Paramahansa Yogananda Speaks about the Impact of Negativity on Life Here and in Hereafter


Yogananda speaks! This is a read for everybody who wants to improve his life, health and vitality, as it reveals some serious reasons of  difficulties that human beings experience on earth!    

Mediums often attract the authors in spirit of the books they read. Reading Autobiography of a Yogi, I heard a voice with a slight Indian accent.  I started to record our conversation.

T: — May I ask a question? How to reconcile two kinds of information about how we look in the afterlife: according to some sources we look great and, according to other sources, we look ugly. Who could better explain this than Yogananda?

PY: —Hollywood doesn’t miss the opportunity to stage a shape shifting scene in which a young man or maid is turned into an ugly vampire or an old witch.  And if the storyline makes these creatures last until sunrise, the first touch of sun melts them into a simmering puddle or burns them into a handful of ashes. As a matter of fact, these fairytales present a simplified formula of co-existence of beauty and ugliness in the higher realms. Our best appearance on earth shapes our astral double, but the moral aspect of our mentality shapes our mental body. The advanced seers observe it in its full “glory.” This is why so many of us avoid unnecessary contacts with people because it isn’t much fun to stare at the person’s mental body. Only few are ready to accept the truth and start cleansing and learning that our intentions, beliefs, emotions, and desires are magnets for thought formations.

They look like “scales” that cover the mental body. Having certain life in them, they materialize what was written on these scales by you — the content of your thoughts! The realization of these thoughts will appear in your life automatically in the form of certain events or happenings. You believe that you have never invited them into your life, but you did! Your thoughts did! Your fears and endless worries did!

This is why light-minded people, whom we call “the lucky fools”, make it through life so much better than “the smart and good ones”! This is why all esoteric teachings of all times and schools hold in high regard everything that helps “to let it go”! It always amazes me that people who believe they are committed to the development of intuition never ask, “What must I let go of?” They sit quietly “at the foot of their teachers” and they think that they know, but they don’t! And teachers also keep their mouths shut because most of the self-appointed gurus don’t know either what they are talking about.

Most surprisingly, the same myths, legends, and fairytales about shape shifting point to the ultimate tool of purification. Please, imagine the rising sun that is burning vampires to ashes again. You will see that these hellish creatures pick up fire with the speed as if they were made from paper! Real bodies contain moist water, flesh, and bones and cannot pick up fire with such joyful ease. Remember, Mao Tse Dung’s ideologists called the USA a paper tiger!

T: — According to Wikipedia, in 1956 Mao Tse Dung used the expression “paper tiger” to describe the United States in an interview with American journalists, “In appearance it is very powerful, but in reality it is nothing to be afraid of; it is a paper tiger. Outwardly a tiger, it is made of paper, unable to withstand the wind and the rain.”

PY: —Of course, this is not the USA, the country, but these are the mental thought forms, our brain products that can be compared to “paper tigers.” They look outwardly threateningly ugly, but there is no reason to be afraid of them, because they are overly sensitive to light and cannot stand the light of the truth. It makes them release — give up, return their energy and fall apart, stop existing.

This is why so many secrets are held in darkness and why an English saying goes, “Do not keep me in the dark!” The light destroys the negativity that lurks in the darkness. The Light of Truth is the ultimate tool of cleansing as it destroys the negativity in a person’s soul — in its past and present experiences and may reach into the future improving it.

T: — During that memorable conversation, I received help from Yogananda. He released the memories of a morbid experience in Lemuria and a humiliating experience in France. It improved my relationships in various fields of my life, and this was how I learned that old patterns stay with you through eons provoking explosions of irrational irritation and anger making you paranoid and suspicious… Before finding myself in the ancient past, I saw my Soviet experience as a cause of frequent fits of anger and mistrust. When, after the release of these patterns, these fits disappeared and my energy level started to increase. I understood that, most probably, it was the other way around. I was born in the Soviet Union because of particular vibrational patterns in my system. If it is so, maybe people who have born to be famous have distinct vibrational patterns that make them seek fame? Maybe you want to comment on it?

PY: —I see you have an answer to that question from Vysotsky. He knew what he was talking about.

T: —Vladimir Vysotsky, the Russian superstar spoke in Channeling Vysotsky:

“The fast Russian lifetime of mine was neither the first nor the final one. The training toward the lifetime when you have to become a symbol to the millions takes a long chain of incarnations. If I stayed the length of an average lifespan in every one of them, the preparation would take up too much time, it would last forever. I couldn’t afford such luxury because I had to release many connections. For that end, I had to come back again and again — to release old habits, affections, and attachments. Advancing by short lifetimes made more sense. During my brief stops on earth, I had to purify my aura.  The point is that releasing one thing, you create another thing, and before you know it, you face new problems you did not have before. Trading a short life against a similar short one may become a habit as well. It may become a way of escaping responsibilities.”

T: —He also spoke that by rushing through a lineup of short incarnations, one becomes good material for becoming a star for the millions at the cost of losing ability to build a lasting relationship and loving, normal family. William Powell said it in his spirit message as well.

PY: —I do not know about specific “fame vibrations”, but I know for sure that a person on the path to becoming a real celebrity (like Presley, Jackson, or Lennon) has to be ready to sacrifice his personal happiness for his mission, whatever it is. Ironically, artistic talents — once becoming famous and influential — crave for happiness that they gave away voluntarily. That’s the true human nature. We inherited this from our granny Eve; she had everything but still needed a bite from the forbidden apple which sent us on our everlasting search for happiness.”

T: —Okay, I’ll change my question, “Are the goals compatible, the harmonious, all-round development of an individual and the preparation to become a celebrity?”

PY: —Present day Hollywood is experimenting in this direction. Why would Brangelina’s six-kid family — among them three- adopted children — cause media frenzy all over the world if it wouldn’t be an attempt to resolve this problem? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie want to continue as actors and be parents of a large and happy family. The world is watching and wondering, does it last and how long.

T: —Why would the public be more interested in celebrities’ children than films? None of the Hollywood mommies — the talented Angelina Jolie included — became Elizabeth Taylor or Bette Davis. The frenzy over Hollywood’s little angels did not help make movies that sway human hearts. It’s too obvious. What would happen to the souls of all these phony celebrities that had bad luck to reach their prime in sinking Mecca?

The External and Internal Tools of Cleansing of Mental Body

PY: — Once here, all are equal! Everybody’s mental burden can be released and destroyed. It is only a person’s fear and guilt that enlivens their “paper tigers.” However, people are not ready to face the fact that they feed their monsters and become prisoners of their own negative thoughts. Life on earth is short, but staying a prisoner of negativity can last eons.

T: — Is there anything people can do to free themselves from negative thought formation while still on earth?

PY: —There are two kinds of purification tools, external tools and inner tools. Among the external tools, the best are nature’s four elements — fire, water, air, and earth! Everyone remembers a childhood experience of pure happiness from playing on a sunny beach, swimming in the ocean, and letting the sea breeze dry out hair. When children play on the beach, Mother Earth continues cleansing their bodies from mental impurities and it feels like being on the top of the world.

This is why humanity created beaches near mega cities because beaches have all four cleansing elements ready to serve humans. This is why beach houses are so coveted and children are willing to spend their entire childhoods near water. If grownups learn to surrender their worries to these four elements, it will help them increase their energy level and resolve many of their burning problems.

Inner Tools: The truth vibrations are the most powerful internal tool of purification. In old days,  people retired to monastic life to reach out to truth vibrations. Now, many sign up for yoga classes or some other energy workshops. Some are good and are worth the money people paid.

T: —What about Christianity? How do Judaism and Christianity deal with it?

PY: —Jewish prophets were fully aware of the problem.

T: — When Jesus was asked why his disciples break bread with unwashed hands, Jesus answered that what is going into the mouth does not defile a person but what comes out of his mouth defiles him.

The Gospel of Mark says, “There is nothing that enters a man from outside which can defile him, but the things that come out of him those are the things that defile a man. Out of the heart of man, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within and defile a man,” (Mark 7: 15; 7: 21-23)

PY: —Christian Church counts on prayer, fasting, abstinence, confessions, flagellation, and monastic life. Historically, unthinkable tortures and burning of witches under the umbrella of Christian faith were executed in the name of purification and saving of the sinners’ souls from “eternal hell.” What such “education” achieved was another question!

T: —Sometimes, I think that tortures during Medieval Times stemmed from the pagan world’s practices. Visiting Rome, I was almost paralyzed by the energy that came from the Coliseum. There is a dark and soggy aura around that place as if gladiators, Christian martyrs, lions, and other animals are still dying there and the mob is roaring.

PY: —Another great idea of Christian redemption was connected to the belief that hard work heals. Today, before we started this conversation, I saw you reading in the news that the Nazi slogan, Arbeit Macht Frei… crowning the gate to Auschwitz was stolen. Arbeit Macht Frei — work liberates. What kind of work liberates? Hard work may send a soul to hell faster than some traditional sin, like Don Juan’s womanizing. Compassion and forgiveness empowered by prayers, mantras and meditation frees inner impurities. This is why it is the corner stone of purification in all religions since shamanism. Both monotheistic and dharma religions share this view. Forgiveness is the central idea of the Our Father prayer as well: “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

Yoga adds to it a scientific element — the art of chakra breathing that supports strong purification of a person’s invisible higher bodies. Nevertheless, the rich philosophy that served India through thousands of years fails the modern India. The Christian World’s idealization of the Arbeit built a splendid materialist civilization, but it kills humanness. If the Auschwitz-Birkenau commandant, whoever he was, did not see the mockery in the words Arbeit Macht Frei  that crowned Auschwitz’ gate, I am sure God did! The payback time for atrocities in Nazi concentration camps and also the Russian Gulags have not yet begun. The pain is still there, and the vibrations of pain slowly, sometimes very slowly, shape future events that cannot be changed anymore! The reason is simple: no one can stop these invisible vibrations. In the past, the dark vibrations of the Coliseum brought down the famous Roman Empire. I am sure historians have other explanations, but it does not matter how they explain it. The vibrations of pain and despair of Auschwitz and other concentration camps and Gulags… wait a minute! I can get from your mind the pulse of a Siberian labor camp.

T: — Instantly, a forgotten memory sprang into my inner screen: rotten and darkened wooden skeletons of abandoned watchtowers with rusted wire surrounded a vast field. The area with scattered, rusted machinery was overgrown with grass. 

Someone volunteered to drive me to this former Gulag. The car stopped at a clearing where the inmates once produced these boards. The monotonous gray, sad energy with darker thickenings stood there. Why the city authorities did not clean it up? Was the former camp still inhibited by the unquiet earthbound souls who guarded their territory? Frosty winds had not dissipated that energy.

PY: —Look in your memory, you are still standing there. You reacted emotionally and allowed your imagination to produce more pictures of that place. As a result, you created a powerful thought form of Russian guilt in your mind, and it sits in your mind quietly working on ‘your behalf’ producing irrational feeling of hopelessness. Now, let’s proceed with our experiment attempting to burn the demonic vision. Alter your state of mind, bring light to that picture and watch it change. Go ahead.

Burning the Unwanted Memory

Light is pouring in effortlessly. Huge violet flowers burst into bloom on that field, but the rusted barbed wire snails were around the flowers. I started to roll that wire, but new layers of that wire were surfacing. Someone lifted all the layers at once and tossed the messy pile into the middle of that place. Wire lifted the layers of soil that revealed unburied bones and sculls. Russian priests in their black gowns rushed in and started talking to some unburied souls who considered that area their cemetery. I have no energy to continue. There were hosts, hosts of unburied victims.

PY: —Put down responsibility immediately. That is your problem: you take over other people’s guilt and neglect your own responsibilities. Do not interfere emotionally anymore, step aside.  Let go your own belief that the arbeit will resolve things. Send your compassion to that cursed place — in abundance — do not skimp sending compassion, the supply of it will not dry out — overcome your hidden dinginess that you developed as a homeless monk in India when you lived out of alms on the streets of Bombay. Open your channels of compassion and look what will happen.

T: —How do I open the invisible channels of compassion?

PY: —Let it go!  This was a practical lesson in what an inner cleansing tool — compassion — can do to a person who knows how to meditate and masters the switch of consciousness.

T: —Thank you. May I ask one more question? Are you saying that both paths of building civilizations failed: the Eastern path ruled by the belief in reincarnation and the Western path governed by belief in one life on earth during which a person has to work hard in order to earn his salvation? The East’s way suppresses individuality and the West’s way kills humanness.

PY: —Nothing is lost. You forgot to report that you saw a chapel being built in the place of the former Gulag’s administrative building, and there were beautiful flowers around that chapel and benches that bring people to sit there, repent, talk to God, and cleanse their souls. Wicked can take everything from people but the path of their growth. It does not stop on earth.

PY: –The release from self-created prisons starts with the release of the attachments to material pleasures and desires. Yogis do it. Can we do it? Probably it is easier to say than to accomplish. I remember how at one point the idea of “killing my always desiring this and that person” for freeing my consciousness from tyranny of mental thought forms flashed through my mind. At that moment, it seemed to be too extreme and impossible… Nevertheless, here I am today thinking of this, and it seems to me natural.  Do we really have some other choices than easing “the strong attachments to material pleasures and desires?” If we do not put our mind to it, then the aging process will do it for us in rudest and unpleasant ways…


Different Lives – Same Consequences in Afterlife. Story 3

BackCoverPortrait-Tanika  From the blogging medium Tatyana E: — Of course, an individual’s life on earth influences his or her afterlife, but human negativity cannot care less who you were on earth!  It does not care about your nationality, the color of your skin, your social status, are you rich or poor, do you pray, or not, are you lucky, or unlucky person. For many people, including rich and protected ones, the changes came as surprise and they had no time to adjust to new life. The next testimony comes from Andrey N, a young person, son of wealthy parents who was murdered by a highed killer in post-perestroika Russia.     


When the historic “Perestroika” (Rebuilding) that brought down the Soviet totalitarian regime, started to morph into “Perestrelka” (skirmish) people did not recognize the depth of the changes at once. Ironically, both names sounded alike, different were only to vowels in the middle of these long words. A Moscow actor Andrei, the hero of our story 3, was one of the casualties of this sad transformation of fight for freedom into hunt for becoming overnight rich and famous, oftentimes by the means of criminal activity.

Andrei: — I went down in a drunken brawl, I did not remember anything, my eyesight was gone, my consciousness was shut off during my last moments on earth. My alcoholism had hurt many people – for instance, my parents, who have pinned their hopes on me. In their eyes I was handsome like some Hollywood star. I attempted to write plays wanting to become a professional playwright. I knew I would make it in the theatrical business. But something was always blocking my road, and I could not understand, if it came from me, or it was built by some external circumstances. Perhaps, it came from that terrible atmosphere which was reining in theatres during the first decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The nineties turned into the terryfyingly lean years, and we were afraid of repetition of the Leningrad’s blockade during WWII. Many were scared and confused and embarrassed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, many tried hand in private business which was completely shut down by the Soviet regime that had killed all knowledge and experience how to run it as well. Some jumped into uncharted waters of privete enterprising . But I did not have that courage, that grip, which was demoed by some very independent individuals during switch from communist regime to the free market economy model.

But I was, in some sense, a product of mama’s desire to make me great. However, as soon as I tried to fulfill my mom’s expectations, and create something “great”, my plans bumped into unforeseen obstacles that I was not able to overcome, and I was in the midst of the ruins again. I started looking into producer’s profession.

T: — Did you have any realistic propects to raise some money for becoming a producer?

Andrei: — I think I had because I was able to persuade anyone, yes, acting talent was given to me, and I could convince anyone do anything I wanted effortlessly.

T: — Please, name some movies or stage productions where you have played some roles,  can we see your work?
Andrei: — It is not necessary, as it was time when they produced batches of terrible flicks in the spirit of Dontsova* and Marinina** type police stories. I left suddenly, no one was prepared, and I was mourned only by my mistresses and parents, because their hopes were crumbled to dust! The bitter irony was that already in afterlife I discovered being happy to be released from role become a great one! It is terrible to aspire to become famous. I knew you have gotten it completely  while working on “Prisoners of Fame”.

I will soon return back on earth, I will land back to Moscow, Russia. I believe I have learned  some during my short stay in afterlife as well. I planned to become  a drama and movie producer, as that world depends on producers. Actors are always changeable, there is always a Pete who wants the part, and if it is not Pete then Jack will do, and if something happens to Jack then there will be a Mary available, and in some 5 minutes they will rewrite the part adjusting it to the female character. If this happens to be a leading role, it would be OK as well! We will have instead of the hero, the heroine, and it may look more interesting after all!

I’ll reincarnate soon, and I beg them find me mother who will not make a prodigy of me! Mom’s vanity destroyed me. In theatre they hated me for my parents who arranged everything for me, and someone in my surrounding found the right dudes who mudered me!

I woke up in a puddle. Trying to get up I was convinced that I was drunk, but my head seemed surprisingly clear. I got up and looked around. I was in a place that reminded me the near Moscow area where they killed me. Then I was approached by a man, whom I did not recognize at first. He said that he was Pavel. He was my uncle from mother’s side. He said, “You’re still so young, you would have your share of life on earth, you left too early.

I noticed that there was not a single injury or wound on me. I was quite sober and confused. My uncle guided me to the place called Justice Hall. I was greated and prepared to face judges almost immediately. On that day there were no colletive  transitions, no catasrophes, nothing special, and judges were gald to deal with me. So, I did not wait long for my appointment. They looked at me with pity, but also with a good share of disgust, I could sense that they did not like me.

Someone spoke to me, perhaps, to encourage me, to stop my shaking from a terror of standing there and being judged by them. To me, they seemed like members of the Politburo of the Communist Party, whom we saw face to face when they stood on tribunes — above all of us — side by side during parades, like  Victory parade, or The October Revolution Anniversary parade, or Sport parade — to instill a doze of patriotism in us! A bunch of idiots was standing there, all in astrakhan and musquash hats not to catch cold in Moscow drafts. Someone among judges read my thoughts of being compared to members of  Commnist Party Politburo and  whispered it to his neighbor, and they laughed out loud, what dissipated the tensions and I obtained some hope that I would not be sent to hell for wakeless drinking and whoring, and instead, I would be assigned to some sort of re-educational rehabilitation center.

I tried to keep a lean face, which also caused laughter. On the screen appeared images, the formulas, who knows what and looking at all this mysterious movement on the screen, I got headache. They were soon done with me, as in my head, there were not many intrinsic brain convolutions, maybe one, sitting rather in my ass than in brain! For them I was as simple as some rotten stump!

They passed on me their decision. Then they showed some surprising mercy. They said, “If over there, the environment of given level would seem to you unacceptable, come back, and we will revise it under certain condition. You have to promise not to linger here long, because prolongation would only worsen your condition and make things more difficult for you. If your inention to become a producer is serious one, we can help with healing and look for a family with familiar life style for you. However, for this you have to give up drinking!”

I did not believe a word they said to me, especially about giving up drinking! But when I got to the level they gave me I shied away: it was the astral layer for drunks  and crippled invalides who crawled everywhere.

I endured my colleaugues for a short time and went back to the Hall of Justice. Everybody had forgoten me completely. In short, I looked around to whom to talk. Finally, I noticed a idle robot and approached him. It took a lot of explaining to make him understand what I needed here. He kept repeating, “Id numbner, please!” But I had no idea what what the ID number was. Finally, we found a human being. To my surprise, sinking into a row of boxes he found me. My ID number was so long that there was no way to memorize it. My folder was pulled out and I got my second appointment with judges. I decided not to leave the Justice Hall and settled in a corner of the waiting room. There I met some other folks who got a second Judgment Day because their found that the dwelling levels given to them were too low, and they deserved the better ones. Most received worse assessments, and they regretted snooping around for more and better as our peopole are used to do! I stood there being afraid to have an accidental drink and ruin my chances to improve my settlement. I was given everything, I was assigned for a treatment to a good hospital, and permission to be reborn in Moscow, but then Volodya turned up, and all this flew out of the window!

But God is merciful to drunkards and rogues like myself. I had my third meeting with judges and I was told that one more revision of the fate is available to me. I was offered a chance to reincarnate as a war correspondent when needed, because this occupation did not carry any drinking restrictions. The war correspondents’ life is too harsh to stay sober, so drinking was allowed. Volodya will be soon sent on earth and this will be his fifth forcible reincarnation attempt. This time it will not be aborted as the previous attempts were. Maybe we go together, if this would be possible, or close enough to meet on earth.

It is true that the mental body of the young peopel, who have died too soon, is in better condition than elderly people’s mental bodies. My mb and nearby 3rd chakra could be fine, if it would not carry alcoholism related signs. They are truly unbearably disgusting. If the drunkards would see these pictures and how “beautiful” their mental bodies are, they would drop dead  from shame and sober up for good!  I suggest to create a museum for mediums who can archive their studies. Believe me, after a couple of short years the Russian drunkenness would be a thing of the past!  .

T — Maybe it would make sens to pair the reports of drunkards’ true conditions with reports of conditions of informers, what would you say?

Andrei: — Escellent idea! Let them see that ruining other people’s lives will castrate their own lives, corcking up any chances for development, especially in subtle world, as the informers and denouncers would incarnate only as streat cleaners and janitors. In that lifetime, all other roads would be closed for them!







Different Lives – Same Consequences in Afterlife. Story 2

BackCoverPortrait-Tanika  The note from Tatyana, the medium: Of course, your life on earth influences your life in heaven, but the materialization of  human negativity cannot care less who you were on earth!  It does not care about your nationality, the color of your skin, your social status, are you rich or poor, and how do you pray, or you do not pray at all, or if you were on earth a lucky guy, or a victim of  terrible circumstances . This materialization of negativity is a Great Equalizer, it seems to act totally automatically, despite having huge impact on the souls’ destiny both on earth and in heavens. And the question is why the knowledge about it had been buried in various secret societies, and why today some mediums, like myself, are encouraged by their guardian angels to write about it. Let move to another testimony from a person who suffered death from gangrene in besieged Leningrad (known as Leningrad’s Blockade)  

When people keep quiet, dead speak up! 


After  the end of WWII, we received an official letter about my uncle Juri, a soldier’s death from liver failure in a besieged  Leningrad’s hospital. The spirit of Juri said that this was not true. 

The number of civilian casualties of Leningrad Blockade (September 1941 – January 1944) was big. Out of city 3,5 million people, only 700 000 lived to see the day when the siege was lifted. War battles were tense. General Zhukov led the Red Army major offensive. The president Roosevelt promises aid. The Soviet Winter counter-offensive came to a halt, after having pushed the exhausted and freezing German Army back 62–155 mi from Moscow. German “Operation Barbarossa” and Blitz Krieg failed. Ahead was a lasting war that would exchaust both sides.
Out of the backdrop of these war events, out of the ruins of seiged Leningrad, appeared a soul of a war casualty Yuri, my uncle, the wounded soldier, and here is his story how he died and what consequences it had on his afterlife.

Yuri: – You’re asking terrible things, you know, what happened to me, I died of gangrene caused by frost. The pain was indescribable.

T: – How long the torment lasted?

Y: – The army had forgotten us in ruins of an unheated building (damaged by bombardment) during winter time. We did not know, was it a former school, or a communal apartments, or maybe something else, what diffrence it made?

T: – How long it lasted, according to your calculations?

Yuri: – Probably not too long. We called to have someone to shoot us dead in order to free us from unbearable pain, but there was nobody around, nobody, not a single soul, and earlier the weapons were taken from us, so we had no means to shoot or commit suicide, or kill each other…

T: – How big was the group,  how many of you were there?

Y: – About eight men, I am not sure, I do not remember it clearly, maybe my brain refuses to recall!

T: – I hear anger in your voice. You started getting angry. Let it go, it is over, if you reincarnate, something like this would never ever happen to you!

Y: – It sits in me.

T: – Have you tried to release this?

Y: – I drink and use to become normal …

T: – Do you feel relieved when you finally left the body.  How was it?

Y: – At the end of the frost, I suddenly fell asleep, and it was a relief, and when I woke up, I was completely healthy, and I did not feel the cold anymore. And I thought I was completely recovered, but I walked and walked across a snow-covered plain, and suddenly I saw that I started to melt. And in front of me something threatening, looking as dark thundercloud carrying mud and dirt started to take shape.

Tatyana: Here I have to interrupt Yuri’s story. The reader may ask, what Yuri is talking abut?  However, this is exactly what Leslie Flint was talking mentioning his overloaded mental body clogged by materializations of his negative thoughts and emotions. We will talk more about it later, in following posts. On earth we did not see our thoughts, but then vibrational frequences change, this materialization occurs. Positive thoughts seems to “fly away”, and negative thoughts seem to glue themselves to mental body and also to energy channel’s mouths. If asked, spirits talk about this phenomenon openly. This materialization of our negativity has huge impact on human life, and death does not end it! The  uncle Yuri story shows how far goes the impact of negativity, and it may explain why all known to us religions stress the same thing — the virtue of calm and positive thinking!  I asked Yuri to continue his story.

Y: – Tatyana, I cannot speak about it now. Your grandmother asked me to pass you her greetings, and also some of her advises. She said that you do not have to beat your head against the wall. Because, everything you need will be given to you. Believe, relax, and it will come …She is telling me the same. … My problem is that inside of that ugly visions what I see in front of me, there is something moving always.

Yuri: — It looks like a dark thundercloud containing mud and dirt with always moving maggots in it.  And this dark cloud is always seeking you out, accompanying you, and you cannot get rid of it. Sorry talking about the nasty side of the story. You asked about it, and this is just what you’re asking, and I was told that nothing could be changed! And I had chosen to lie about it to cover up that shame, and people see through my lies, and make fun of me. In   public places, it seems to me that I am naked. 

Yuri: — In whole, it is a terrible vision of the war in front of you at the level of the stomach and up to the heart. This is not a belt, but it goes ahead of you and you want to get rid of it, you see pus, and it seems that sick screams have stuck in that dirt and pus. Now I know, that beyond the mental body the heart and the throat all carry debris that block the influx of cosmic energy.

T: – Do you see it all the time, or there are some breaks in seeing it?

Y: – I have not even tried to let it go, I do not say that nothing can be done. But if you reveal me some methods how I can get rid of it, I’m going to be treated. I do not want to continue dragging this burden along through eternity, you know what I mean?  What did you do with your garbage? You had a plenty of it, but now your burden had diminished significantly. How did you do it?

T: – I will tell this later, do not switch the attention from you to me!  Maybe you want to add something?

Y: – When I’m drunk, I just do not see it, I’m going to a different vibration, so we are all here trying to escape this view as often as possible. When we were in that cursed abandoned house where we suffered, and prayed God, and cursed God, and getting drank from vodka we blasphemed rotting alive, but our souls were still sitting in our doomed bodies, taking in everythingwe did or say, until pain, finally, got us!

I wanted to say that pain is not a cleanser from sins, as some think! They do not know what they are talking about. The pain is the most terrible “sinner”, a monster! Or call it a monstrous entity, you name it!  The dark cloud contains graphicly  the consequences from blasphemy that came from our gangrena pain, all our drunkenness sits now in my horrific visions which are attached to my mental body in the 3rd chakra area.

Tatyana: I have to interrupt Yuri’s story again. I recall that Elvis was speaking from the spirit world that after the transition he had to help  OD folks who suffered from the impact of terrible visions after transition. Elvis tried to cut out these visions surgically  establishing for himself the surgeon’s career in some future lifetime. Regrettably, at a time when Elvis spoke about it, I had no idea what he was talking about. Thank God, i wrote it down without asking any questions, Now it gives me a channce to reread  his words and introduce them to reader with better understanding what Elvis was talking aobut. Pay attention to one undisputable detail: the soldier who died from horrific  pain  caused by untreated gangrena and visions of drug addicts look  similar. Both kinds of visions are hard to tolerate!  In other words, these visions have no “moral consideration”. By the way, in the book “Prisoners of Fame” Paramahansa Yogananda hints to it. And we will have reasons to read and learn from his comments about impact of negative thought forms on soul’s life in subtle world over and over again.

Y: — When I stay with my mother, it somehow helps to drag my visions along. At mama Luba’s home, there is less shame, there is something to pacify the pain from suffering.  But as soon as I leave my mother’s place, the emotion of being ashamed of myself returns  with vengeance!  If you find anything how  to handle this, tell me, and it will help me!

T:  According to a guru advise, I create an imaginary fire in the middle of my room. I ask Yuri to throw his painful visions into this imaginary fire and watch, if it would burn them to ashes?

Y: — I got some of it into fire! The pain unwinds in form of rotten bandages. Falling in fire, they are raging.

T: –Will it help Yuri?

Y:– There are no end to these bandages. I have to continue another time. Tatyana, I’ll go get drunk and forget myself, I cannot look at them anymore right now!

th9 Besieged Leningrad, the photo of an unknown soldier, one of the millions who died or got crippled in that war.


Different Lives – Same Consequences in Afterlife. Story 1

 BackCoverPortrait-Tanika From the Author Tatyana Elmanovich:  After your transition, your negativity materializes in a way that cannot care less about your nationality, the color of your skin, your social status, are you rich or poor, and how do you pray, or you do not pray at all, or if you were on earth a lucky guy, or a victim or the terrible circumstances . This materialization is a Great Equalizer, it seems to act totally automatically, despite having huge impact on the souls’ destiny both on earth and in heavens. And the question is why the knowledge about it had been buried in various secret societies, and why today some mediums, like myself, are encouraged by their guardian angels to blog about it. On Earth people do not see the actions of The Great Equalizer (GE) , or what is going on with their mental body near their Solar Plexus chakra, or the survival chakra. However, after The Great Transition, or death, in the new environment with different vibrational frequencies your spirit will see a dark and non removable “cloud” in front of your tummy. Let’s give it a name. Let it be The Tough Equalizer. Trying to prove the point I decided to utilize my knowledge of three languages, English (my “second” language learned during my  27-year stay  in USA), Russian (mother tongue) and Estonian (as good as mother tongue), and speak to spirits who had human experience in very different countries, in the USA, turbulent Russia and small Estonia. Also we will recall some corresponding saying spilled by celebs in my previous book “Prisoners of Fame”.

lfdecreased-resolution     Leslie Flint:  They called him “the last great direct voice medium.”

Leslie Flint (1911-1994) spoke about his work in  the book “Voices in the Dark. My Life as a  Medium as told to Doreen Montgomery” ***
“Speaking about his work, he said: “I am a medium, and I do my work by sitting wide awake in total darkness with other people. I have a rare gift known as the independent direct voice. I do not speak in trance; I need no trumpets or some other paraphernalia. The voices of the dead speak directly to their relatives or friends and are located in space a little above my head and slightly to one side of me. They are objective voices which my sitters can record on their own tape recorders to play later in the privacy of their own homes. Sometimes those who speak from beyond the grave achieve only a whisper, hoarse and strain, at other times they speak clearly and fluently in voices recognizably their own during life.”    

The Excerpt from the book “Prisoners of Fame,” 2014

Leslie Flint speaks about The Equalizers effect on human life   

TE: — Soon I picked up on more hints about things we know very little about. Stars dropped a word here and there about problems with their personal spiritual bodies. It seemed that somehow the human mental body* and thought forms* were connected, perhaps tightly connected. I asked whether Leslie Flint wanted to elaborate on this phenomenon as well.

LF: — Good question. Now we will get somewhere. This applies to everybody — to the celebrity and to the elevator operator; to a cook as well as surgeon; to the president and to the president’s security guard, wife, mistress, and his cleaning lady. This is what equalizes all of us — the mental body, the cloak made from our individual miscarriages and an underdeveloped intelligence. I apologize for being so strict and rude. I get mad when I think about all the stupid things that I did during my long stay on earth, and how much trash I carried around. Then instead of leaving it all behind me when I died, I brought it all over to the other side! Yes, here I worked truly hard to ease this burden.

T: — How? What did you do?

LF: — Mostly by doing nothing but relaxing, as in some double or triple meditation while bathing in flows of light. I remember, I said to Vladimir* during our first meeting that I was still resting, listening to music and enjoying paintings. I expected you to ask, “Mr. Flint, are you sure, you are not tired from resting so long? There are limits to doing nothing, but listening to music and enjoying art.” But you are a polite person, and you did not ask something like that. Of course, I detected that these kinds of thoughts flashed through your head. “Mr. Flint, isn’t the six-year period since your transition long enough for a nice rest?” Of course, at the time you did not know about thought forms, even though you had your suspicions that I was holding back some information.

I listened to music and enjoyed art for a purpose — to intentionally cleanse myself via deep relaxation. Here is a significant difference between a Hollywood celebrity like Cary Grant or Elvis Presley and a medium such as myself. I recall, we already spoke about this difference. A medium serves people, while a painter thinks that he serves, but in reality, he serves only his ego. That is why, coming here, Elvis had to serve by working with souls who died from a drug overdose. And Cary Grant is still roaming around in search of stuck souls and helping them to go to the Light.

T: — Do you see what you are releasing during your deep relaxation sessions trying to release your “stuff”, as you call it?

LF: — Sometimes I stop looking, but in general, yes. I see darkness of halls and various other séance rooms, and faces — faces of strangers that seemed to eat up the last oxygen from my space… I was aware that I had to get rid of my stuff in order to reach the desired level of recognition as a painter in my next life on earth. I desire and intend to reach the level of a successful professional. If a guy’s mental body is full of shit, he is not going too far. So, I “listened to music.” And I did deep relaxation exercises.

T: — My last question is, if we start talking about it, how will it concern mediumship, spirit communication, and how will it change the role of mediums?

LF: — What a question! In the present way mediumship brings money, it will continue for quite a time. Let them do their business! On earth, there are still many billions of people who need to be educated! But the more inquiring minds among mediums will take advantage of the chance to differentiate what they get from their egregores and what they get from spirits.

T: ― Do we receive lots of evidences from vitals, group spirits, egregores — you name them?

LF: ― Not always, but sometimes we do. A young medium will have a hard time differentiating one from the other.

LF: ― The idea will be to raise the level of truthfulness. The higher the level of truth, the less is the amount of waste that our mental bodies create, and consequently, there will be less garbage to clean up in the afterlife.

T: — Please, give an example of how that will work?

LF: — There will be thousands of ways of doing it. Instead of telling the sitter that his dead father regrets the drunken beatings and asks for forgiveness, the medium will, possibly, explain to the sitter why it is so important to the dead father to be forgiven by his son whom he beat up while drunk. In the afterlife, this father cannot get rid of self-deprecating pictures that the son is beating him up. Only his son’s forgiveness can stop this endless punching. You cannot imagine how many things will be done differently, when we move closer to truthfulness.

Something tells me that we have to stop here. My dear, you have to have some rest. Thank you for your great tea.

T: —How to raise the level of truthfulness? One more example! Please!

LF: —This is crucial for the survival of humanity. This is why the old knowledge about thought forms is coming back to serve us. Look around, everybody is lying, and we are lying to ourselves. Think about the damage that marketing has done to America! Oh, do not start me on that! It is more than we can talk about right now. Make the work what you have written so far.



medium-seal-500x500 A Word about JVP School of Mystical Art that
Touted Me To Trust My Intuition 

In 2015 I signed up for on-line classes of Master James Van Praagh’s School of Mystical Arts: The Courses of JVP Psychic and Intuitive Certification Level1 and The JVP Mediumship Certification. I did not want to demo spirit communication publicly, as I have some limitations that will not allow me to do it successfully (like my learned English, for instance!) My goal was to develop, activate and make work my channels of intuition and spirit communication for writing about spirit communication. Along the way I found out more than I was bargained for…  The book is in making. This post will give is a brief look into that book!

What I can say about the JVP on-line courses! It was a tense study, when I was told to take a seat in front of a mirror and check out how my chakras work, I thought that James is slightly exaggerating, so to speak!  But I did sit there, in case, and I could not believe when colorful pictures of my chakras started to show up in the mirror! I got back my self-esteem as a psychic, I learned to trust my intuition—JVP made out of me the person able to develop. I learned to love the TEACHER in James Van Praagh who, in my case did incredible work supporting the writer in me not by reviewing, not giving the connection in publishing world, but opening new channels in me for this kind of work! There cannot be a more valuable gift that a teacher can bestow on his disciple! Now I am not reporting what OTHERS say about spirit communication, I write about my own experience as a spirit communicator, what is so much more interesting and valuable!

a brief insight into the new book’s subject!

As a medium, I had the chance to report on various spirits’ revelations regarding “terrible conditions” of their mental body what they discovered immediately after coming to senses after the transition from life on earth to life in the astral world.

Also, as a medium, I asked them for a favor to describe the condition of my mental body, how they see it. Their description gave me idea to try to cleanse my mental body on my own. Soon enough, I learned that this is possible, very much possible, and here is my honest and simple report how I have done this so far.  Feel free to copy this report and try to use it for yourself! If you have time, send a note about it to my e-mail account

One has to start with meditation. Say, today, I have already chosen a specific problem to work on. Say, I am jealous on my friend who has achieved so much more than me, working lesser than me! I already know that this negative feeling of jealousy will produce so called gluey thought forms which will land onto the surface of my mental body, clog it, and clogging will impair my will and good luck in everything!

First, a few words about meditation – if you skip this step, nothing will happen and you will not advance with cleansing of your mental body what is truly crucial and important for your health and money luck – for your well being.

So, I start meditation: I relax and try stop the automatic mind talk to yourself about nothing. I concentrate on breathing until I see light behind my closed eyes. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes, until the ocean of golden, violet or completely transparent colorless energy waves will fill the mind space behind the closed eyes. Now my mind has a workable connection with LIGHT, and I can proceed earnestly!

I “speak” to Light, asking to show me my problem as a symbolic vision in my 3rd eye world. I ask for a particular symbolic reflection that would show me my particular problem that I had chosen to work on today! Say, this problem would be the feel of doom that I will never ever resolve my money problems.  Or I have to work on my believe or conviction that I am too fat, too old, too stupid to have a love affair, to have a husband, children, family, because everybody around is smarter, more successful than me! You know the names of these problems by heart, as they are on the list of every decent healer and you have tried to be healed by almost everyone of them!

Now, for a change, try to heal yourself with your own means stashed into your psyche by ALMIGHTY HIMSELF in the process of creation the human race, as we know it today! You are wired to heal yourself. All you have to do is to believe that your Creator have made you to be happy, prosperous and loveable! Fill your entire heart with overflowing love vibes no matter how strong winds are blowing around you!

Let go back to our meditation session. Now, be sincere, because during this work your honest look at yourself and your problems will be you most valuable currency, the only currency that Light will accept!

My friend, now in spirit, Estonian doctor and healer Luule Viilma suggested also to ask forgiveness from your body for producing negativity like jealousy and allowing it to cripple your body decades before your recognized its existence in your psyche!

In my case, LIGHT gave a symbolic picture of my problem, say, jealousy as a dark gray mountain of some industrial residue!

Now, this is your work to move that mountain out of your holographic selfie!

Remember, you cannot work with that mountain directly, but you can work with its symbolic picture and destroying the picture, you will destroy the “mountain” itself, despite its strong and threatening look!

With the aid from the power of thought, I ask LIGHT to accept my “package” and receive it, and melt it, erase it, make it disappear in the GOLDEN LIGHT.

And LIGHT accepts the nasty “package” with images of numerous manifestations of my jealousy that I have created without knowing or thinking that this will harm my life. I ask LIGHT while erasing my corresponding negative thought forms TO SEND ME BACK MY CLEANSED ENERGY! And LIGHT obliges again and again and again, giving me back my cleansed energy!

LIGHT loves you, LIGHT works for you, LIGHT slaves for you! 

Find right words to THANK LIGHT for this invaluable, incredible work on your behalf worth be named a miracle of creation! And it will cost you absolutely nothing but about 30-60 minutes of daily meditation that you have to squeeze into your busy schedule… Sorry, not to squeeze in, but organize your schedule around the universal healing meditation as frequently as you can.

Why is this so? Each  expression of our negative intentions, thoughts, emotions, and actions leaves a receipt in form of a gluey thought form on the surface of your mental body.  A lot of such “receipts” clog the mouths of our channels that steam non-stop cosmic vital energy into your energy system. But clogging diminishes the quantity of energy that you get through these cosmic channels, and you become weaker, and weaker and weaker… and when the clogging is complete, the death mercifully relieves us from our misery!

… Why these thought forms has to be destroyed? They can only exist at the expense of your vital energy. These thought forms are “thieves,” because they either destroy you, or you destroy them, and there is no alternative to this dilemma. @!

One more time – The negative thought forms keep your energy in “captivity”, because they can only exist at the expense of your energy. “The idea of”, say, jealousy, may materialize itself, building the “body”, in other words, a corresponding thought form for jealousy out of your energy as a building material aka wood, concrete or plastic!

There are more to it, having some life in itself, it attracts other people’s jealousy into you psyche making you more jealous! Read the classic work of Annie Besant “Thought Forms”.

My personal experience. It took only one meditation and my jealousy was weakened significantly, some of it left my aura with the “roar”, and quickly … A lot of energy was sent back to me, and I took it in with deepest gratitude to God, Light and for such HELP –to UNIVERSE!

The return of cleansed energy gives you sense of victory over your weaknesses! And on the physical level this return cannot be missed or taken for something else!  You will recognize it, because it heals you and makes you stronger instantaneously!

However, if there is no return – – it is also recognizable without any mistake, it means that you either formulated you question wrongly, or you failed to open your channels, or you mistrusted LIGHT, and underestimated your problem!


Look at this picture, taken by permission from the great promo site of

Try to become a cat who would see in the mirror instead of the powerful and threatening lion – yourself and you will become a very strong and happy “cat”@!

P.S. Now you know what The Ancient Greek aphorism “gnothi seauton” “know thyself” truly means. It is also one of the Delphic maxims and was inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the center of Greek spirit communication! In Latin the aphorism is generally given as nosce te ipsum or temet nosce.