Mary of Magdala Speaks from Beyond

May 5, 2009

On that day May 5, 2009, about 11 years ago, I had a most unlikely spirit visitor honoring my lonely apartment in Simi Valley, a Los Angeles’ skirt area near Thousand Oaks and 101 freeway. The visitor announced her name Mary of Magdala and the goal of her visitation to clarify the misconception regarding her status among Biblical characters. I recorded her words as quickly as I could. Reading her message today, I learned that it is as interesting today, as it was eleven years ago when I recorded it, and I decided to publish it again.

El Greco. Mary of Magdala

I was neither someone’s mistress, nor His wife! I repeat, I was not HIS wife. I was HIS disciple. And I was never a prostitute.  I was a Judea woman from a wealthy family.

I was seeking and working for liberation of my soul — a way  liberation that was achieved in solitude via spiritual practices, like  meditation and prayer, and healing the sick and feeding the hungry. It is  true that I was seen as His favorite disciple.  He did not like me as a woman, but he often preferred my company for the ability to listen and understand what He was talking about.  There were not many who did, if any.   Most of His disciples who became apostles, developed strong psychic abilities and became incomparable healers.  Today it is, probably, impossible to imagine, how hard was the work that they did back in these days. They had no time to refine themselves as philosophers. They healed crowds of the sick. And there were always prostitutes in these crowds.

They flocked around Jesus and his disciples seeking healing and absolution from their sins. Most of the prostitutes had been battered and awful smell issued from their festering wounds. Jesus healed many of them and most never returned to that “easy” profession again. Jesus had no intimate relations with them or any other woman at a time. He devoted his energy to healing.

Many people want to know if he had a wife.  I think, he had a wife during the “secret period,” simply, the undiscovered period of His life before He emerged as a teacher to acquire the necessary number of disciples. The followers and believers were needed to build a certain level of power to “germinate” the seeds of His teaching.  A new religion had to be born to create a new civilization.  The life and death of Jesus released the energy for a new stepping stone in history of humanity.

I believe, Jesus’ wife lived in a Jewish colony around Alexandria, and she remained there during the years of Jesus’ teaching. After the Crucifixion, she was forced to flee to France for the sake of their children.

Many of Jesus’ followers fled to France in fear of being charged with dissent. I did not know all the refugees personally and I never met His wife in person. But I met Jesus’ children in France. We continued healing and spreading esoteric awareness.  There we trained and helped people to expand their awareness with a variety of spiritual practices. For instance, I do not speak Russian and there is no one here right now to translate, or help me, but I can take Russian out of your mind and I convey this simple text back to you easily.

Mirra Alfassa, the Indian guru who had such a great impact on you, was my disciple in France. In that incarnation she was a Judean refugee, and she also fled from Jerusalem. She was a fragile, tender young girl passionately in love with Jesus. Out of desperation over the events that brought us to France, she contemplated suicide. I thought her an alternative way of carrying the torch, by going out of body and traveling in spirit to the multiple worlds beyond. She did not live long. While out of body, at one point, she decided not to return and went on in search of Jesus. In her last incarnation, Mirra’s three marriages did not prevent her from her search of Jesus. Instead, she found Aurobindo.

The medium, this message was given to you to pass it into your e-newsletter to start to clear   the misconception. I was never Jesus’ wife, mistress or harlot. I was a scholar in my own right. That’s all. I am Mary of Magdala and I advise you go to church, spend more time meditating and praying, because you are already on the path.

Without saying good bye she disappeared in thin air. She was gone, but not entirely, leaving behind a stream of the finest aroma of blooming violets. Vladimir, my nephew, gifted me BVLGARI perfume lately. I put a few drops of it on my hand to compare both aromas. The one, left behind by Mary of Magdala was finer and cleaner beyond comparison… To me it confirmed the origin of my guest from one of the  higher vibrational realms, completely unreachable to us, mere mortals.    



The Scary Guess

Once upon a time, a scary guess popped up in my mind out of the blue. It was so outlandish that, please, read it with the grain of salt. Why it is so unbelievable? For instant, can you imagine a connection between, say, filling Siberian Gulags with inmates and building Dneproges dam? Of course, not! Maybe, my worn imagination was too wingless to fathom that these two may be connected? Too old for it? Lately, a youngster shouted, “Hey, you, granny, watch your step and take your cane off my feet?” In my eighties, my cane hurt him, as I was pushing through the street crowds. In general, this is a critical age when we do more than hurting people, we hurt ourselves counting our errors, diminishing their count and idealizing our scanty achievements! As I am one such “bookkeeper” and still counting and hoping that Higher Powers would interrupt it by whisking my soul from here to over there, to another world. We do not know the date, when it will happen, but we can observe, how our loosening memory brings suddenly to light forgotten details from our colorful past. We cannot find, where we dropped our keys, watch, jewelry, cell phone, glasses, but recall completely forgotten name of our boss 55 years ago, a man whom you did not like, who was rude and terrible and a typically hated by the office folk. What for memory produced this name today? Yes, lost glasses were on my nose, and lost keys were in my pocket, and I definitely did not need the name of the forgotten boss. My head looks to me as an empty Halloween pumpkin with forgotten to light a candle inside its carved emptiness… We forget…  Sometime an entire nation can forget something significant never forgetting one of our flagmen, comrade Stalin! Despite passed decades, the random ringing of a doorbell makes a wave of fear run through my body. And I calm down myself, bubbling, you are not there anymore, you are here, and ‘black crows’ are not picking up people without charges or warnings in the United States of America.

But it’s time to move from words to deeds. Recently, I found an interesting article in my Inbox that went viral in American Russian speaking community.  

Such Kind of Information Was Not Delivered in Our Schools

For example, the famous Stalingrad’s Tractor Plant was entirely built in the United States, dismantled and transported and assembled in the USSR on 100 ships. The first tanks were created at this plant.

Dneproges was built by the American Cooper Engineering Company and by the German company Siemens.

Gorky Automobile Plant GAZ was built by the American company Austin.

The current car company AZLK was built copying Ford’s design. The famous Magnitogorsk is an exact copy of the metallurgical plant in the city of Gary, Indiana.

Albert Kahn Inc. designed and built 500 Soviet enterprises!

Albert Kahn, the pioneer of the industrial design

As an architect, Albert Kahn designed Detroit’s industrial businesses. Designing all Ford plants, Khan worked out high-performance technology for designing industrial enterprises. In the USA, his company with a staff of 400 people prepared working drawings in a week, built industrial buildings in five months. Kahn was able to prove that he can do the same in the USSR: the STZ project was completed in record time; building constructions were made in the USA, then brought to the USSR and mounted in six months!

Albert Kahn Inc. created in the USSR a school of advanced industrial architecture.

Around the factories, simultaneously, the cities were created for workers. Ernst May, a German architect, participated in the development of architectural projects in about 20 Soviet cities!

For 10 years, the Americans built in the USSR about 500 plants and factories!

About 200 thousand American engineers and technicians arrived in the USSR, who led the almost million-strong army of Gulag prisoners — plus the few pre-revolutionary cadres remaining in Russia.

American professors trained three hundred thousand qualified specialists at the labor faculty — that is, all the cadres for Soviet industry for many years to come!

Thus, the capital base of socialism was built by US capitalists, plus the cheap labor of GULAG’s prisoners.

This information was new to me and many others. How did happen that none of us had ever heard about the foreign capitalists’ ventures in Russia? Over the Internet, I asked my friends’ opinion regarding our amazing forgetfulness. But people had nothing to share, as myself, they also had no ideas about it. Nevertheless, the question was still there, maybe I had missed something talking to people in Russia. I was born in Estonia, which was connected to the USSR in 1940, when waves of mass arrests of civilians seemed to subside. At the Estonian Polytechnical Institute, I received an engineering degree, and fate gave me work of supervising production of an Estonian product on plants in Russia. My business trips whisked me to Vladivostok, Leningrad, Kamchatka on the Amur, Barnaul, Tashkent, Samarkand, Frunze, Tavda, Novorossiysk, Odessa, Kiev, Petrozavodsk… I had to stay in hotels, booked for me by the administration of the plants producing silicalcite, a new building material, the invention of the Estonian scientists Johannes Hint.  In the Soviet Union, there was lack of hotels. For average travelers the stay in hotels was an unthinkable luxury. The hotels were filled mostly by business folks called “komandirovochnie,” in other words, people on the business trips. In case of longer stays, the hotel guests became acquainted to the degree of talking, sharing information where to find a tolerable dinery, or buy snack to go with hot tea. Oftentimes, these conversations around the cup of tea started a variety of other topics, like how the Baltic “three sisters’ –Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were occupied, or how our life changed under Moscow control. But I can’t remember that anyone would ever say a single word about the American large and so memorable business ventures in the USSR. Could it be that no one knew anything about the 200,000 well-fed, well-dressed, tall, confident foreigners walking around the country, strolling with their straight backs, athletic walks and their heads held high? … And no one ever noticed them, and there were no stories about couples in love called “he is an American, and she is a Russian,” or the other way around. Legends about the sons of the gods, who descended from heaven to mix with earthy beauties have been alive for millenniums, and here people’s memory, film makers, writers and journalists had not noticed Americans presence in the Soviet Union, and had never wrote  or done documentaries about it? How was it possible?

Once, a scary guess struck me, inspiring my imagination to stay some seconds into the shoes of the Greatest of all Great Leaders, Great Liar Josif Dzhugashvili, nickname Stalin from word “сталь” meaning “steel”. It was whispered that he started his splendid rise as a Road Robber of gold for Bolsheviks and serving as an informer of tsar’s Okhrana, or simply, Okhranka  (1881-1917), the department of combatting political terrorism and revolutionary activity, especially to curb the spread of Marxism, Leninism and Stalinism, the only holy “science” of the Russian communists. Stalin learned early on how to gain power and once, becoming the head of government and “father of all nations,” he did not waste time searching ways to modernize Russia, as there were no ways to do it overnight. Instead, he hired the best of the best Americans to copy their industrial success stories in Russia. But how to make the 200 millionth people FORGET about the USA engineers’ work? Media shouted about the dizzying success of Stalin’s socialism. Of course, media did not spill a word about the repetition of American industrial experience in Russia. So, Stalin bought his success! But how to pass a lie that he did not buy, but built it? How to make people forget about his business with the Americans? How to make us, the fools, to believe that this was not our gold, but iron will and wise of great Stalin who took over the country with wooden plow, and passed it to posterity with atomic bomb?

 The matter was urgent and he, Stalin, found a way out of his uncomfortable situation. Again, he succumbed to means that he mastered to perfection – spreading fear! He cast the country in deep fear that silenced people for good. He organized the waves of mass arrests. Застучали по рельсам колеса … поездa шли на Восток — “the wheels pounded on rails… the trains were heading East…  

Aleksander Galich, performing bard wrote in his classics “Clouds Are Floating to Abakan”  
 Clouds are slowly floating.
 It’s warm, I suppose, to the clouds,
 The cold in me would last centuries.  
 like a horseshoe, I freeze in the track of toboggan, 
 When my iron cane break ice on that road!
 What for I do my twenty-year term, 
 Tossed along the net of Gulags?  

Wikimedia. A map of the former Soviet Union showing key gulag locations.

Going to bed, people were not sure that in the morning they would wake up at their apartment. Black Crows, as people called the black cars without windows that could stop at any house arresting its residents without trial and investigation. The base to pick victims came from denunciations, phone calls, simply by suspicions that this or that citizen does not approve the purge of country from “foreign spies”.  All over the country popped up “troikas,” – mini committees of three non-juridical individuals, “true communists,” appointed amidst proletarians, or industrial workers to judge and sentence victims during this seemingly idiotic purging complain.  However, the key for understanding the real motivation behind that wave of mass arrests laid in the content of the charges, as if invented by devil’s himself.  Thousands were charged of being Japanese spays not knowing any Japanese… An arrested person could be charged as an Argentinean intelligence officer, Madrid terrorist, person who had rich relatives in Paris who stole tsarinna diamond tiara and are hiding it under their bed. Some other unmasked people’s enemy could be the friend of anti-Bolsheviks committee in Shanghai, and there were multitude of other equally ridiculous sentences.

Please note that in any listed charge, there is the name of some foreign power, and the main reason of arrest is communication with that foreign power. The credibility of these charges didn’t bother anyone. The intensity of the horror and despair to become the next victim of this complain had eaten up the last crumbles of common sense in Stalinist Russia.  This was how Stalin found a sure way to cover up the truth about his deal with American capitalists.

Quotes from a modern day article.


by Robert Burton -Bradley, a journalist at the ABC’s Asia Pacific Newsroom. You can follow him on Twitter: @R_BurtonBradley ;    https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-11-18/rediscovering-the-lost-guVVlags-of-the-soviet-union/10477866

“…. Northern Siberia (…) is a logistical nightmare for fieldwork. Winters can get down to -50 degrees Celsius, there are no roads, and the landscape is cut through with rivers, swamps, and shrouded in dense taiga forest, meaning a lot of travel is spent on foot hauling heavy gear. “

“In summer — when temperatures pass 20 degrees Celsius — you have to contend with rivers swollen with melted snow. They can take up to half a day to cross, with hours spent drying out clothes and equipment.”

“Then, there’s the insects. Mosquitoes and flies are everywhere and there are about a million for each of us,” says Lukas, a member of expedition.” “Repellents and smoke from cigarettes work only briefly, but the fire reduces their quantity to a bearable limit.”

The rest I leave to your imagination.  Why we, the humans, cannot exist without great leaders in order to avoid nightmares created by Hitler, Stalin, and their mad followers, do we ever learn to go by without unimaginable nightmares of Nazi stoves and Russian icy Gulags, and so many other nightmares that had never been discovered by media. I am grateful to the bold group of ABC life explorers who took the trouble to find the traces of Gulags in Siberia. I own to Robert Burton-Bradley for his great publication about this  trip to Siberia, started  with the personal money of the participants. Once American industrialists helped to launch the Russia industrialization, today American journalists help to launch the honest talk about how average people, Russian and all the other nations under Stalin’s rule paid for Stalin’s and Communist Party dirty secrets along the way…  

Thank you ABC, for finding some rare Gulag’s photos. I assure you that none of “zeks”, the Gulag prisoners on this photo had committed something worth to be sent to Gulag do time… But here, in this crowd, are definitely some poets, scientists,  musicians, writers, everybody smarter than Stalin. Russia performed here, on the fields of Gulags its hara-kiri …. God’s ways are truly unfathomable.       

A Talk from Beyond the Grave

The Voice of  the General Ivan Ivanovich Michelson (1740 – 1807) sounded so contemporary, as if he was living among us today!  

I.I. Michelson

My maternal grandmother Anna Sirotina (nee Michelson), AnnaIIa quiet and patient women whom I did not meet on earth, but met in spirit while working on the manuscript of the book “Healing Meditation,” mentioned that her grandfather was а military in times of the empress Catherine The Great. Both English and Russian versions of Wikipedia described this military man as follows.

In Russian and English Wikipedia Ivan Ivanovich Michelson, in German Johann von Michelsonen (3 May 1740 – 17 August 1807) was a Baltic-German military commander who served in the Russian Imperial Army. He was a prominent general in several wars, but his most noted contribution was his critical role in suppressing Pugachev’s Rebellion.

Michelson was born in Revel (Tallinn) in the Governorate of Estonia to a family of noble rank. He was a practicing Lutheran and a Mason. His early military career saw him serve as a cavalry officer in many conflicts: The Seven Years’ War, The Russo-Turkish War of 1768-1774, and the war against The Bar Confederation.

In year 1774 Ivan Michelson  was trusted to lead the government forces against the Yemelyan Pugachev’s revolt (1773-1775) and at a time colonel-lieutenant Ivan Michelson , later full colonel, then general, crushed the rebellion at Tsaritsin (Stalingrad), captured Pugachev and handed him over to the authorities. Soon after that Pugachev was executed in Moscow in January 1775.


Catherine the Great awarded Michelson with numerous honors: an estate in Vitebsk Governorate, the Gold Sword for Bravery with Diamonds, and the rank of full colonel.


When I was writing the blog article “The Partition”, it attracted the attention of Johann von Michelsonen: I heard a male voice who spoke Russian with light German accent.  We started a conversation. He lived in 18th century, we live in the 21st century, nevertheless, he sounded so contemporary and gave so deep insights what did happen during his time on earth that I found it to be my duty to introduce this voice to readers. Life is going on after so-called death, as our consciousness does not die. After reading this one you may conclude that nothing is as important on earth as learning whatever we can learn, because in the next world our positive achievements will become a part of our mind that will never betray us both in the next world and in our future incarnations on earth.

Johann von Michelsonen: — Do not exaggerate the implications of this relationship. Being already in the astral world, I was not able to interfere into Anna’s life on earth.

T: —  Anna’s marriage to Mikhail Sirotin was not a happy one.

J.M: — I am sure, if I could, I would never allow this marriage to occur, and probably, I could be wrong. We learned and took heart on the battlefields, and we were rewarded with amazing diamond toys, like I was, but they did not make me neither better, nor happier, but rather vice versa. I was attacked by the anger and jealousy of those who stood closer to the Empress Catherine The Great than I did. I know that you have met Pushkin. Please, can you arrange a meeting with Pushkin, it’s easier for me to talk to him directly. Call and he will come. Tell him that I have read his “The Captain’s Daughter,” a notable historical novel about the Pugachev’s Rebellion published in year 1836.A.P. 1

Captain's Daughter

T: — Pay attention! It is remarkable that J.M. read “The Captain’s Daughter” written seven decades after the Pugachev’s rebellion, and published in 1836, three decades after the general’s death in 1807, isn’t it? In other words, in the afterlife, if we like, we can be actively involved in events of life of culture on earth. Pay attention to the end words of this post said by of Alexander Pushkin regarding the UK serial “Father Brown” (2013).

It was Vladimir Vysotsky who arranged the meeting of Michelson with Pushkin. They talked hours. Pushkin said, “If I would have chance to talk with Ivan Ivanovich in my time, I would write another book about this Rebellion.”

The general Michelson met also the Sirotins’ family.

FamilyGrandpaMichailMama with kin

The next day our conversation continued. I could sense that there were things that he wanted to get out of his chest.

J.M: — They (the Russian militaries) were afraid of him (Pugachev), because there was a share of guilt, a very large share of guilt amidst the Russian aristocracy and nobility stemming from how they had treated their people. They had humiliated and hurt them badly people, very badly, and the pain and shame and anger started to accumulate in the heart on that nation.

T: — Was it the same anger that would lead to The Russian Revolution, the devastating Russian Civil War and Bolshevik’s Red Terror? Yes, from the esoteric point of view, the thought forms of pain, shame and anger remain intact in the air for a very long time. Our modern science is still not ready to deal with the phenomena of thought forms. Plato, the ancient philosopher wrote about “the world of subtle images of everything we have on earth”, but as contemporary science cannot see or measure this world of the higher vibrations, from scientific point of view, it does not exist. Nevertheless, the extra sensitive tell us that in Germany the thought forms of torturous pain and fear caused by the Nazi’s unprecedented concentration camps, or the thought forms of the mob’s enthusiasm over Hitler’s speeches are still there. In Russia, the pain, fear, nightmarish atmosphere is still hovering over brutal battlefields like battlefields near Moscow, including the first Soviet contra offensive that stopped the Barbarossa blitzkrieg plans, the battlefields at Kursk, Kiev, Sevastopol, Stalingrad, Kharkov, Poland, Berlin. In Siberia, the deeply destructive thought forms are still hovering above the merciless Gulags for Russians and smaller nations under the Soviet rule. These ruinous thought forms are still attracting same, or near-same thought forms according to the basic cosmic law of attraction.

russia-peasants-grangerJ.M: — The centuries of anger were manifested by the Bolsheviks’ during the era of “the proletarian dictatorship,” at times, exceeding the horrors committed by the Russian tsars. They were not Russians, and they did not understand their subjects, and they did not want to know!

Ironically, I was closer to the people, because I was a German in their eyes, and even you heard my German accent, I choked when I got it.

T: — He paused talking, “listening” to my reaction of surprise, when I recognized the German accent in which the letter “v” sounds more like “f”! In everything else, his Russian was flawless.

J.M: — I thought you would never hear it, but you did. You have to be a real medium! I took Pugachev, because I was a German, and I had no sense of guilt or inconvenience obstructing my duty to suppress the rebellion. I hadn’t hold anyone in “the black body,” instead, they held me in dislike for being a German, who, as it seemed to them, had taken careers and earnings from them. Many Germans were invited to come to Russia as masters and professions, but we were treated as intruders, as a “nemtshura”, as they called us. They believed that we, the Germans took away their honor, dignity and the opportunities to earn as part some dark conspiracy meant to ruin Russians.  I did not see Pugachev as part of people, but as a state criminal who killed and ruined and destroyed and dishonored along with his crazy gang of drunkards much more than was shown in the official state reports. The military hid its inability either think or respond to rebels’ fierce attacks.

Yemelka (the nick-name for Yemelyan Pugachev) walked and was at the beginning victorious, because our generals were drinking, eating, and could not get out of their women, sat around doing nothing, gaining fat. Finally, the empress, also a German practical woman, sorted out the military folks that she could count on, and selecting a dozen, like myself not-loved the not-Russians under the Russians rule, gave us powers and sent us to do the job, clean up the rebellion. And in a couple of months, we did what we called to do. The rebellion was suppressed, and the nightmare was over.

I captured Pugachev effortlessly. He was also already mellowed from drinking and eating too much. His inner circle was already quarreling, and I took them without any significant losses. I passed the arrested Pugachev to general Panin, and was ready to go home. It seemed to me that, in a way, the captivated Pugachev was relieved that he was freed from promises, expectations and responsibilities too big for him to be carried out. Besides, he was able to foresee that the drunk and quarreling Cossacks would sooner or later either murder him, or hand him over to authorities for some rewards. He knew what was waiting him, he was no fool, and he did not fear the ax, he had his party, but now it was over! So be it!


Yemelyan Pugachev, “Forgive me, the nation of the Russian Orthodoxy.” The capital punishment of Yemelyan Pugachev. The painting by Viktor Matorin 

And then, already at home resting – I was very surprised that I had earned an expensive toy, a sword adorned with diamonds. But what such a saber is suitable for? Only for hanging on the wall as a decorative toy! Who would sharpen this kind of sword for taking it to the battlefield?

Let’s talk about our affair. Yes, Anya is my granddaughter, a direct heiress, and I am very saddened by what did happen to her. But I am grateful to you that it was you who, in fact, almost a stranger to us, helped her more than all my relatives did. You say the word “karma”, we had no such word. But I think I understand what it means. And I only know that my Anya will never meet any of these people again. If she had some karma on her, she paid it off 10 times.

She is on her way back to her people, as many of my ancestors, and many other Germans  are. They came to Russia being tempted by the empty promises of Peter the Great, and other Russian tsars. Experiencing what they experienced, they are now on the way back to their people. I do not want to complain, I served, I did my part, and if the day will come when I will be called back on earth, I will be again the military man. But not in Russia anymore. Many men like me were being safeguarded for the fights in the terrible wars in Africa and in Europe between Europeans and the African nations. TodaIn Europe, there is similar anger accumulating as it was in Russia before the revolution. I guess, today you cannot imagine what kind, and in what amount the anager, the madness, the desperation was accumulating because of the stupid, stupid policies of the Russians Monarchs,   because the Romanov’s were nicihtozhestvo – an empty nothingness!

Thanks for your lovely, so Russian tea!

I know that Pushkin wrote about Pugachev, I want to talk to him, because he was wrong about something.  Maybe in future, he will be able to fix it. He embroidered the robber too much. I told him where he felt the truth, and where he was carried away by the romanticism, the main trend of literature during his days on earth.

Thank you, thank you for Anya, this was Ivan Ivanovich Michelson , the General Michelson  who spoke to you. You wrote about Anya correctly, she will never live in Russia again, all the ruined souls by the Bolsheviks and Gulags will not return to Russia, never! For them there would be allotted another place to live. For me too. My life in Russia was terribly hard. I was not loved not only because I was German national, but because I was skilled in my job, I was learned how to do my military job, I knew what to do on a battlefield. My home will be with Germans who will pay for what was done to Jews. It will be not the Germany as we know it today. The present day Germany will disappear, in its place, there will be a body of water instead. We will not be called Germans, we will be called completely differently. We will work on restoration of Israel, we will pay our debt by working for Jews. And we will be given a huge free space next to Israel, there we will live and build, and from that spot, Israel and our new land – a new civilization will take roots.

T: — And what will happen to the Russians?

J.M: — They will be also distinct. Russians will degrade because of self-destruction, because the finer souls, by the way – you too — will not return neither to Russia, not to Estonia. Today Estonians drink like Russians, no good for them either! Continue learning English, take the rudiments of the French, and languages will do for you in the astral world. Sasha (nickname for Alexander Pushkin) is waiting for me, we continue our talk.

A.P: — Tatyana, it’s me. I need a word with him. (I.I. Michelson). I have more questions. Everything was arranged perfectly. The general suffers his untreated sores, and our Russian doctors undertook to treat him. His granddaughter Anya, as he calls her, will be with him all the time.

VV guitare

Our helmsman Vladimir Vysotsky had no mercy on the priest Mikhail, Anya’s husband, who cursed aristocrats his entire life, being unaware of being an abandoned at birth aristocrat himself.  Vysotsky took the trouble to explain to him in clear Russian what Father Mikhail had done to himself, his wife and their children by cursing aristocrats on the daily basis. The old man completely squeaked, he stormed to see Serafim Sarovsky, a Russian saint in the Russian hierarchy on the other side, for advice how to remove the curses… Leave them now alone. Enjoy the next episode of the “Father Brown.” Closer to the end they are running out of steam…
T: — Maybe it was so, but I still enjoyed watching it to the end. Because here, its humanness was so effectively set off against the flow of mystery and detective stories about the brutal murders and decomposing corpses which are used to entertain us in evening hours before we go to sleep!

How can we, modest mediums and esotericists, clairvoyants and masons, shamans and alternative healers explain to the powerful class of producers that sooner or later the artistic images of murderers and corpses from our TV screens will materialize and hunt their victims in flesh, for real, on earth! I hope that the day will come, when science will catch up with the ancient knowledge about the thought forms, and use it for good things, as they do today, using invisible X-rays to diagnose decease and find better cure to heal it.

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