School Desks Instead of Prison Bunks

October 2, 2013 — January 15, 2020

Raisa M. Gorbachev Speaks from Afterlife

Raisa Maximovna Gorbachev (1932-1999), the spouse of Mikhail Gorbachev, was known for supporting preservation of Russian cultural heritage.

Hello Tatyana, they told me that you recorded the B.B. story, where he denied committing suicide and suspected Abramovich’s lawyers in silencing him in fear that he could file the contra criminal charges and win back money that he had lost to Abramovich during first trial. The fewer names, the better! We still live in world of our past. It wouldn’t leave us any time soon. Putin is neither bad nor good, he is sitting there, because he was put there by higher powers. He was chosen, because he was “nikakojcolorless. As a matter of fact, the world is ruled by different forces that people know nothing about. So, bleak Putin was OK for the job!

In Russia, someone’s pocket swells, but from our point of view, it doesn’t matter much, because after his death, everything that went in —will come out the same way, and finally, it will fall into the national treasury, possibly at time when Russia will truly need it. Let’s proceed quietly and calmly… Let’s forget all these eccentric women who bothered my husband with all thinkable and unthinkable claims. You happened to know some of them. I took them out of Misha’s (Mikhail’s) way, because they strangled him, crowding under the door day and night … Do not interrupt me. I want to convey a few words to Mikhail, whom I love very much and who, I believe, loves me too. I know everything about you, I asked around and was pleased to learn that you are a person who does not pain for belonging to usually sought-after social classes or ranks.

I would like to tell Misha that I love him and often visit him. Being in spirit, I suggest cook not to feed him wrong food. I succeeded to remove the sweetened juices from his menu, and he does not need to drink natural juices glass after glass either. I asked cook to give him Gruzian mineral water Borjomi. And when they run out of Borjomi, I let them go by with the local mineral water. It is recommended to everybody to drink plenty of mineral water containing salts that are good to us.

I was told to be careful, as my every move is checked, and here, in afterlife, I still don’t have full freedom. Some day I would like to talk about it more, if God gives me pleasure see you again in your humble cloister-like living space. 

Some words about you — what you do not know about yourself. You are given only one opportunity to return to normal life provided that you will tolerate the same difficulties from someone that you do in your present circumstances… You know who I’m talking about. In future it will not be worse or better, it will stay the same. If you will not accept it, you will find yourself in a monastery.  But this is not your time to be there yet. Accepting him for what he is, you will find your own writing style. Break off all ends in your present life, you do not need nobody here, including your dearest relatives. … I am waiting for you to fully enter the channel, so I can start writing letter to Misha.

 “Misha, I am not alone, but I am with you. I am with you always, and more often than you think. Oftentimes, I am in your kitchen, where I command the cook to prepare healthy food for you. Sometimes I get very tired, because he is stubborn and does not listen to me. And he makes me to turn the sauce-boats on his apron in order to divert his stubborn attention and make him listen to my suggestions.

Misha, I don’t like that you grieve over trifles. Nobody wants what we had in the Soviet Union that you let go. If someone want it back, those were old decrepit Communists of the last convocation—alcoholics and sick from gluttony—as any thinkable food has appeared in the Russian stores. No longer people stand in lines to get it, there are no food lines anymore! Does it has bettered the today’s Russia? Of course not.  People are still stealing, deceiving, finger pointing and denouncing at each other. But there are no queues, and everyone can buy what he likes, and ride whatever car he wishes. Russia got what it wanted, but so far freedom has not changed them.

Doubts torment you, Misha, but it is not your fault that they still steel and complain. You gave them their coveted freedom that they asked for, but for the starters, they kicked you out of our homeland. Nobody can give them happiness and dignity; they must begin to look for dignity for themselves! But how? Misha, you did not suppose to heal their genes, because it is beyond the human power. No one can change their genes damaged for centuries of slavery. And it was not you who killed the genes of the Russian nobility. You could not remake their history for their liking. Neither you, nor anyone else could do anything else for them. You opened the gates for growth and development. I want to assure you that, oddly enough, the signs of growth and development are there. The sprouts of changes may be weak, there are not as many of them as we would like to have them, but they are there, and no force will strangle them. Khodorkovsky, and Berezovsky, and Abramovich and many others will remain examples of entrepreneurship for many years. They proved that it is possible to think with your own head, if on a man shoulders sits a head, not a watermelon. 

People will seek to work, produce, and crate without stealing. When it becomes more profitable not to steal then steal, people will change. Anyway, people will change after wars and ruin caused by the upcoming gigantic devastation when the powers that be ruin this planet, our Earth, and will seek another planet in some other Galaxy in order to start it all over again.

I’m glad that our medium knows something, but not enough to fully understand what I’m talking about. But you will understand. You did exactly what you had to do. You opened the gates for salvation, and some pushed through that gate. And it will save more folks when people will get it that there are not milk-and-honey countries accepting the Russian runaways. The day is near when Russians start discover their own country with its options to grow and create lasting wealth for their posterity. And they, the advanced ones, or those who consider themselves as such, will stop hanging around in restaurants squandering money, but they will attend to study in universities. School desks instead of bunks, isn’t it what you dreamed about!  


Tatyana, you will live long enough to write some more. Keep writing, you heard me right…

My husband keeps vintage closets, I tell him throw out everything for air and space, as I have done it all my life on earth. Do it for aiding easier breathing at home. You are afraid to throw it out on your own. But Samuel will come in and take care of reducing the contents of the cabinets, and deciding wat to keep, and what to through out. Throw away those cherry and bluish tracksuits. You love them so much that you have worn them to holes. Go with Sam to the stores or ask him to order new ones straight from computer web stores. When you will go out with Samuel to look for them in stores, put on your black glasses, and no one will recognize you, Americans have their own problems to think about, and you will buy everything undisturbed—taking time to chose and think what you really need and like. Look in fashion magazines what people are wearing in nowadays, and Sam will find for you everything you like. Here people don’t carry clothes to holes. Let them throw everything away and bring in 12 new sets, 4 for the winter, 8 for the summer, the summer is longer than the winter, and the summer clothes wear out faster because of the Southern heat. Sam will tell you everything about shoes to wear. Leave the costumes for the official appearances, but change everything else, I said. The fashion is changing rapidly, Sam knows everything about it and he will gladly enlighten you regarding swings of fashion and trends. I, and some others, I will not give their names, will whisper Sam what to buy, if he himself will not guess it. Do not be afraid to spend an extra penny, you have earned it!

The Reagans have prepared a nice place for us, we will be their neighbors. And do not take too seriously the endless whining that comes from Russia. They whined during both Alexanders and both Nicholas. And under Lenin, and under Прощалыга (‘Rouge,’ a nickname for Stalin) Do not ask where he is, and what happened to him. They say that about 137 million human souls hang on him, for which the reckoning has not yet begun.

Pray for yourself and pray for us. God is merciful. You ended that terrible era bloodlessly. Whoever died during that time did it by his personal destiny.  

If you want to talk to me, do it however you like—in thoughts or out loud, I will hear you.

I would like to change your tableware; but it can wait. The simpler the better. I am hugging you. I do not say goodbye to you, time will pass by quickly. I hope talking to you with help of a medium soon.”

I miss Misha terribly, but I do not want to rush him to leave earth before his time. He needs to endure everything to the end. … Tata, you also need to stay for a while, because you have not reached the point of giving up your fights and challenges. Let do not forget each other. We will have something to talk about.

© 2019

Recorder by Tatyana Elmanovich, the certified medium


When Spirits Are Angry…

when a spirit got mad at me…

This is an unusual post, because it speaks about dark moments of spirit communication. Avoiding negativity, great masters prefer speak about positive side of spirit communication. Lately, I uploaded to Kindle new manuscript Weaved From Errors of My Ancestors. Spirits of my ancestors had mercy on me, and never crossed the boarders of our standards of politeness. But spirits whom I managed to attract into my life did. They were Russian spirits, I have no idea how I managed to annoy them. They left their… feces on floor, chairs, table and on my bed. I had to wash my apartment and bed. Should I talk about it publicly? After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to talk.

I will start from the evening, my nephew’s birthday party, where, at the end of it, sipping the last cup of coffee, I shared my story with relatives. Their reaction strengthened my confidence that it was necessary to write about the shadowy sides of communication with the world of spirits, as only the rosy tones of talk create wrong impression of what may wait us when it would our turn to say goodbye to friends on earth and move on to the next world.

It is believed that all Russians drink much. Not all! At our family gathering of young and old, alcoholic beverages were not consumed fervently; if we have sinned, then it was overeating of tasty food, which distinguishes Russian feasts in the American diaspora. When we were finally done with Ribeye tenderloin, fish of various varieties, colors, and types of cooking, and Happy Birthday was sang, and the kids had their moment putting out the candles on a luxurious cake and we had had our black coffee to withstand the pressure of the delicacies, and old people turned on their favorite Moscow show based on the ever-living memories of Moscow popular show “Blue Lights”, from which the kids washed off to their computers, and I, finally ventured to start my risky story about an unpleasant encounter with spirit world. I knew that none of my relatives, of course, did not believe in spirits. They simply tolerated my mediumship, as a kind of strangeness, and as I am old, that strangeness was forgiven to me.

As a medium, I hear the dead and can also talk with them as I would speak to you. My relatives consider this gift a nature’s mistake. But today, I had a rare trump card in my hands, the material proof of spirits’ existence, so I could not refrain from talking. If “hearing voices” is marred by suspicion of schizophrenia or hallucination, then reading the signs left by the spirits in my apartment did not require any supernatural qualities like clairvoyance or clairaudience -– as normal vision and average perception of smell would be sufficient to see these signs.

“Do you remember Lenochka from Leningrad, the clairvoyant who stayed with us when she came to Tallinn?” I asked my nephew. — “Of course, I remember!”– replied Vladimir.

I continued my story. She died homeless on the streets of Moscow. She told me that at that time, in the eighties, they opened her vision channel with helps of drugs. In the 80’s , it seemed OK. However, soon Lenochka became addicted to heroin, found herself homeless on the Moscow streets, and died early from an overdose. As it was predicted in the years ago during perestroika, her spirit found me in Los Angeles, settled in my aura, everything was nice and quiet, but once Lenochka  got mad at me.

Relatives pricked up, and I told them how once, when I came home, I felt a strange smell in the apartment – reminiscent of the smell and color of infantile excrement, or feces. Its color was yellowish or light brown. Size was most likely tenth or fifteenth of human feces. Beige stains covered the floor around the dining table, and “decorated” chairs.

In the bedroom, the peculiar smell was nauseous. My bed was not done, it was “open,” and the sheets, blankets, bedspreads on the edge of the bed and the floor of my small bedroom were littered with small piles of feces that the spirits had produced. Spirit of Lenochka could not do it alone. she had to have help from other girls who nested in a Russian celebrity’s cove in my aura. I talked to them asking where were their brains and feel of decency, when they did what they were told to do – to kaki in another person’s bed.  I asked where they were coming from, and why they were dead at so young age? Did they ODed?  Their answer was more shocking than the poop in my apartment. The young girls, told that their parents, in need for money, sold them to the local bordellos. They told that they were afraid of Lenochka, the celeb’s girlfriend, their “boss”, and they do not know anything, and they do what they were told to do.

Cleaning up my apartment took a lot of my time. The hardest thing was to wash the bed, because I had to wash everything from blankets to pillows, comforters and mattress bedding – thank God I used those.

But the matter did not end there. I had to wash all the bed linen from the “spiritual” poop five times, as Lenochka was still annoyed by me. And the pooping incident was repeated five times, before destiny had mercy on me and Lenochka and her company disappeared from my aura.

I am at age 85. It was physically difficult for me to make the bed right after I had just reset it. But Lenochka did not sober, and did not come to herself. It turns out that healing the drug addiction in the astral world is 100 times more difficult than on the earth …This would have to be written and spoken loudly, because one day we will all be there. And I heard about the tragic stories of the spirits’ hopeless struggles with this kind of dependencies.

I was almost done with my story, when an elder gentleman, let call him Venia interrupted my speech.  He peered at me with frightened, wide-open eyes, and asked: “Did you saw it all in your dream? It came to you in your dream?!”

— No, Venia, it was not a dream. It was difficult to wash it, it was unpleasant to wash the floor, I threw the floor cloths into dumpster. …

The ladies were silent. A gentleman poured himself a brandy and downed it without toasts or comments. 

And I understood it does not matter how strongly a person would deny God, the subtle world, and the existence of spirits, somewhere in the depths of the soul, he knows that this is true, the subtle world exists, and the day will come, when we will meet our Maker and have to stand there and being judged.

I think that forgetting our stay in the astral world between rebirths is given for a reason. Firstly, not seeing and not hearing spirits precludes direct communication and this inability to communicate offers the most powerful protection from the spirits, which is very important, especially protection from the evil, negative-minded spirits, capable of causing considerable evil to folks on earth.

And, wait a minute! In many cultures, the honoring spirits of the dead with food, left for them, is a common tradition… It is assumed that spirits eat! But if they eat, they have to poop! In other words, astral body is a material thing, and subtle world is as real and dreamy as our world… Sorry atheists, spirits are real!

But this is a different topic, which is worth talking about separately.

Impromptu Healing

Healing a Spirit

The healing of the SPIRIT of my paternal grandmother Luba was spectacular thank to participation of powerful but quiet healers and loud camp of former Soviet Hierarchy overlookers . Hard to believe, but they still exist in the astral world. The “supervised” healers were Big Barlaam in astral body, the spirit from the extinct race of Giants. And there was I, the 84-year old woman. Was I still able to heal? By the way, in folklore, legends and myths women with abilities, good wise women or evil witches were oftentimes depicted as elderly ones. So I give it a shot!  And we had a guest, who looked like ancient Egypt demigod, had body of Greece Olympic champ and Roman eagle nose. A simple bandana controlled his shoulder-long black hair.

Before we started the healing, a quiet sound of а distant drummer reached my ear, provoking a lucid dream type vision of a Maui shore. Red sunset was coloring quiet sea water symbolizing The First Chakra world. The quiet drumming continued, and my fingers, hitting the computer desk, tried to catch the rhythm of that inviting drumming. The door into another world was opening.

Suddenness of the Soviet “angel’s” angry voice, “Stop drumming, it interferes with my thinking!” wiped away the vision. As a teen caught by stealing test answers from a source more reliable than pupil’s memory, I stopped. Nevertheless, another vision appeared. In the open doorway between the two worlds, threatening like a footage from Andrey Tarkovsky “Stalker,” stood our Cosmic guest. Now he reminded me an Indian shaman with missing feather stack into his bandana…

Angel continued talking, “In her last incarnation, Luba suffered terrible Parkinson’s disease, Tatyana, you know it. Luba passed the God’s test courageously showing the rare patience of a real warrior, which you, the medium, do not have. Your military incarnations were short and proceeded when you were still in the lower ranks of complete subordination and died early, before living to the true agony of incurable diseases, like now. Your birth in the aristocratic family was given for many reasons, by the way, so it touched both you and your brother, also your father’s brother, Andrei’s children. Do not think that everything was ashes … everything will wake up in the children of Tallinn’s Volodya and in the girls of American Volodya, what will completely separate them from other people, as it has separated you from others.  Medium, I know something about you. We admire your indifference toward awards and titles, but you are lonely.  We found you a husband,” and the “angel” named my future husband’s name.  After healing I asked Barlaam to pass to “angel’ my thank for thinking of me and my request stop meddling with my marriage problems. I would not marry the man, named by him. No more arrangements behind my back!

I have no healing table in my apartment.  We laid Luba’s astral body on my bed covered with a new comforter. Barlaam set five pairs of two vertical hollow trunks with discharge straight into imaginary ground of Mama Earth around former chakra centers. It would lead the cleansing stuff straight into the ground. In this setting the energy would flow in two opposite directions, the red one came from earth and was lifted  up into overflow back like open umbrella. The other flow, the mix of golden and violet energy, flowed from above through the body into distribution device and into earth, being cleansed by layers of ground that worked like filters. They kept the dirt, and let through the cleansed one into energy flow.  It appeared again divided into multiple small jets around the discharge. The flow pressure made these jets turn back through “earth” into air forming another open umbrella laying upside down on floor. Two flows met some place in the middle and “bottled in” Luba’s astral body. The “bottle” revolved increasing its speed. Inside the “bottle” the energy mixture was stirred to look as if it was boiling. Luba’s body was literally washed by this stir of red, violet and golden energy.

My business was to call golden and violet light from the upper layers down to earth. I channeled my sacred prayers, including Our Father in Heaven… I was not behind my computer anymore. My inner self  was some place else that I was not able to describe, I called light, more healing light to cleanse my grandmother.

Barlaam brought transparent red energy from earth and lifted it toward umbrella-like overflow.

And our guest, the cosmic traveler, made the mixture revolve, as in washing machine.  Sometimes he lifted his head and hands and increased the flow of gold and violet energy tenfold…  I knew I had seen him some place, but when and where and what was his name?

Finally, the “washing machine” stopped, as if measured amount of energy, or measured length of time were over.

Without any pause or stopping, I proposed to proceed with attempt to heal the Luba’s  ether field having in mind only one topic – the haughtiness and arrogance of military commanders and aristocrats. Refocusing my eyes, I saw a large field of stoned ground of gray-beige monotonous color. The surface was not flat, it carried configurations of hillocks and a mountain grid of same color.  Now, the three of us Barlaam, the guest and I—we were calling in light above to judge, to measure, to forgive and melt these configurations together with the stony ground.

It took some time, but it started to melt the gray-beige stony ether field, the cause of Parkinson and other chronic illnesses. On places of hillocks and mountains the boulders and stones exploded flowing upward into light, as it has been described by Vadim Zeland in his books about transferring, and mine unpublished cases of cleansing my dump  around my “beautiful soul”! It seemed that heaven took in it all, but still, some “bouquets” of slivers and rubble fell back on ether field – as if reminding that no cleansing, neither during stay on earth, nor during life in the astral world was final! In material world, and in spiritual world alike, we manage to produce new dirt on daily bases. Who would argue with this? As above, so it is below, how long it takes to  mess up a day ago cleaned apartment.

Luba’s appearance changed under our very eyes. Her husband, my grandfather Grigori kneeled next to her, kissed her hands and mumbled, “You are so beautiful, how I deserve this!”

Luba was shocked, “I need to be alone and stomach it all. Tatyana , I thank you later. Gregori and I, we will walk home.”

When the healers were done, the “angel” had chance to teach some more how to organize the proper healing without endangering outlookers with flow of stones from heaven onto their heads. Finally, I interrupt him in order to thank our guest for participation. He looked into my eyes, and touching the desk, repeated the dram’s beat that I heard at the beginning of this healing.

“Call me Tam-Tam, if you like!” – was his answer.

And I recalled where we had met. It was a year ago, when I worked on “Meditation in Memory of Grandmother Luba,” and Tam-Tam, talking to Yogananda, the Indian guru, offered me a miraculous time-travel session through granny’s relevant past incarnations as a war leader in various cultures, eon after eon, until we landed in America facing a fence adored with bloody scalps. It was the spot, where   Luba asked, if she was done with her male incarnations. Her guides agreed, and she moved to her next circle of female  lives revealing only in rare cases the manner of commanding not used to arguing or disobedience.

After my memorable speedy fly into Luba’s past incarnations, I asked her, if she recognized these incarnations, or they were play of my imagination?

Granny did not question any of it. She confirmed, “I know, my problems come mostly from my male incarnations. Yes,I was a warrior repeatedly.. I prefer not to dwell in these lifetimes again.”







Meditation in Memory of Grandmother Luba

  1. Restructuring

We were having some tea and talking. I asked Lena, our talented beauty with innate clairvoyance to find the soul of my deceased grandmother Lubov Petrovna, nee Myasoedova.

Lena fell silent, I gave her a photo of my grandmother. She dropped it on the floor, as if it had burned her fingers. Lena screamed and grabbed her head running to the corner of the room. She pressed herself against the wall and squatted down. Continuing holding her head, as if protecting herself from the blows she shouted: “She beats me! Something is hanging on her! I cannot deal with this.” What she was talking about? I stood my ground defending the reputation of my grandmother. I told Lena that my granny read Thomas Mann in German and Zola in French, wars and communists robbed her shamelessly, all was stolen from her but her rheumatism, her near-blindedness and pain in knees. Therefore, there was nothing that could hang on her. Rather something would hang on people who sent her sons to war, drove her out of her house, plundered family dinner sets and crystals, smashed her library, used the pages from the “Encyclopedic Dictionary of Brockhaus and Efron” to wipe their dirty asses, broke the piano, and dragged everything — up to her black velvet bag with family jewelry.

Lena was silent, as it was too obvious that I knew nothing about life deeper secrets and man’s invisible ties to subtle worlds… Soon, we forgot this episode, and surrendered to the female preferential occupation — gossip and exchanging opinions about things that we knew not too much about. Despite the inherent gift of clairvoyance, Lena was a cheerful person, talented, with a lively sense of humor, and we had something to talk about.

Year 2017, 30 years have passed, since Lena and I had that memorable tea party at my flat. I live in Los Angeles and I have passed the age threshold marked by the number 80, and now it was my turn to treat rheumatism, pain in the knees, and other age-related ailments. I practiced meditation and our Lord took note of it by opening some of my finer energy channels, and I started to hear the dead people talking and sometimes observe the visitations from the astral worlds, especially the visitations of animals in spirit. Lately, a beautiful wolf marched proudly across my room and out of my 3rd floor window without breaking the glass. And sometimes we have visitations from a little white dog, a twin of one in flesh that belongs to a sweet Korean lady who lives a floor below me. Sometimes, while my cat in flesh is getting her food from a plate, I see another one, a cat in spirit trying to get its share from the same plate! The day came when, making my special preparations, I dared to meditate in memory of my grandmother Luba.


Lubov Petrovna Myasoedova

Appealing to the guardians for a fire-ring protection and narrowing the goal of this meditation – because only they know what is most worthwhile to concentrate upon in given circumstances. Spontaneously, an early childhood vision of my grandmother comes to mind. I was about three years old in someone’s arms, probably it’s were my father’s arms, and my mother was next to him in her new flowery dress. Easter. Returning home from the church, the grown-ups broke loose. Grandmother brought out two large chocolate eggs, one in shiny red, the other in a golden wrapper, and apparently testing me for the innate taste, she asked me to choose one … I remember my very small hands that were desperately trying to reach… a bright red egg. The granny said that the golden egg was more elegant one, and she would like me to have the golden one. But l started to cry bitterly still demanding that red one!  … My grandmother frowned, my mother looked at her pleadingly with a strange guilty smile on her face. Without adding a word, my grandmother escaped to her room.

The meditation needs a new start. I concentrate on my nostrils and breathe boringly and evenly. It is still dark behind my closed eyes. Finally, as if from a milky fog before the sunrise, some outlines begin to emerge … “The third eye” reveals the picture of the field, dotted with skulls. There were more skulls than on Vereshchagin’s painting “The Apotheosis of War.”

apofeoz-verechagin+ (2)

Lena’s moaning: “Something heavy was hanging on her conscience…” — was flashing by.

Suddenly, the meditation takes me to a mystical place. I see a flat horizontal field with shiny gates in its depth, and a separately existing vertical field with a black marble box, or case, or a chest for storing something of value. The shape of this marble mantle reminds the heart on Valentine’s cards. This weighty thing was symbolizing granny’s spiritual heart, and it was literally hanging in the air just in from of me, a couple of inches above my computer.

On my left hand appeared the imaginary ring that was passing curses, the ominous ring  given by Ivan the Terrible to my ancestor, oprichnik Masoedov.  (More about this ring can be found in the blog – “Repent, repent, repent!”)  Soon, that golden sapphire ring started emanate curse waves of souls of wounded warriors who were left behind to die in terrible pain… These curses showed me the size of granny’s guilt that her immortal soul had collected during eons of incarnations as a warlord, maybe since times when  Sumerian poets birthed poems about their king-priest Gilgamesh. If difficult thought forms were not released, according to the great cosmic Law of Attraction, they would add  to the burden of guilt attracting similar energy wave from universe. In granny’s soul, this type of guilt ridden thought forms worked like the magnet.  And in this meditation we attempt to free my granny’s soul from this “magnet” as much as we can.  I

I continue meditating. I do not act alone. Someone is organizing souls into “Indian files” hat move toward Golden Gates. They look like faithful in Russian churches approaching the golden orthodox cross, everyone kissing its cold surface to confirm his devotion to their faith and their church.

And finally, I noticed angels and priests working on the field. Some kept order in this pool of moving souls, the other were consoling those who were so weak that could not reach without help their goal to be saved by LIGHT! I realized what size of weight was removed from my grandmother Luba’s conscience.

imagesblack heart

I was instructed to work with her spiritual heart, the image of which was in front of me. My business was to focus light on this image making the “marble” mantel around granny’s tortured heart to melt and disappear.

Someone was sent to help me as well. Before I knew it, someone took over the driver’s seat, the rhythm of the actions changed from normal human to inhuman speed. Was it shape shifting, or something else? I became a man, a shaman, some other creature. I was no longer sure who was calling light to melt the marble mantel in question? I threw my hands in the high and I was shouting, “Light, light, light!” Finally, I had a chance to look at my hands, but they were not mine! They were a men’s naked hands with strong swollen biceps, multiple bracelets, tattooed. I realized that these hands belong to strange half-naked man with light brownish skin … with light bandana to control his dark hair on his head, with dark eyes, and with a distinctive small hump on his nose.  In order to give idea what I saw, I downloaded this picture from the Internet collection of images of ancient Egypt’s humans.  Here we see two almost naked figures, and one fully dressed female. The naked figures looked very smililar to the one who worked with me. And he was also accompanied with a flock of his helpers.


Maybe it would be more accurate to say that I’m not the only one who called LIGHT, we were a powerful team – a strange helper out of ancient Egypt with his beautiful friends and I — we all called LIGHT to heal my grandmother. I was in the state of ecstasy. I was crying and I did not remember myself, I did not know where I was, out of body, or still in this room and how did we get so much golden LIGHT that it filled the room! Time to time, I repeated asking out loud for the fire ring protection and blessings from Jesus, the Savior, and Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Mother of God. I asked help from Mary Magdalene, because I felt her presence. My assistant and I, or rather I as his assistant, were working together. He took me – of course not me, but part of my consciousness, what we are in the state of OBE, for an unusual ride across the time and space!

The intensity of this spiritual flight was indescribable in words, because of its unusual speed. The layers of history and cultures, Egyptian kingdoms and dynasties, the campaigns of the Romans, then the Crusaders, then the Persians changed rapidly. We visited terrible sites of ruins produced by wars and insurrections. Without any warning or explanation, the vision jumped to the wars of the Aztecs and Incas on the American continent. But suddenly our flight stopped at a fence decorated with severed heads with removed scalps. Apparently, even my guide did not expect this … In a nonverbal manner, he whom name I never learned, gave me the following sentence: “You grandmother’s soul had it’s fill here. When her soul was done with this Camacho camp, and upon its arrival to afterlife, sha sought buptizing into Christian faith, and asked to consider the cycle of warior incarnations to be completed.  This wish was granted, and she was rushed into the next cycle of reincarnations as a woman who would experience the pain of loosing her childrens too soon.”

I think that 30 years ago Lena, when I asked her to “find my grandmother in the next world,” hit the same fence adored by heads with removed scalps. Probably she tuned into unbearable pain which was hovering above that terrible hedge, and as a modern world being she simply was not able to digest the horror of this experience.

When our journey through time and space ended, the black marble mantel around granny’s heart started showing signs of softening. Like melting wax is rolling down along the lit candle’s stem, so did melting “marble”! Probably, it was never a real marble at the first place despite looking like one! The lower edge of the heart started to show some shy pastel colors as if signaling the progress in our attempt to free the heart from now unnecessary protection.  The heart was recovering with gentle glow of infantile pink. I was astounded that in the soul of this stern and sober, always reserved woman, was hidden so much tender childishness. And I recalled how one day in my early childhood she entered into an argument with me, the three years old, which paint is better, red or gold! She was annoyed  teaching me,  the first-grader,  the mathematics, but she was sincerely happy when I read Pushkin’s “Ruslan and Lyudmila” in one gulp at age 11, which the usual adults would never take as a sign of their child’s educational advancement.

… But, finally, the emerald glow began to break out of the released heart. I was told that there were changes in grandmother appearance, she was rejuvenating rapidly. Grandfather Grigory came up to me and said only a few words: “You gave me back my wife, thank you!”

And then, unexpectedly and sharply, I was told to close my chakras and lie down to rest. Before leaving, I created an imaginary burning field furnace near my computer, took off an imaginary sapphire ring from my finger, and threw it into the furnace flame. When the flame went out, a completely purified ring shining in the ashes. I left it there, and went to rest, falling asleep at once. When in 5 hours I woke up, there were no traces from the furnace or that dangerous ring! I hope it was picked up by a soul that could handle it and it would not bring him any harm!

……………… ..

A few days later, a spirit, a mutual friend, brought me a message from Luba. My grandmother asked me to arrange a date with my mother Tamara, because it’s time to put up and reconcile.  I immediately remembered the matter that called once the pain to them both.  In the late thirties, when my mother became pregnant the second time, my grandmother decided that her son was not involved and my mother had a love interest on aside, in Tartu, or Dorpat, the Estonian university town what she frequented to  visit.   As a matter of fact, she visited Tartu to see her demanding and moody family. I think, they pressured my mother to make granny Luba to accept them and share her space in Paide with them. My grandmother, having her reasons, refused to do so categorically. However, the shadow of suspicions can be a poisonous thing. Granny ignored the presence of my brother and never let him into her heart!  Mother’s and granny’s relationship was ruined.  To top it all, granny put her doubts in writing  and sent the bitter letter to my mother officially over the mail. I was not aware of this literary work  until mother showed it to me shortly before her death.  Stupid me tore it apart, because as an esotericist, I was already aware of sad consequences from carrying this kind of letter near one’s heart. My mother was angry with me as well. My mom helped her husband’s mother in all thinkable ways, and believed that she did not deserve such a derogatory accusation. And she carried this resentment through her long life on earth until her death – 2 weeks before the 99th anniversary.

However, in the afterlife they met face to face again, and I was reported that they both cried recalling old times and reconciled. The desire of our haughty granny to see my mother and reconcile, can only be attributed to the work that the angels did on her during my meditation dedicated to my memory about her.

…………………………… ..

It turned out that Paramahansa Yogananda participated in work on grandmother’s problems. Later, when I was writing the report of this event, Yogananda pointed to one powerful confirmation of facts that were revealed during this meditation.  We had this confirmation literally under our noses, but we managed not to see or recognize it! Yogananda continued: “And the name of this confirmation is Yuri, or Yurik, the son of Lubov Petrovna, and his fate!”

This time it was me who clutched my head, but not because of pain, but with amazement that I was so blind!

Paramahansa Yogananda continued: “Once upon the time, Luba pitied a wounded warrior by leaving him behind to die on the battlefield. Centuries later she gave him a new body, but was notable to protect him from his fate.

I have written several times about the terrible fate of Yurik , but I have to recall it briefly here what happened to him in the time of the Leningrad Blockade. A small group of wounded soldiers were forgotten in a non-heated building that had suffered from bombing. This happened in the fierce winter of 1942. The dying soldiers were left without any help until the frost freed them taking them to another world.

In other words, Yurik attracted and embodied the content of his mother’s unreleased and most negative thought forms – guilt over left behind wounded worriers on the battlefields.

Paramahansa Yogananda concluded, “This was a peace promoting meditation. You were brought into this work not only, because you are a medium capable to talk to involved spirits, but because your strong imagination is capable “translate” the negative vibrations into certain images that guiding angels can eradicate successfully.  This cleansing of negativity will  save many lives in coming wars.”



Sergei Vronsky: Different Lives – Same Consequences in Afterlife. Story 5

BackCoverPortrait-Tanika Note from the Medim

Forgive me this long introduction, it has its reasons to be included in this post.

Sergei Vronsky (1915-1998), the Russian astrologer, esotericists and the author of 12-volume astrology encyclopedic treatise “Astrology” was the only survivor of the 1929 all Soviet Astrology Congress. That one-of-the-kind congress ended with all astrologers attending being sent to the Gulag’s. However, the twists and turns of Vronsky’s life did not end there. Under still mysterious circumstances he winded up working for Rudolph Himmler in the Third Reich era. He did horoscopes for Hitler, Eva Brown and his elite entourage. As the stars were not favorable for Nazi leaders and Germany in WWII and as tactful as the astrologer tried to be, his predictions did not support his popularity in the Hitler’s inner circle. The situation became dangerous, and Vronsky did an attempt to flee from Germany to Russia. He stole a plane, crossed the border and his plane was… taken down on the Soviet’s side of the frontline. Vronsky survived, and was not sent to Siberia immediately, as did happen to any returning home Russian POW without any exceptions. He worked in frontline hospitals, and was trusted  with surgical operations. They say, the warning to leave the Third Reich as soon as possible came from … Stalin himself? However, Vronsky could not avoid a free raid to Siberia for long. He served five years in a Gulag establishment. After rehabilitation he had no right to live in Moscow or Leningrad. But he got permit to live in his home town Riga, Latvia. And now he did horoscopes to the Soviet elite. Many who should benefit from his work, ignored stars’ warnings. Among them was Juri Gagarin who was advised to avoid flying during certain time period, he did anyway, and we know how things ended. Sergei Korolev, the architect of the Soviet Space Program received the specific warning regarding the data of scheduled surgical procedure. Vronsky suggested to reschedule it. The warning was ignored, and Korolev died on the hospital table during the operation. On the level of Yuri Andropov, firstly, head of the Soviet KGB, later the president of the Soviet Union (1983–84) and general secretary of the Communist Party (1982–84) emerged a suggestion to restore the astrology in the Soviet Union. Among Vronsky’s disciples we see Pavel Globa and Sergei Shestopalov, to name the few. Later, with the blessing from maestro, Shestopalov founded The Astrology Academy in St. Petersburg, and developed Vronsky’s unique branch of vocational astrology. Today we can learn this from Shestopalov’s book “Delovaya astrologia” – “ Business Astrology”, published by Mir Uranii, Moscow 2005.

As Vronsky’s all contacts were strictly controlled by KGB, his astrology teaching reached us in Estonia, my country, also through the filter of conspiracy, suspicions and secrecy. However, something still came through, and it made me an astrologer as well. Today, in about 40 years, my more trusted friends told me that my candidature to meet Vronsky personally for learning directly from teacher was declined by KGB sternly. Nevertheless, I got some basics that worked for me up to this day. Like a vow never reveal to a client his possible date of death and never to succumb to temptation to tell the client what he or she wants to hear from you. Over time, both promises have shortened the list of my clients, but opened the door for my personal development. This is why I have my personal obligation to record Vronsky’s spirit words, if he decides to trust me as a medium as well. I assure you, it was my pleasure to record the following story of Vronsky’s Judgment Day after his transition, what I translated from Russia to English according to best of my ability. … A note for astrology lovers. In Sergey Shestopalov’s birth chart planets Sun, Jupiter and Venus are found in the Aquarius. No comments, astrologers can figure out, why maestro trusted Shestopalov with founding an Astrology Academy in Leningrad.

One more passing note… You may notice that Vronsky’s last name sounds somewhat familiar. Who has read Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”, may recall that Anna’s lover’s last name was Vronsky as well. Sergey Vronsky came from a Russian noble family with corresponding upbringing, education and many languages on his lips what made all what had happened to him possible, including learning astrology in Germany on the highest level possible, and bringing to Russia the best kind of advanced astrology possible. What his disciple would do with this in given them time and circumstances, is another story…

The sources: and The site is freely available to everyone who might be interested in Sergei Vronsky’s biography.

Sergey  Vronsky’s Judgment Day

s-vS.V. – Tatyana, I think the title of one of your books «Death the Beginning» is not quite true. Death is not something external, a new beginning, but the continuation of the natural flow of life. Because neither before nor after transition life does not stop, on the contrary, life continues to flow and change. Oftentimes, it remains unnoticed by the most inquisitive thinkers of our time. Here is an example. Who you are today? You are an eighty-year old woman who is not alien to the thought that at any moment she can die from the second heart attack, which was threatening her day by day during this unusually hot summer. Fortunately, this summer is now gone. In recent years, you have gained weight, as you are slowing down and cannot find time for a walk or for a trip to the beach. I can enumerate more little things that you may do better than sitting days long at your computer in the room cooled by air conditioning.

Come on, let’s say you live another seven years. But a hot summer may come again, and the day will arrive when you will surrender to your fatigue and numerous ailments, and the angel of death would take pity on you, and bring you out of the body, and free you from your agonizing wait for death, what you, of course, would never admit to yourself. But, suddenly, you would be with us.

And after the transition, the same things that had happened to us would happen to you. Probably, many readers are aware that during transition from earth plane to the subtle world, their souls will be “weight” to establish their merit. If in Ancient Egypt this job was trusted to god Anubis, portrayed as a man with the head of a jackal, in modern days esotericists knew that the soul “weights” itself automatically in the subtle world. When the main energy channel, “silver cord” breaks away from dense body, the person’s soul starts its free fall through the mental body’s elliptical hole formed by its fast perpetual revolving. In your book “Prisoners of Fame” William Powell gives a colorful description of this process.

T: – We have to ask why the so-called “heavy souls” of presumed sinners fall deeper stopping in the realms with significantly slower vibrations than the realms where we see the majority of so called average people. And why souls of the saints may find themselves in the realms of higher vibrations, or paradise. The automatism of the “weighting” process is granted by the configuration of the elliptical opening in the middle of the mental body, its size. Probably the souls’ size is the same despite expressions like Russian “shirokaya dusha” – “a wide soul” meaning generous soul. But the accumulation of the negative thought forms on mental body surface creates a pressure that stretches the elliptical hole, and it becomes bigger, and soul fells deeper.  In other words, the accumulation of the negative thought forms born by the humans’ thoughts, ideas, emotions and actions are the culprits. How human creates negative thought forms and how they end up on the surface of the mental body, is a long story, worth telling in a separate article.

SV: — Getting rid of its dense body, the “temple of the soul”, the soul experiences incredible feeling of freedom and happiness. Without looking back, it accepts the next form of existence. The soul recalls instantaneously, in a single vibration, the otherworldly environment, where everything was different and everything was possible. And the liberated soul is ready to take off. But suddenly it discovers that it cannot do it. The state of delight disappears as fast, as it overwhelmed the soul an instant ago, making it to wish to fly and explore the new heights!

Now soul wonders why it cannot fly? Suddenly it notices being surrounded by some strange creatures who ask her to follow them… Fear makes her dutifully trudge behind these monsters who are rushing straight to the Hall of Justice.

It may happen that you remember that you have been here countless times. It happened to me, I recognized the interior of the Hall of Justice, the corresponding visions, details, symbols started to surface from the deep depth of my subconscious into the light of recognition.

Something white and big was taking shape, golden rays of light were coloring it with a touch of pinkish tones. You see the incredible triumph of white color’s purity, you stay in front of the Hall of Justice. The doors and window openings are edged by cherry red beams. A guard opens a heavy entrance door and you are literally thrusted into  space in front of you. … Tatyana, soon this door into Hall of Justice will be opened for you as well! These doors will open in front of millions of souls who had finished their present journey of gathering earth experiences. Day-by-day it opens for masses of humans since the dawn of humanity.

SV: — You will find yourself alone with the council of sages, and you cannot help asking yourself … “What they want with me? What they would ask?” Something is tossing and turning in your mind, it is painful and heavy and it is trying to reach you and tell you something important, to warn you; and you are listening attentively, but you cannot understand what your inner voice is trying to tell you. (Too thick has been the layer of fear and multiple experiences with any sort of deviousness in order to trust your naïve inner voice!) And before you knew it, you ask yourself, who are these judges, are they truly wise men who were supposed to have my best interest on their mind? This has been said that they are wise, but what if they are not? Maybe they are the actors in disguise barely sobering for this meeting to decide what to do with me, hang or pardon? Maybe they were representatives of some political parties, or they are simply torturers, masked as normal people. Maybe they are here to decide what tools to use for torturing me in order to get out of me more information about world-wide insane conspiracy? I see how black waves of doubts separate from me and fly toward judges and they dismiss them as waves of annoying flies. I gather the last crumbs of my strength in order to silence these terrible doubts of mine, and … I faint and collapse, as if dying all over again.

However, soon I come to senses and discover that monsters had dragged me closer to the judges. So I learned what was the monsters’ or robots’ true role in Hall of Justice. They were needed for performing physical tasks during measuring the justice to the newbies. Most likely, I was not the first one who had swooned in front of wise judges. Probably, before me many were plagued by the surprising and complex emotions, like who were the judges? What they know about us, and life on the present day earth? How will they assess my soul, how would they decide, if I belong to hell, or some other place in the astral world? Can it be that at this point I have not found myself at the ending, but on the contrary, at a new beginning? Instead of the promised rest, as they mumble at your coffin, you have been thrusted into a school again, way more difficult than schools on earth!   What the heck these judges want? Should I answer, or keep my mouth shut? What is here “a must to do,” and where is here the line that one should never cross? What I should do, or don’t do?Who am I in their eyes — a sinner or a good guy, as it all depends how they look at it! What is their judging criteria? Will they measure me on the scale of New York businessmen, Russian priests questionably educated in the spirit of Marxists views on everything under the skies!  Were judges Jesuits, Catholics, Buddhists, Islamists, Jewish rabis? Jesus was still a Jew, a Rabi, but do we know a word of truth about him, and who was Moses? Could he whoop as a thug, “Stone him to death!”– as did writers of The Book of Leviticus, establishing laws to stone to death esotericists, mediums, prostitutes, and whom else they did not like? Maybe my judges have under their table baskets with stones ready for “proper” use, because on earth, being a devoted astrologer, I did not shy away from any mediums, neither magicians nor prostitutes, and according to that book I would be sentenced to death via stoning. On the other hand, if I am here, I have already gone throw one death, would there be more opportunities to die? Never heard about such chances.

Finally, you are pressed to a peculiar backless chair with a transparent seat. You are told tosergei-vronski sit on this chair. But because the seat is transparent, you doubt its durability. You think, if you sit on it, then, like in an 007 movie, the floor beneath you yawn, you will drop down straight into lake with sharks or crocodiles, or with monsters worse than crocodiles. This time, falling head first, you will truly die finally, and it would be over in a second. You want to escape, but the monster grabs you forcing to sit down on that damn chair. And … nothing happens, the ground is not opening beneath you.

You sit on that transparent chair, and you are not falling down despite the feeling that you hang in the air. Thousand and one measures are taken off from you in the most incomprehensible ways. A tiny mechanical “hand” moves some arrows, lines and dots on an electronic screen on the wall, and time-to-time some colorful flashes flare up brightening for a second mystical symbols and numbers, and alphabetical letters and some even more mystical equations that, probably, have some deep meaning for judges and do not mean a thing to you. So, you are still kept in the dark, and you cannot tell, if you sink or float! Somewhere a printing machine has been switched on, and it starts spew out printed pages one after another. A body of pages is falling in a box for the judges to read and decide my fate in the astral world for the entire period of my stay here, until I will be ready to incarnate again and I will claim a new body for me.

Some at the table continue looking attentively at their clear, but significantly reduced screens and pin down same data on their personal small devices. Then, out of terrible silence, a voice announces, “I have a proposal to offer: “Aqua 17, the second category. Judges, please, share objections, concerns or questions?”

I hoped that the discussion will clarify the meaning of this decision and I would know, if I was awarded, or condemned for eternal torture. But my modest person did not provoke any discussions, everyone seemed to be happy to let me go and start dealing with the next fresh arrival. The robots’ strong hands went under my arms, as I was losing the last of my self-control, and they dragged me out of the judges’ sanctuary. Someone was shouting “The next!”  I wanted to look back, but we were already in the neutral hall, and I was seated on a normal bench to gather my mojo and become myself again.

T: — Aqua 17, the second category, what it turned to be? Was it high, low, or medium range of the vibrational frequencies?

SV: – I took what I was given. Aqua 17, the second rank is a bit higher than the common range of frequencies of those celebs who spoke to you when you were writing “Prisoners of Fame,” but not much. In my area, there were fields, flowers, roads and nice residential buildings. I got my house, which I gave to my friend and partner, actor Ustinov. This level is considered for people who were not mired with race, financial status, and position issues, but, instead, tried to do something creative and positive, like write, distribute, to leave some positive marks of their dreams and efforts to materialize them for everyone’s benefit, to do some good that would outlive the doer’s time on earth, for instance, like the garden in story number 4, that your grandfather created for the joy of so many people, as I learned reading your previous blog.

Aqua 17 first category can be found on much higher level. There we can found private houses surrounded by land – given just for you. And you will be able to work on this land and live there.

T: – Thank you for such a detailed and vivid account of the inevitable! How Leo Tolstoy lives in your world?

SV: – Tolstoy chose vagrancy voluntarily. He is begged continuously to accept a shelter of his liking and to sit behind the writer’s desk again, if he chooses so. He has been proposed to sharpen his attention on something, for example, to continue the study of comparative theology and write about its influence on society.

T: – What Fyodor Dostoevsky does?

SV: – I do not know, but he lives with his family in a luxurious mansion.

T: – And yet, one last question: Does a spirit can change the given level of existence in your world?

SV: – The change for the better is possible, but it asks for a significant effort, will to concentrate and hard work. It is easy to descend to a lower level, but no one wants to go under. Everybody wants to go up! However, ascending is hard not because someone does not let you fly, but because of your hardened and thickened uncleanness, accumulations of your negative thought forms are restrickting your way.

T: – Is it possible to consult on the matters of your interest in your world?

SV: – Consultations are given willingly, any kind of consultations are available to you. In general, they are encouraged, and any desire to work and develop is supported, I was surprised, when I discovered how available  is the knowledge and support to the souls who want to develop and work in this direction.

T: – Do you use this privilege?

SV: – I use and will use in the future.

T: – Thank you again, I hope that this story about the astral Judgment Day will capture readers, since the essence is so important. If I, for instance, would have known this earlier … my life would be completely different, or so it seems to me today!

Astro Sun

Different Lives – Same Consequences in Afterlife. Story 4

A Note from the Medium

Grigory Elmanovich is my grandfather (1869-1918), now, of course, he lives on the other side. Once, he came to talk to me, the medim, and I learned a lot about his life on earth and in heaven.
My grandfather bought in Paide, an Estonian little town, a piece of land with three old houses on it. I was born in Paide, when he was already long gone. I witnessed occupation of Estonia by the Soviet army, at a time – the Red Army, and the WWII that took almost all men of our family. I lived in Paide to see mass deportation of Estonians to Siberia.  I think, it all shaped my world both inwardly and outwardly, and this is why – reporting about spirit communication sessions with my grandfather, I will add here and there some words about life in Paide that can give the feel of background of the sotry, told by my grandfather.

Repent! Repent! Repent! 

Grigory Elmanovich: – Times were hard. The dark forebodings of changes were in the air, and they followed through as Revolution 1905 and the devastating First World War  that led to the Bolshevick’s heist of power and the end of Russia as we knew it.  In WWI, on the Russian side, there were treacherous generals, and tsar Nikolai the Second, a good-hearted family man, not made for leading armies or quieting hungry people’s mutinies, mostly working class starving women’s civil restlessness under the very nose of his Excellency. Russia was sinking before our eyes, and there was nothing else left but witness and surrender to God’s will!  Luba and I, we moved from Moscow to Tallinn and later to Paide, a nice Estonian provincial town with traces if some historical events.

Tatyana: I will continue for my dedushka, as everything that he would say about Paide is not only his but also mine background. Now, living in Los Angeles, some times in my dreams, I still found myself in our Paide garden, created by my grandfather, where  I learned to walk, speak, and took in my first memories of the outer world, visions of our beautiful garden.

Over time, the shadows of history built a special atmosphere of this city. In the center of the town, there was a park on a hillock called Vallimägi – The Mountain of the Wall. Actually, the park was built on the remains of a historic castle, ceated by the ironclad knights of the Teutonic Order. The legend have it that after Teutonic knights return from a Holy War, the Roman pope, wishing get rid from this dangerously armed division commissioned them to Christianize North European savages “with sword and fire”. Along the way of fulfilling their holy mission, Teutonic knights built many military fortresses because of the strong resistance of locals, Vikings posterity. Besides Christianizing, Teotonic knights fought for the land, and getting it, saw it as payment for their hard work of dessiminating the new religion. Here in the North Europe, they put aside their iron attires, and became peaceful landlords turning free locals into their peasant slaves. In time, the fortress with one remaining watch tower and a stage for local song festivals consecrated by the legend about the treacherous murder of four Estonian kings, probably tribe leaders, became a beautiful park, a real gem of a provincial town.

And nearby, there was the grave of Maluta Scurata, Ivan the Terrible’s henchman, as he was called in our family  legend. To my surprise, Wikipedia confirms the family legend. According to this free encyclopedia, and various other sources,  Malyuta Scurata, officially called Malyuta Scuratov, was killed on January 1st  1573 during Ivan’s Livonian war when Russian army attacked Weizenstein Fortress — White Stone Fortress in the city, called Paide, Järvamaa, Estonia. There was an interesting question, where this morbid historic figure was buried.  According to the family legend and Wikipedia official biography, this tsar’s henchman, murderer and torturer of hard to count number of innocent people was buried near Paide, but according to prezent day Russian sources, he was buried in one of the near Moscow monateries.

In Estonia, near the bus route from Paide to the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, in the middle of a flatland, green fields, can be seen a lonely hillock covered with a wild grow of fir trees. According to the people’s m emory, this is the grave of Maluta Scuratov. However, it would be a futile job to seek a path across these fields toward that grave. It seems, as if it still seems to emit waves of fear and horror. Today, this unruly hillock in the middle of the green flat land looks like the ghostly remain of a giant pirate ship dragged into these fields and dropped there letting nature to swallow it into forgetfulness. Some years ago, the name of Skuratov caught my eye in Daniel Andreev’s unique book The Rose of the World, translated into English by Daniel Shubin. “Rose of the World: A Meta-Philosophy of Hostory,  A Revelation  of Worlds Beyond…” In description of the lowest levels of hell, the world of solid magma Propuilk, one can read: “… not too long ago Maluta Scuratov completed his term of anguish here, while of the   western meta-cultures Robespierre and Saint- Just, and several of the inquisitors of the 16th century, still have not untied their karma here.” (p 242, ISBN  978-0-9662757-9-7)

And upon that city, there was another shadow left behind by Peter The Great’s army passing Paide during tsar’s Northern War (1700-1721). Peter’s army marked his conquest by setting a caldron with the boiling tar on the town square and tossing into it some local residents, the curious ones, who dared to stuck out their stupid sorry noses to learn what was going on in their otherwise quiet town. When caldron was full and cooled off, the terrible remains were hung around to announce the victorious conquest and mollify the rebellious minds who could sympathize with the victims of tsarist tyranny.

GE: – In that romantic little town, I got my hands on a piece of land with old houses on it. There was enough space to lay a large garden with trees and a pond, and flowerbeds. The houses needed repair and modernization, the landscaping had to be done, and we hoped to live there, and raise our children in that provincial quietude far away from sinking Russian both capital’s Petersburg and Moscow.  But God had other plans for us and me personally.
War and revolution turned my arrangements upside down. Instead of taking care of the family nest, I was called to appear in our headquarters in St. Petersburg and told that some specific circumstances would need some specific attention in Estonia in connection with the war, and Russia’s most probable involvement in it. I received my instructions from police clandestine operations division and accepted the umbrella what they offered to cover up the work what I was supposed to do in Estonia. It was a position of an excise official in Estonia, and it included the supervision of the production of potato alcohol. Also, I should stay in touch with St. Petersburg office for some special tasks that may occur as war would unfold.
This arrangement started the most difficult and disgusting page of my life. I was wheeling across Estonia. I was traveling from Paide to St. Peterburg, Narva. I visited frequently various spots where locals distilled potato pulp turning it into transparent, high quality alcohol. They used it freely, and sold it to the highest bidder without bothering to build any storages, or keep any books. I invented for them the simplest accounting system and asked to keep tracks about production details — how much they produced, sold, and how much state taxes they should pay to tsarist  kazna according the law. Of course, they lied, of course, they hid the real income, and it all was known too well by too many. My duty was to squeeze out of them as much as possible. Because the war was coming and every penny was accounted for, or so it was explained to me. Maybe I took things too seriously, and it sandwiched me in between the two opposing forces. One force demanded more taxes, and the other, very powerful one, was life threatening. If I would not turn a blind eye or deaf ear to steeling, or to shameless lies or to blunt crookery under my nose, my family would be in danger.

In St. Petersburg, they knew everything, and Estonian bumpkins knew even more! They knew exactly, how much they produced, how much alcohol went down the throats, how much they sold, what part of the profit belonged to them, and what part should go to   kazna, most importantly — how to cheat-leave the lion’s share of the profits for themselves. I swirled among them, I could sense what their moods were before I even learned to speak some Estonian. We would never survive, if I would not agree be part of the international transactions, so to speak. In other words, I had to know everything about their smuggling operations. As America had banned alcohol officially, their black market of illegal alcohol was booming.

From Baltic Sea ports unnoticeable fishing “boats” started toward America shores carrying more than illegal vodka alone. Some used this root to escape from trials, debts, family obligations. Among navy, fishermen or illegal passengers, there were wanted criminals, adventures, spies, political immigrants, unrecognized geniuses, hungry writers and painters, or stingy types who saved on normal travel expenses. Informers gave me pretty exact picture of quantities of spirit that went “swimming”, and I was sure that I was not alone who was privy to this information. So, lying to my bosses in Petersburg was out of question. Oh my God, how badly I needed my post and salary! This was why I refused to take part in risky speculative operations but I was not able to avoid the main thing, to answer questions about involved sailing captains, their personalities, and their surroundings and if they could be trusted, how they behave under the stress. Sometimes, I had the impression that in Petersburg they couldn’t care less how much vodka makers helped themselves with tsar’s tax money, because all they cared was descriptions of the characters of the sailing captains. Soon I learned why. War is war, and any war takes care of its reconnaissance. Many people were involved in sending spies out and bringing them back. I was oftentimes called to headquarters to discussions what Estonian harbors and “boats” could offer to Russian spy business in upcoming war. I tell you this in order to give you the idea about my “peaceful retirement” in Estonia that finally lead to my sudden fatal heart attack…

I worked hard, but was not able to create lasting wealth for my family, support them, and at the same time renovate  my bargain property. My world was spinning out of control, it was wounded by mutinies, wars and changes of political regimes.  Our parents were not able to fathom what our true expenses were in a faraway country, if you live amidst people who did not trust you, and, actually, does not need you there. My parents were not rich, and they were devastated by my apostasy, and converting to Christianity.

Luba’s father, Piotr Myasoyedov, an aristocrat and liberal who let her daughter marry a Jew, was not in touch with reality. He continued living large and left his beloved daughter Luba penniless. His repertoire listed all sins of Russian aristocracy — cards, Gypsies, coin collections, horses… Firstly, he gave up horses; next, he sacrificed Gypsies and lost his lust of life. Cards took away the rest of his wealth and selling his family collection of rare coins next to nothing, he came to Paide to die surrounded by family, children and grandchildren.

Firstly arrived impressive size wicker baskets from Jeliseev’s with delicatessens like cooked partridges, crystal jars with black caviar and boxed bottles of expensive French wines and Cognack … and then arrived he, the gentleman with hat and black chic walking cane topped by shiny golden knob in form of a lion’s head.

He and his walking stick! If some Estonian women forgot themselves to gossip in the middle of the sidewalk, with that cane he motioned them to step aside and give him the way. Then, slightly touching his hat, he thanked them politely, with a light trace of irony on his lips, and passed solemnly. Funny thing was that nobody had ever questioned his habit to exercise his aristocratic privileges. So deep was his faith into righteousness of given by birth entitlements! In Paide, he turned the unfinished second floor into his headquarters, as I called it, and recognized help from male servants only… I had to pay for a special male servant for him alone! He had his dignity, but were the thoughts about his daughter or grandchildren’s future ever crossing his mind? Maybe our real situation started to down on him gradually! He did not complain, but I could see that our life did not suit him at all. For him, it was too quiet, too boring, too modest. He missed the loud political discussions with inclusion some French words and his own eloquent speeches how to reform Russia. These speeches accompanied with wine lasted in Moscow from sunset to dawn… At one Sunday’s dawn hour, as if tired of his imaginary speeches that he was creating in his mind, this aristocrat and pagan in heart, put on a white shirt, sat under a young apple tree face turned toward rising Sun, fell asleep and never woke up again. Now I know that falling asleep on earth, he woke up on the other side of the veil…

T: – Did you meet him in afterlife?

GE: – Yes, he thanked me for taking care of Luba, and we never met again. So, I learned that in his mind, I was expected to take care of Luba and children whom he left next to nothing but memories. But my body gave up as well. Terrible food what I got in taverns while wheeling across the country contributed to my fall. All they offered were potatoes with greasy pork too heavy for my Jewish stomach taught not to eat pork during eons…

Fortunately, I died at home, in the most difficult moments of my relationship with Luba. No, please, don’t write about it, it is nobody’s business. She knew who I was and I knew who she was – educated in the institute for noble maidens where she was taught to speak French and was prepared to meet completely different life then she found in Paide, in the middle of so agricultural Estonia. There she could speak French to frogs and snakes during her bold trips to swampy forests around the city in search for some mushrooms and breath some fresh air and enjoy the nature, after all!

Something was wrong with our marriage. As a father, I loved your namesake, your aunt Tatyana who died at age 11, and two boys, the first ones, who died in the infancy… I loved them dearly. However, they arrived, the little angels, they blessed us with their smiles, cry, attempts to stand up and make their first steps, and … died. Maybe we were cursed, or some evil power was denying us happiness!

But Andrei, Vladimir, your father, and Yurik, the last one, survived. And as Luba’s father trusted his daughter to me, so I trusted Luba to the care of Andrei and Vladimir, and despite all the odds, wars and nightmare of the frequent change of political regimes, they continued our family’s sad tradition.

Tatyana: – Sad? When I showed up in that Paide scenario, my grand-grandfather Piotr Myasoedov and grandfather Grigory Elmanovich were long gone. But the old house, and our garden were still there maybe not for long, but long enough to seed in me the sense of beauty and everlasting expectation of wonder. I am now 82, but the memory of my childhood garden is still with me. This memory is like gate from ordinary life into magical wonderland where you are never alone or miserable or unhappy, you are always in touch with something greater than ordinary life. Today, about 80 years later, instead of serving endless needs of my ailing body, I can always to escape to my magical world where I would be again young and happy!

I remember my childhood as if being a little princess before I learned the true meaning of this title. I did not need fake crowns or pink puffy dresses because the garden treated me like one. Every morning, as if for me alone, fresh buds were stretching their colorful petals toward Sun becoming flowers, and the chorus of invisible birds was greeting the new day. If the day happened to be rainy, the birds sat quietly listening to the sounds of falling drops and honoring the magical feel of garden’s secret life, when flower spirits were creating a new display of fresh flowers that would come into being in some couple of days after raining stops. Now I can see that my dedushka had good taste, excellent sense of space and vivid imagination of a park planner… I suspect that I have inherited my green thumb and lifelong love toward plants directly from him.

GE: – Thank you, you are trying to tell that my efforts were not lost after all! My garden had helped to shape some souls! Viki told me the same!

T: – Not me alone. When Reds nationalized granny’s property and put town’s kindergarten in your house, many children enjoyed your glorious flower garden upended with mysterious gazebos, inside benches around the table for special, a very secret talks and playing seek and hide. I believe this garden shaped many souls of little men and women.

GE: – I did what I could, but granny was never entirely happy. When a mother’s children die, mother did not care about the world around her. I knew, sometimes she wanted to follow her children into better world, and I tried to keep her busy, but… I knew she thought that her children’s death was God’s punishment for marrying a Jew. Maybe she did not think so, but I assumed this because of the thick cloud of anti-Semitism mixed with the dislike of Russians what we breathed in could poison stronger minds than Luba’s or mine.

T: Grandfather, tell how did you left this world?

GE: -Once, getting out of bed, I decided to douse my torso with cold water, but on my way to well I stumbled at a tree root, lost my balance and fell on the ground. In short, I never reached the well, the last thing I saw were bushes of blooming lilacs that I loved so much. In your time it was already a high and thick wall of lilacs that guarded the privacy of the flower garden. So, the flower beds were not connected to the house, but belonged to gazebo, started the “Nevski prospect”, a straight wide path to the pond, on one side apple orchard and on the other side the plum trees. To me it was like Little Versile that you had visited and I did not get there during my lifetime. I said my thanks to that garden as my consciousness was fading, or so I believed. But no, my consciousness did not fell asleep. On the contrary, it was rather awakening in another garden, in the middle of a blooming meadow, also with lilac bushes here and there, but the lilacs were blooming more lavishly and their flowers were bigger and variation of colors was remarkably rich.

A young and beautiful woman was leaning over me, and I recognized her almost immediately. She was my mother. She arrived to meet me. She was crying, she asked forgiveness for trying to prevent my conversion to Christianity and condemning it, and leaving me alone and never truly supporting me, especially through my difficult university years when oftentimes, I was literally starving. Now she saw it all differently. Our so Jewish family, making me suffer, deprived itself from pleasure of meeting my children, her grandchildren. She started asking about them, and then we recalled old days, when I was her bebichka, this is how she called me. I can’t tell you the sense of peace and complete happiness that overwhelmed me during this meeting with my mother.  It reconciled me with my entire life on earth, I forgave yourself the betrayal of our ancient religion in the name of education*. I forgave yourself for accepting to collect taxes, for being part of tsarist security forces and getting for this unholy work the honorable status of “nominal nobility” in tsarist Russia.

I saw my entire life in new light, and I recalled that I married a young and beautiful woman and how perfectly happy I was at that time, and I think Luba was happy as well.

Luba asked to extend you the invitation to stay with us after your transition. I mean, drop everything, finish this story and come to us, and you will be fine. You are done here. Nothing is tying you to life on earth, as you have no friends and you do not have any unfinished businesses to carry on. I listened how you talked with a woman who called you a minute ago interrupting our conversation. This merzavka called to tell you that she was not able to hand a rare but difficult spirit message to people to whom it was addressed, but whom you were not able to reach directly, but  she could. Easily! As the spirit message was accompanied by an intense suggestion to deliver it at any cost, nepremenno, you delegated this task to a mutual acquaintance. We know  that former Soviet people do not trust each other and suspecting everybody to lie.  And she did! The caller lied to you! She did pass that message to her friends immediately leaving you hanging what to do next. I am telling you this, you did the trick, the addressee received the life changing message from beyond. Forget them all!

On the other side, my mother and I, we were still talking on that blooming meadow when space started changing into a nice plaza of a village. I was going to meet the unknown force, my new “bosses” to be. Soon I was standing in front of the imposing building, the Temple of Justice. I crossed the threshold and asked why I can’t find my way home, because my family was waiting for me to Sunday breakfast and tomorrow I have to go to Viljandi, because I am from Estonia… I mumbled these absurdities realizing that something important has happened to me. How to describe it, what was it, and what these important people in this important building wanted from me? They looked at me, an obnoxious arrival, with unbearable pity. So, I learned that I was dead already and my absence from Sunday breakfast will be readily pardoned. A strong hand was guiding me through a high doorway and I was in a hall that had some resemblance with the Russian Orthodox Church typical interior. But not entirely, it was rather an eclectic mixture of religious symbols, architectural details, some sculptures of the past and future. Did it have a meaning and did I have to pay attention to it? I complained that I left so suddenly having no chance to say my goodbyes to my loved ones and I asked the permission to visit my funerals. I gave them a word of a gentleman that I would not run away, or hide in some impossible to reach places. For some reason it made them laugh, and they – kind of – started liking me.

In short, I got to my funerals in time and I stood there in capacity of an invisible guest facing the terrible hole in earth together with my mourning family through the entire ceremony, until it all was over to everyone’s great relief, mine included.

Tell your folks not to puff up your funerals when it comes to it! Luba’s father spent his last pennies on cooked partridges, and Luba followed the suit. She spent our last pennies on the wake for me treating these all ridiculous old farts, ladies in  shabby, dusty, and darned vintage dresses  with torn rushes, yellowed collars, missing buttons, faded ribbons and veils of yore. Now these shadows of once great empire swirled around her, creating the illusion of some social life.

People do not realize that all the commotion around wakes is aggrandizing grief, ego and the importance of the event. For us it is a nothing, a crap. We do not need it, because it pulls down, and oftentimes makes you feel guilty. You are done with the nightmare called life on earth, but your loved ones are still there and fighting and struggling to make ends meet.

I was back in court, so, I was worried, I was out of excuses to ask for more delays with my trial. I knew that I would take what they would give me. I was told to calm down, as I had nothing to worry about. But you can say to a man whatever you want. The vibrations of negative earth experiences, memories of uncomfortable moments, failures, clumsiness, fears, lies, stubbornness, jealousy were running through my entire body with inconceivable rapidity making me to have seizures and cry. Suddenly these strange vibrations stopped. An Orthodox Jew  was looking at me intently. He struck up a small talk, grabbed me by the elbow, and pushing me forward we started our long walk through various rooms until we entered a large meeting hall that somehow reminded a Church, Synagogue and Sorbonne University at a time. On earth, I dreamed one day become a student of Sorbonne University, but it never happened.

What do you think, why I chose the Baltic States after my Teheran affair was over, the ambassador for whom I worked, retired, and we returned to Moscow. I was asked where I want to live, and I chose Baltic States as closer to Europe as possible.

Now I was shaking from fear, as I gathered that I would be judged by Jews and therefore would be never forgiven for conversion to Christianity. I stood there in front of a row of judges. There were about twelve of them, all orthodox rabis, bearded and hairy, law-abiding pedants, the most bigoted judges. I realized that this was the most unfavorable setting there could be, and I readied myself for the worst outcome possible. They sank into long silence. Finally, one bearded mouth shouted, “Repent, repent, and repent,  you, a convert!” However, being still a Jew, I exploded saying loudly and clearly, “I will not repent!”

There was silence again, and I heard the verdict: “He is not a coward! But now he is not a Jew as well, but maybe he is still a Jew and will come back to us after what he had on earth, a home teacher, a tax collector, a government spy… and when his cup filled up, he gave himself permission to die, an easy way out! And he died leaving his wife, a Russian aristocrat, without means to make ends meet, to carry on after his death! What now, maybe you will change your mind, and will repent, you bastard! His aristocratic wife spent the last money on decent funerals of this Jew, her husband who preferred to escape into death instead of putting up a fight for his family and his four sons. You, the convert, you left your sons penniless to make life for themselves, like real Jews, among unfriendly people who did not trust, did not like and did not pay Russians… And you refuse repent!

Would you be a real Jew, you would steal, denounce, to cheat for your wife and children… and other Jews would help and support you, how was it to spend a lifetime without support? Working for police, you became a law-abiding pedant at heart yourself! You do- not-steal-do-not-cheat attitude came from your aristocratic wife, and her inborn dignity that was not your inborn feature. But on the other hand, you remained a Jew, and you climbed high enough in your situation! For your work for Imperial Secret Services you were awarded with the honorable title of nominal nobility, and you did not leave any spots on the name of Jewish nation with stealing, cheating, or getting low! We respect you for it! But you should be able to count money and will have to learn this. And as a suitable punishment for letting down your wife, we propose the following: one more lifetime to live with the same woman and make up for leaving her without any means to feed the family. Your posterity was left penniless amidst unfriendly people of other nationality and other religion. The special thank personally from us for observing the sacred Jewish custom of honoring book and creating a remarkable home library.

A word about your future.  Your Estonian umbrella was difficult, who likes a tax collector, and your post’s name “excise official” does not make a tax collector more loveable human being. But your direct boss in St. Petersburg Headquarters, instead of paying you more, stole money from you… Instead of fighting the wolf, the bustard, you nodded and played a yes-man. You were afraid to lose the job. But a good fist work during a party for men only would do more than nodding! They would never fire you because of your real work in Secret Services Department. Because of this, in your next lifetime you will be a researcher in an important study of similarities and differences in religions that would stand for tolerance, reconciliation and against religious fanaticism. You will be attacked from both sides — by Orthodox Jews and by Orthodox Russians, and you have to learn to fight, to insist, and to win and ask real money for your work. Now for your penalty, you will be guided to your home, the astral replica of your home on earth, to your wife who is aware of your arrival. So you will start your penalty right away, already during your life in the Astral world.  But one more time, thank you for not profane Jews with stealing, lying and betrayal. The penalty was not given for conversion, you did not betrayed God, because we have ONE GOD for all religions, so how can conversion betray GOD? It is simply impossible, convert to whatever religion you can think of, you will still face the same God! Truly, what difference it makes in what garb one reveres God!

I started thank them, but they stopped my thanks saying that they do not serve in St. Petersburg Government Departments where you thanked your bosses who stole from your salary! Stop thanking, as we did our job! It may happen that we offer you to start studying some chapters of history of world religions while staying here, if you will, or find it interesting! See you around.

One more note from the medium.
Editing this post, and checking my facts about Maluta Skuratov, a paragraph in Russian on the site “Russian  seven” caught my attention:

Неправильно видеть в Малюте одного лишь толкового палача. Он был хитрым и расчетливым придворным. После своего возвышения он выдал своих дочерей за представителей знатнейших фамилий. Одна дочь Скуратова стала женой князя Глинского, другая – Дмитрия Шуйского, брата Василия Шуйского. Третья дочь Мария вышла замуж за  Бориса Годунова и сама стала царицей.;

Maluta, starting as a nobody, was more than tsar’s enthusiastic butcher. He was the Ivan’s manipulative servant as well. Reaching the real power, he settled his family affairs most successfully. One daughter became a wife of duke Galitsin, another daughter became wife of Dmitri Shuisky, (top elite family of  Ivan’s time) and the third daughter married future tsar Boris Godunov, becaming herself the tsarinna.

In order to support his family Maluta Skuratov did whatever it take, like torturing and murdering without any count or hesitation, and spent centuries in the darkest corner of hell in his afterlife…  This is something to think about, isn’t it?

Paramahansa Yogananda Speaks about the Impact of Negativity on Life Here and in Hereafter


Yogananda speaks! This is a read for everybody who wants to improve his life, health and vitality, as it reveals some serious reasons of  difficulties that human beings experience on earth!    

Mediums often attract the authors in spirit of the books they read. Reading Autobiography of a Yogi, I heard a voice with a slight Indian accent.  I started to record our conversation.

T: — May I ask a question? How to reconcile two kinds of information about how we look in the afterlife: according to some sources we look great and, according to other sources, we look ugly. Who could better explain this than Yogananda?

PY: —Hollywood doesn’t miss the opportunity to stage a shape shifting scene in which a young man or maid is turned into an ugly vampire or an old witch.  And if the storyline makes these creatures last until sunrise, the first touch of sun melts them into a simmering puddle or burns them into a handful of ashes. As a matter of fact, these fairytales present a simplified formula of co-existence of beauty and ugliness in the higher realms. Our best appearance on earth shapes our astral double, but the moral aspect of our mentality shapes our mental body. The advanced seers observe it in its full “glory.” This is why so many of us avoid unnecessary contacts with people because it isn’t much fun to stare at the person’s mental body. Only few are ready to accept the truth and start cleansing and learning that our intentions, beliefs, emotions, and desires are magnets for thought formations.

They look like “scales” that cover the mental body. Having certain life in them, they materialize what was written on these scales by you — the content of your thoughts! The realization of these thoughts will appear in your life automatically in the form of certain events or happenings. You believe that you have never invited them into your life, but you did! Your thoughts did! Your fears and endless worries did!

This is why light-minded people, whom we call “the lucky fools”, make it through life so much better than “the smart and good ones”! This is why all esoteric teachings of all times and schools hold in high regard everything that helps “to let it go”! It always amazes me that people who believe they are committed to the development of intuition never ask, “What must I let go of?” They sit quietly “at the foot of their teachers” and they think that they know, but they don’t! And teachers also keep their mouths shut because most of the self-appointed gurus don’t know either what they are talking about.

Most surprisingly, the same myths, legends, and fairytales about shape shifting point to the ultimate tool of purification. Please, imagine the rising sun that is burning vampires to ashes again. You will see that these hellish creatures pick up fire with the speed as if they were made from paper! Real bodies contain moist water, flesh, and bones and cannot pick up fire with such joyful ease. Remember, Mao Tse Dung’s ideologists called the USA a paper tiger!

T: — According to Wikipedia, in 1956 Mao Tse Dung used the expression “paper tiger” to describe the United States in an interview with American journalists, “In appearance it is very powerful, but in reality it is nothing to be afraid of; it is a paper tiger. Outwardly a tiger, it is made of paper, unable to withstand the wind and the rain.”

PY: —Of course, this is not the USA, the country, but these are the mental thought forms, our brain products that can be compared to “paper tigers.” They look outwardly threateningly ugly, but there is no reason to be afraid of them, because they are overly sensitive to light and cannot stand the light of the truth. It makes them release — give up, return their energy and fall apart, stop existing.

This is why so many secrets are held in darkness and why an English saying goes, “Do not keep me in the dark!” The light destroys the negativity that lurks in the darkness. The Light of Truth is the ultimate tool of cleansing as it destroys the negativity in a person’s soul — in its past and present experiences and may reach into the future improving it.

T: — During that memorable conversation, I received help from Yogananda. He released the memories of a morbid experience in Lemuria and a humiliating experience in France. It improved my relationships in various fields of my life, and this was how I learned that old patterns stay with you through eons provoking explosions of irrational irritation and anger making you paranoid and suspicious… Before finding myself in the ancient past, I saw my Soviet experience as a cause of frequent fits of anger and mistrust. When, after the release of these patterns, these fits disappeared and my energy level started to increase. I understood that, most probably, it was the other way around. I was born in the Soviet Union because of particular vibrational patterns in my system. If it is so, maybe people who have born to be famous have distinct vibrational patterns that make them seek fame? Maybe you want to comment on it?

PY: —I see you have an answer to that question from Vysotsky. He knew what he was talking about.

T: —Vladimir Vysotsky, the Russian superstar spoke in Channeling Vysotsky:

“The fast Russian lifetime of mine was neither the first nor the final one. The training toward the lifetime when you have to become a symbol to the millions takes a long chain of incarnations. If I stayed the length of an average lifespan in every one of them, the preparation would take up too much time, it would last forever. I couldn’t afford such luxury because I had to release many connections. For that end, I had to come back again and again — to release old habits, affections, and attachments. Advancing by short lifetimes made more sense. During my brief stops on earth, I had to purify my aura.  The point is that releasing one thing, you create another thing, and before you know it, you face new problems you did not have before. Trading a short life against a similar short one may become a habit as well. It may become a way of escaping responsibilities.”

T: —He also spoke that by rushing through a lineup of short incarnations, one becomes good material for becoming a star for the millions at the cost of losing ability to build a lasting relationship and loving, normal family. William Powell said it in his spirit message as well.

PY: —I do not know about specific “fame vibrations”, but I know for sure that a person on the path to becoming a real celebrity (like Presley, Jackson, or Lennon) has to be ready to sacrifice his personal happiness for his mission, whatever it is. Ironically, artistic talents — once becoming famous and influential — crave for happiness that they gave away voluntarily. That’s the true human nature. We inherited this from our granny Eve; she had everything but still needed a bite from the forbidden apple which sent us on our everlasting search for happiness.”

T: —Okay, I’ll change my question, “Are the goals compatible, the harmonious, all-round development of an individual and the preparation to become a celebrity?”

PY: —Present day Hollywood is experimenting in this direction. Why would Brangelina’s six-kid family — among them three- adopted children — cause media frenzy all over the world if it wouldn’t be an attempt to resolve this problem? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie want to continue as actors and be parents of a large and happy family. The world is watching and wondering, does it last and how long.

T: —Why would the public be more interested in celebrities’ children than films? None of the Hollywood mommies — the talented Angelina Jolie included — became Elizabeth Taylor or Bette Davis. The frenzy over Hollywood’s little angels did not help make movies that sway human hearts. It’s too obvious. What would happen to the souls of all these phony celebrities that had bad luck to reach their prime in sinking Mecca?

The External and Internal Tools of Cleansing of Mental Body

PY: — Once here, all are equal! Everybody’s mental burden can be released and destroyed. It is only a person’s fear and guilt that enlivens their “paper tigers.” However, people are not ready to face the fact that they feed their monsters and become prisoners of their own negative thoughts. Life on earth is short, but staying a prisoner of negativity can last eons.

T: — Is there anything people can do to free themselves from negative thought formation while still on earth?

PY: —There are two kinds of purification tools, external tools and inner tools. Among the external tools, the best are nature’s four elements — fire, water, air, and earth! Everyone remembers a childhood experience of pure happiness from playing on a sunny beach, swimming in the ocean, and letting the sea breeze dry out hair. When children play on the beach, Mother Earth continues cleansing their bodies from mental impurities and it feels like being on the top of the world.

This is why humanity created beaches near mega cities because beaches have all four cleansing elements ready to serve humans. This is why beach houses are so coveted and children are willing to spend their entire childhoods near water. If grownups learn to surrender their worries to these four elements, it will help them increase their energy level and resolve many of their burning problems.

Inner Tools: The truth vibrations are the most powerful internal tool of purification. In old days,  people retired to monastic life to reach out to truth vibrations. Now, many sign up for yoga classes or some other energy workshops. Some are good and are worth the money people paid.

T: —What about Christianity? How do Judaism and Christianity deal with it?

PY: —Jewish prophets were fully aware of the problem.

T: — When Jesus was asked why his disciples break bread with unwashed hands, Jesus answered that what is going into the mouth does not defile a person but what comes out of his mouth defiles him.

The Gospel of Mark says, “There is nothing that enters a man from outside which can defile him, but the things that come out of him those are the things that defile a man. Out of the heart of man, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within and defile a man,” (Mark 7: 15; 7: 21-23)

PY: —Christian Church counts on prayer, fasting, abstinence, confessions, flagellation, and monastic life. Historically, unthinkable tortures and burning of witches under the umbrella of Christian faith were executed in the name of purification and saving of the sinners’ souls from “eternal hell.” What such “education” achieved was another question!

T: —Sometimes, I think that tortures during Medieval Times stemmed from the pagan world’s practices. Visiting Rome, I was almost paralyzed by the energy that came from the Coliseum. There is a dark and soggy aura around that place as if gladiators, Christian martyrs, lions, and other animals are still dying there and the mob is roaring.

PY: —Another great idea of Christian redemption was connected to the belief that hard work heals. Today, before we started this conversation, I saw you reading in the news that the Nazi slogan, Arbeit Macht Frei… crowning the gate to Auschwitz was stolen. Arbeit Macht Frei — work liberates. What kind of work liberates? Hard work may send a soul to hell faster than some traditional sin, like Don Juan’s womanizing. Compassion and forgiveness empowered by prayers, mantras and meditation frees inner impurities. This is why it is the corner stone of purification in all religions since shamanism. Both monotheistic and dharma religions share this view. Forgiveness is the central idea of the Our Father prayer as well: “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

Yoga adds to it a scientific element — the art of chakra breathing that supports strong purification of a person’s invisible higher bodies. Nevertheless, the rich philosophy that served India through thousands of years fails the modern India. The Christian World’s idealization of the Arbeit built a splendid materialist civilization, but it kills humanness. If the Auschwitz-Birkenau commandant, whoever he was, did not see the mockery in the words Arbeit Macht Frei  that crowned Auschwitz’ gate, I am sure God did! The payback time for atrocities in Nazi concentration camps and also the Russian Gulags have not yet begun. The pain is still there, and the vibrations of pain slowly, sometimes very slowly, shape future events that cannot be changed anymore! The reason is simple: no one can stop these invisible vibrations. In the past, the dark vibrations of the Coliseum brought down the famous Roman Empire. I am sure historians have other explanations, but it does not matter how they explain it. The vibrations of pain and despair of Auschwitz and other concentration camps and Gulags… wait a minute! I can get from your mind the pulse of a Siberian labor camp.

T: — Instantly, a forgotten memory sprang into my inner screen: rotten and darkened wooden skeletons of abandoned watchtowers with rusted wire surrounded a vast field. The area with scattered, rusted machinery was overgrown with grass. 

Someone volunteered to drive me to this former Gulag. The car stopped at a clearing where the inmates once produced these boards. The monotonous gray, sad energy with darker thickenings stood there. Why the city authorities did not clean it up? Was the former camp still inhibited by the unquiet earthbound souls who guarded their territory? Frosty winds had not dissipated that energy.

PY: —Look in your memory, you are still standing there. You reacted emotionally and allowed your imagination to produce more pictures of that place. As a result, you created a powerful thought form of Russian guilt in your mind, and it sits in your mind quietly working on ‘your behalf’ producing irrational feeling of hopelessness. Now, let’s proceed with our experiment attempting to burn the demonic vision. Alter your state of mind, bring light to that picture and watch it change. Go ahead.

Burning the Unwanted Memory

Light is pouring in effortlessly. Huge violet flowers burst into bloom on that field, but the rusted barbed wire snails were around the flowers. I started to roll that wire, but new layers of that wire were surfacing. Someone lifted all the layers at once and tossed the messy pile into the middle of that place. Wire lifted the layers of soil that revealed unburied bones and sculls. Russian priests in their black gowns rushed in and started talking to some unburied souls who considered that area their cemetery. I have no energy to continue. There were hosts, hosts of unburied victims.

PY: —Put down responsibility immediately. That is your problem: you take over other people’s guilt and neglect your own responsibilities. Do not interfere emotionally anymore, step aside.  Let go your own belief that the arbeit will resolve things. Send your compassion to that cursed place — in abundance — do not skimp sending compassion, the supply of it will not dry out — overcome your hidden dinginess that you developed as a homeless monk in India when you lived out of alms on the streets of Bombay. Open your channels of compassion and look what will happen.

T: —How do I open the invisible channels of compassion?

PY: —Let it go!  This was a practical lesson in what an inner cleansing tool — compassion — can do to a person who knows how to meditate and masters the switch of consciousness.

T: —Thank you. May I ask one more question? Are you saying that both paths of building civilizations failed: the Eastern path ruled by the belief in reincarnation and the Western path governed by belief in one life on earth during which a person has to work hard in order to earn his salvation? The East’s way suppresses individuality and the West’s way kills humanness.

PY: —Nothing is lost. You forgot to report that you saw a chapel being built in the place of the former Gulag’s administrative building, and there were beautiful flowers around that chapel and benches that bring people to sit there, repent, talk to God, and cleanse their souls. Wicked can take everything from people but the path of their growth. It does not stop on earth.

PY: –The release from self-created prisons starts with the release of the attachments to material pleasures and desires. Yogis do it. Can we do it? Probably it is easier to say than to accomplish. I remember how at one point the idea of “killing my always desiring this and that person” for freeing my consciousness from tyranny of mental thought forms flashed through my mind. At that moment, it seemed to be too extreme and impossible… Nevertheless, here I am today thinking of this, and it seems to me natural.  Do we really have some other choices than easing “the strong attachments to material pleasures and desires?” If we do not put our mind to it, then the aging process will do it for us in rudest and unpleasant ways…

Different Lives – Same Consequences in Afterlife. Story 1

 BackCoverPortrait-Tanika From the Author Tatyana Elmanovich:  After your transition, your negativity materializes in a way that cannot care less about your nationality, the color of your skin, your social status, are you rich or poor, and how do you pray, or you do not pray at all, or if you were on earth a lucky guy, or a victim or the terrible circumstances . This materialization is a Great Equalizer, it seems to act totally automatically, despite having huge impact on the souls’ destiny both on earth and in heavens. And the question is why the knowledge about it had been buried in various secret societies, and why today some mediums, like myself, are encouraged by their guardian angels to blog about it. On Earth people do not see the actions of The Great Equalizer (GE) , or what is going on with their mental body near their Solar Plexus chakra, or the survival chakra. However, after The Great Transition, or death, in the new environment with different vibrational frequencies your spirit will see a dark and non removable “cloud” in front of your tummy. Let’s give it a name. Let it be The Tough Equalizer. Trying to prove the point I decided to utilize my knowledge of three languages, English (my “second” language learned during my  27-year stay  in USA), Russian (mother tongue) and Estonian (as good as mother tongue), and speak to spirits who had human experience in very different countries, in the USA, turbulent Russia and small Estonia. Also we will recall some corresponding saying spilled by celebs in my previous book “Prisoners of Fame”.

lfdecreased-resolution     Leslie Flint:  They called him “the last great direct voice medium.”

Leslie Flint (1911-1994) spoke about his work in  the book “Voices in the Dark. My Life as a  Medium as told to Doreen Montgomery” ***
“Speaking about his work, he said: “I am a medium, and I do my work by sitting wide awake in total darkness with other people. I have a rare gift known as the independent direct voice. I do not speak in trance; I need no trumpets or some other paraphernalia. The voices of the dead speak directly to their relatives or friends and are located in space a little above my head and slightly to one side of me. They are objective voices which my sitters can record on their own tape recorders to play later in the privacy of their own homes. Sometimes those who speak from beyond the grave achieve only a whisper, hoarse and strain, at other times they speak clearly and fluently in voices recognizably their own during life.”    

The Excerpt from the book “Prisoners of Fame,” 2014

Leslie Flint speaks about The Equalizers effect on human life   

TE: — Soon I picked up on more hints about things we know very little about. Stars dropped a word here and there about problems with their personal spiritual bodies. It seemed that somehow the human mental body* and thought forms* were connected, perhaps tightly connected. I asked whether Leslie Flint wanted to elaborate on this phenomenon as well.

LF: — Good question. Now we will get somewhere. This applies to everybody — to the celebrity and to the elevator operator; to a cook as well as surgeon; to the president and to the president’s security guard, wife, mistress, and his cleaning lady. This is what equalizes all of us — the mental body, the cloak made from our individual miscarriages and an underdeveloped intelligence. I apologize for being so strict and rude. I get mad when I think about all the stupid things that I did during my long stay on earth, and how much trash I carried around. Then instead of leaving it all behind me when I died, I brought it all over to the other side! Yes, here I worked truly hard to ease this burden.

T: — How? What did you do?

LF: — Mostly by doing nothing but relaxing, as in some double or triple meditation while bathing in flows of light. I remember, I said to Vladimir* during our first meeting that I was still resting, listening to music and enjoying paintings. I expected you to ask, “Mr. Flint, are you sure, you are not tired from resting so long? There are limits to doing nothing, but listening to music and enjoying art.” But you are a polite person, and you did not ask something like that. Of course, I detected that these kinds of thoughts flashed through your head. “Mr. Flint, isn’t the six-year period since your transition long enough for a nice rest?” Of course, at the time you did not know about thought forms, even though you had your suspicions that I was holding back some information.

I listened to music and enjoyed art for a purpose — to intentionally cleanse myself via deep relaxation. Here is a significant difference between a Hollywood celebrity like Cary Grant or Elvis Presley and a medium such as myself. I recall, we already spoke about this difference. A medium serves people, while a painter thinks that he serves, but in reality, he serves only his ego. That is why, coming here, Elvis had to serve by working with souls who died from a drug overdose. And Cary Grant is still roaming around in search of stuck souls and helping them to go to the Light.

T: — Do you see what you are releasing during your deep relaxation sessions trying to release your “stuff”, as you call it?

LF: — Sometimes I stop looking, but in general, yes. I see darkness of halls and various other séance rooms, and faces — faces of strangers that seemed to eat up the last oxygen from my space… I was aware that I had to get rid of my stuff in order to reach the desired level of recognition as a painter in my next life on earth. I desire and intend to reach the level of a successful professional. If a guy’s mental body is full of shit, he is not going too far. So, I “listened to music.” And I did deep relaxation exercises.

T: — My last question is, if we start talking about it, how will it concern mediumship, spirit communication, and how will it change the role of mediums?

LF: — What a question! In the present way mediumship brings money, it will continue for quite a time. Let them do their business! On earth, there are still many billions of people who need to be educated! But the more inquiring minds among mediums will take advantage of the chance to differentiate what they get from their egregores and what they get from spirits.

T: ― Do we receive lots of evidences from vitals, group spirits, egregores — you name them?

LF: ― Not always, but sometimes we do. A young medium will have a hard time differentiating one from the other.

LF: ― The idea will be to raise the level of truthfulness. The higher the level of truth, the less is the amount of waste that our mental bodies create, and consequently, there will be less garbage to clean up in the afterlife.

T: — Please, give an example of how that will work?

LF: — There will be thousands of ways of doing it. Instead of telling the sitter that his dead father regrets the drunken beatings and asks for forgiveness, the medium will, possibly, explain to the sitter why it is so important to the dead father to be forgiven by his son whom he beat up while drunk. In the afterlife, this father cannot get rid of self-deprecating pictures that the son is beating him up. Only his son’s forgiveness can stop this endless punching. You cannot imagine how many things will be done differently, when we move closer to truthfulness.

Something tells me that we have to stop here. My dear, you have to have some rest. Thank you for your great tea.

T: —How to raise the level of truthfulness? One more example! Please!

LF: —This is crucial for the survival of humanity. This is why the old knowledge about thought forms is coming back to serve us. Look around, everybody is lying, and we are lying to ourselves. Think about the damage that marketing has done to America! Oh, do not start me on that! It is more than we can talk about right now. Make the work what you have written so far.



medium-seal-500x500 A Word about JVP School of Mystical Art that
Touted Me To Trust My Intuition 

In 2015 I signed up for on-line classes of Master James Van Praagh’s School of Mystical Arts: The Courses of JVP Psychic and Intuitive Certification Level1 and The JVP Mediumship Certification. I did not want to demo spirit communication publicly, as I have some limitations that will not allow me to do it successfully (like my learned English, for instance!) My goal was to develop, activate and make work my channels of intuition and spirit communication for writing about spirit communication. Along the way I found out more than I was bargained for…  The book is in making. This post will give is a brief look into that book!

What I can say about the JVP on-line courses! It was a tense study, when I was told to take a seat in front of a mirror and check out how my chakras work, I thought that James is slightly exaggerating, so to speak!  But I did sit there, in case, and I could not believe when colorful pictures of my chakras started to show up in the mirror! I got back my self-esteem as a psychic, I learned to trust my intuition—JVP made out of me the person able to develop. I learned to love the TEACHER in James Van Praagh who, in my case did incredible work supporting the writer in me not by reviewing, not giving the connection in publishing world, but opening new channels in me for this kind of work! There cannot be a more valuable gift that a teacher can bestow on his disciple! Now I am not reporting what OTHERS say about spirit communication, I write about my own experience as a spirit communicator, what is so much more interesting and valuable!

a brief insight into the new book’s subject!

As a medium, I had the chance to report on various spirits’ revelations regarding “terrible conditions” of their mental body what they discovered immediately after coming to senses after the transition from life on earth to life in the astral world.

Also, as a medium, I asked them for a favor to describe the condition of my mental body, how they see it. Their description gave me idea to try to cleanse my mental body on my own. Soon enough, I learned that this is possible, very much possible, and here is my honest and simple report how I have done this so far.  Feel free to copy this report and try to use it for yourself! If you have time, send a note about it to my e-mail account

One has to start with meditation. Say, today, I have already chosen a specific problem to work on. Say, I am jealous on my friend who has achieved so much more than me, working lesser than me! I already know that this negative feeling of jealousy will produce so called gluey thought forms which will land onto the surface of my mental body, clog it, and clogging will impair my will and good luck in everything!

First, a few words about meditation – if you skip this step, nothing will happen and you will not advance with cleansing of your mental body what is truly crucial and important for your health and money luck – for your well being.

So, I start meditation: I relax and try stop the automatic mind talk to yourself about nothing. I concentrate on breathing until I see light behind my closed eyes. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes, until the ocean of golden, violet or completely transparent colorless energy waves will fill the mind space behind the closed eyes. Now my mind has a workable connection with LIGHT, and I can proceed earnestly!

I “speak” to Light, asking to show me my problem as a symbolic vision in my 3rd eye world. I ask for a particular symbolic reflection that would show me my particular problem that I had chosen to work on today! Say, this problem would be the feel of doom that I will never ever resolve my money problems.  Or I have to work on my believe or conviction that I am too fat, too old, too stupid to have a love affair, to have a husband, children, family, because everybody around is smarter, more successful than me! You know the names of these problems by heart, as they are on the list of every decent healer and you have tried to be healed by almost everyone of them!

Now, for a change, try to heal yourself with your own means stashed into your psyche by ALMIGHTY HIMSELF in the process of creation the human race, as we know it today! You are wired to heal yourself. All you have to do is to believe that your Creator have made you to be happy, prosperous and loveable! Fill your entire heart with overflowing love vibes no matter how strong winds are blowing around you!

Let go back to our meditation session. Now, be sincere, because during this work your honest look at yourself and your problems will be you most valuable currency, the only currency that Light will accept!

My friend, now in spirit, Estonian doctor and healer Luule Viilma suggested also to ask forgiveness from your body for producing negativity like jealousy and allowing it to cripple your body decades before your recognized its existence in your psyche!

In my case, LIGHT gave a symbolic picture of my problem, say, jealousy as a dark gray mountain of some industrial residue!

Now, this is your work to move that mountain out of your holographic selfie!

Remember, you cannot work with that mountain directly, but you can work with its symbolic picture and destroying the picture, you will destroy the “mountain” itself, despite its strong and threatening look!

With the aid from the power of thought, I ask LIGHT to accept my “package” and receive it, and melt it, erase it, make it disappear in the GOLDEN LIGHT.

And LIGHT accepts the nasty “package” with images of numerous manifestations of my jealousy that I have created without knowing or thinking that this will harm my life. I ask LIGHT while erasing my corresponding negative thought forms TO SEND ME BACK MY CLEANSED ENERGY! And LIGHT obliges again and again and again, giving me back my cleansed energy!

LIGHT loves you, LIGHT works for you, LIGHT slaves for you! 

Find right words to THANK LIGHT for this invaluable, incredible work on your behalf worth be named a miracle of creation! And it will cost you absolutely nothing but about 30-60 minutes of daily meditation that you have to squeeze into your busy schedule… Sorry, not to squeeze in, but organize your schedule around the universal healing meditation as frequently as you can.

Why is this so? Each  expression of our negative intentions, thoughts, emotions, and actions leaves a receipt in form of a gluey thought form on the surface of your mental body.  A lot of such “receipts” clog the mouths of our channels that steam non-stop cosmic vital energy into your energy system. But clogging diminishes the quantity of energy that you get through these cosmic channels, and you become weaker, and weaker and weaker… and when the clogging is complete, the death mercifully relieves us from our misery!

… Why these thought forms has to be destroyed? They can only exist at the expense of your vital energy. These thought forms are “thieves,” because they either destroy you, or you destroy them, and there is no alternative to this dilemma. @!

One more time – The negative thought forms keep your energy in “captivity”, because they can only exist at the expense of your energy. “The idea of”, say, jealousy, may materialize itself, building the “body”, in other words, a corresponding thought form for jealousy out of your energy as a building material aka wood, concrete or plastic!

There are more to it, having some life in itself, it attracts other people’s jealousy into you psyche making you more jealous! Read the classic work of Annie Besant “Thought Forms”.

My personal experience. It took only one meditation and my jealousy was weakened significantly, some of it left my aura with the “roar”, and quickly … A lot of energy was sent back to me, and I took it in with deepest gratitude to God, Light and for such HELP –to UNIVERSE!

The return of cleansed energy gives you sense of victory over your weaknesses! And on the physical level this return cannot be missed or taken for something else!  You will recognize it, because it heals you and makes you stronger instantaneously!

However, if there is no return – – it is also recognizable without any mistake, it means that you either formulated you question wrongly, or you failed to open your channels, or you mistrusted LIGHT, and underestimated your problem!


Look at this picture, taken by permission from the great promo site of

Try to become a cat who would see in the mirror instead of the powerful and threatening lion – yourself and you will become a very strong and happy “cat”@!

P.S. Now you know what The Ancient Greek aphorism “gnothi seauton” “know thyself” truly means. It is also one of the Delphic maxims and was inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the center of Greek spirit communication! In Latin the aphorism is generally given as nosce te ipsum or temet nosce.