The Loose Page from a Medium’s Archive

I found it, I forgot it how I got it down… An artist asks to reduce the price $11 000 000. 00  for his artwork in the name of saving the famous icon for posterity:  the vibes of greed and aggression are RUINING it. Of course, the photo doesn’t do justice to this icon, but this is what we have here…  


Andrei  Rublev,  a Russian monk (1360-1430), the greatest medieval Russian icon and fresco painter, known also by his 15-year long silence vow, gave a surprise spirit message shortly after I published Berezovsky’s word from the other side that he did not commit suicide. Here is the message, partially written down in English, partially in modern Russian. Rublev took both languages out of my head, as highly evolved spirits can do! I created all English and another all Russian version. This is all English version, the Russian one is seeking proper place to be published.   

“Yes, I am Andrei Rublev; can you hear my strong Russian accent? Call me monk Daniil. In film “Andrei Rublev” he … was featured negatively and in spirit world it made him suffer. If you call me Daniil, it will quiet his pain…

May I switch to Russian? Or, let continue in English. It may be slow, but it will sound more believable. I did not kept silence for achieving fame, or special effects on people who would pray at this icon. And, of course, I was not able to foresee this greatly exaggerated monetary value that has been attached to my modest icon today. And the whole thing is outrageous … (the nasty dispute of the greedy, rude, uneducated collective of Russian present day church fathers, mostly former KGB informers or present day ФСБ agents) dressed in the Church garb who dance they dance of unlimited greed around this nice icon, once used by the same churches fathers as a board for pressure cabbage into sauerkraut.

At the beginning of 20 century, Russian patrons and critics were guided by certain spiritual forces to find this icon, and they found it and it was restored and the Church should leave this icon alone. Now is time to look for bold and honest art critics and art dealers who bring the greedy ones to senses, and reduce significantly the market price of the icon in question. (Trinity – T.E.). It will immediately cool the disputes, and they would back off, leaving the icon alone. The flows of horrible vibrations of greed and evil accumulate around this icon destroying it. However, in future, this icon has to play its role in restoring the sense of national identity. In Russia, it will happen for entire generation when the time comes to stop worshiping the devilish materialism and start seeking the human soul and heart instead. It will be the time, when souls of the brave who in December 1825 demanded to give Russia the Constitution and were hanged for it, return to their earthly home again.  It will happen, when souls capable to create and think and teach start coming back to Russia to overwrite the false truths of troubled times suggested by the present day souls’ deceivers …  That’s all I wanted to say. Declare me the ordinary painter!

Publish it! You made public the word of acquittal of a person (Boris Berezovsky) accused committing  suicide. Your publication turned out to be correct and effective, read by many. Do the same for my cause. I was able to reach you today, because you had worked all day with chakra energies.

In my time, I had my personal motives to take the vow of silence. Today you would say that I had political motives to declare “speaking strike”!  However, the reasoning was very personal, as a matter of fact. I was badly envied, I was envied by many, and there was no other choice left for me but escape into silence. We did not have a chance to flee to America, as it was not yet discovered by Europeans, and the land was not yet developed. In my time, I had truly hard time both spiritually and ethically living in the environment of a little-educated clergy. A group of monks hoped to instill hesychasm (a mystical teaching born in the Eastern Orthodox Church) as this teaching was expected to renew the Russian church spiritually. Already in that time our Church was failing to worship God, as it was shifting toward worshiping the worldly power instead. I was hoping to stop this tendency with my 15 year long silence, but this, of course, did not happen.

I leave you now, and return to Tarkovsky, as being both in spirit bodies we can, finally, talk. He will have to reconsider the Soviet interpretation of that era. There will be done a more truthful film in regard of its content and quality of the technical execution will be better as well. It will also reflect the true problems of the Russian church. The truth is that its leadership is no different from the leadership of the Catholic Church, both are equally deceitful.

I’ll be back in human body when the time of churches that burned scientists and innocent people will be over. However, who knows what kind of problems will bother humanity in future, and what they believe systems will be. No, I’m not coming back to Russia and I will not go to Tibet as well. Probably, I will be involved in attempts to restore the harmony between body and soul. How can it be done? How can body be included into search of spirituality? Nobody knew it in my time, and nobody knows it today, and how to find a proper start for such search… For example, I see that you have a typical problem of the century, when the soul flies high seeking God, and the body lags behind suffering the unpleasant symptoms of aging. The problem comes from overstaying on earth about 50 years or more! Who needs such life: you take three steps and stop resting, because you can’t help gasping.  I will stop my grumbling, I ask you to publish this!


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