Who am I? The Spirit Message from P.Y.


Paramahansa Yogananda said, ” I like Stephen Davis’ book “Butterflies are Free to Fly”, it contains a promise, according to the subtitle, to offer a radically new approach to reality:  A New and Radical Approach To Spiritual Evolution.”

Did author deliver on the promise? I do not know. Coming from India, and having my life experience as a yogi, I am familiar to many interpretations of eternal questions like who am I, where I am coming from, and what am I doing here, in other words, what is my purpose, and why I live and what I am supposed to achieve, and why I fail and do not achieve any of it, and why everything what my body wants, beauty, money, cars and houses with pools and lawns do not make me as happy as I was supposed to feel achieving what most people want? Why I am growing old, die, why I betray the trust of God, my parents, and why my children are doing exactly same to me?

On earth I achieved enlightenment with the help of my guru Sri Yukteswar, and it happened in his presence. My experience has been described in the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” and I would not repeat it here.  The question is, did I become a better person, did I become a wiser person, and did I fulfill my mission on earth. Did my efforts make the earth a better place to live and growth?  I did not have any answers to any of these questions, and now, in my present world of dwelling I think that all these questions are false, empty and not enough sincere to provoke any sensible answers.  Let’s start with questions of all questions, ”Who am I?”

The Christian Bible says that God created human in his image, and consequently for a Christian there is only one answer, I am God’s child, God is my Father, and Jesus is my Shepard. And I think that instead of asking “Who am I”, Christians should ask, “Why I do not believe what my Bible says about my origin?”

Enlightenment has been considered the pinnacle of yogis’ growth. However, in my present world of dwelling I see that the moment of enlightenment was not a high point of achievements, but rather a new set of goals. How comes that I was so profoundly wrong in valuation of true worth of enlightenment, my ultimate goal of any yogi on earth?

Do we have to continue?  A Darwinist, who believe that over millions of years of evolution had mutated  a particular branch of monkeys into humans, may wonder why God allowed this to happen, as the final product, humans as a kind of advanced animals are now destroying its own environments of dwelling, the earth?

Why… Let interrupt our conversation here… Someday I will continue.