент истины” — “Moment of truth” by Andrei Karaulov* posted on January 12, 2014. The video revised the suicide allegations passionately. The author and the host of the program Andrei Karaulov visited all available sources in order to check out the financial situation of Berezovsky.  He found out that at the time of the oligarch’s death, his accounts carried about 1.5 billion dollars. Hardly the reason to commit suicide! So, Berezovsky’s spirit words that “I paid the court the expenses and still remained Berezovsky” were true!  Karaulov also found out that before his death, Berezovsky signed two promising business deals. In other words, Berezovsky  declaration that he couldn’t wait to expand  his business activity in Western world were also true.

According to English and American spirit communication traditions, a medium was expected to confirm twice the accuracy and reliability of the spirit message that he or she was bringing through. I believe, we did it right now!  However, this is not the end of the story.

I would never know what made me to surf the Internet today. But I did it, and stumbled upon a fresh e-page of Daily**, an UK electronic newsletter from November 22, 2015.

“Exiled Oligarch Boris Berezovsky was murdered because he was about to hand Putin evidence of a coup plot, claims former head of security…” by Will Stewart

The title was followed by the article’s synopses:

  • Sergei Sokolov says he doesn’t believe Russian tycoon took his own life
  • The 67-year-old was found hanging at ex-wife’s Berkshire home in 2013
  • Berezovsky had evidence of plot to topple President Putin
  • Sokolov claims Russian tycoon was killed by Western security services 
  • An outspoken critic of Putin, Berezovsky had sent him ‘repentance’ letter

 Sergei Sokolov, the source of Will Stewart’s information, was head of the Atoll security agency, and worked for Berezovsky from 1994 to 1999.
If I ask why Sokolov  kept his mouth shut two years ago during the investigation of Berezovskoy’s death, I would sank into the depths of International spy world, or land onto battlefield of big business competitors, but this is the last place where I want to be.

Nevertheless, according to Sokolov, “Berezovsky’s murder was prepared for several months. It was a brilliant operation by the secret services. “You decide: Berezovsky had a house …. round the clock security, CCTV cameras around the house. A fly would not make it. And on the day of his death all the security guards vanished, CCTV cameras were switched off for some reason, although they are placed every 100 meters. It is likely that not only MI6 took part in this operation but also CIA. There were people around Boris who were recruited by these secret services, including some of his guards.”

The Daily Mail stresses again that the theory came from Sergei Sokolov, who now disputed the version of British police that the ex-billionaire took his own life. He alleged that Boris Berezovsky was killed because he was preparing to give Vladimir Putin evidence of a plot involving leading oligarchs to topple the strongman in a coup.

As a medium I stop here. I have read enough! Of course, I am publishing these notes also for defending my own book that contains the original recording of Berezovsky’s spirit monologue. But I hope that this publication may encourage other mediums to trust the voices of the dead that come to us from afar. It truly does not matter, if the message cannot be proven at the moment when medium gets it. Especially, if the Spirit speaks about complex and controversial issues. Because the evidence may surface later!     “Exiled-oligarch-Boris-Berezovsky-murdered-hand-Putin-evidence-coup-plot-claims-former-head-security.html#ixzz3s6fGPkNp
* “Момент инстины”  —  is Russian TV program’s channel 5 hosted by Andrei Karaulov.  It can be found also on

**Daily Mai is considered a tabloid magazine, published daily. It is the biggest such publication in the U.K., with Ireland and Scotland editions. It is considered conservative and right-of-center, but folks from other countries such take note that those terms will likely mean different things in the U.K. than in, say, the U.S.

A “tabloid” magazine is very different from a magazine that uses “tabloid journalism” to obtain high readership. The one doesn’t necessarily include — or preclude — the other. That said, DM is not above sensationalist headlines that require further reading.

The Daily Mail has satirical articles — sectioned off from the rest of the paper — and editorial pieces, so be mindful that you’re not resharing an opinion piece as a factual piece, unless the article itself contains enough citations of authority to back said opinion.