Different Lives – Same Consequences in Afterlife. Story 3

BackCoverPortrait-Tanika  From the blogging medium Tatyana E: — Of course, an individual’s life on earth influences his or her afterlife, but human negativity cannot care less who you were on earth!  It does not care about your nationality, the color of your skin, your social status, are you rich or poor, do you pray, or not, are you lucky, or unlucky person. For many people, including rich and protected ones, the changes came as surprise and they had no time to adjust to new life. The next testimony comes from Andrey N, a young person, son of wealthy parents who was murdered by a highed killer in post-perestroika Russia.     


When the historic “Perestroika” (Rebuilding) that brought down the Soviet totalitarian regime, started to morph into “Perestrelka” (skirmish) people did not recognize the depth of the changes at once. Ironically, both names sounded alike, different were only to vowels in the middle of these long words. A Moscow actor Andrei, the hero of our story 3, was one of the casualties of this sad transformation of fight for freedom into hunt for becoming overnight rich and famous, oftentimes by the means of criminal activity.

Andrei: — I went down in a drunken brawl, I did not remember anything, my eyesight was gone, my consciousness was shut off during my last moments on earth. My alcoholism had hurt many people – for instance, my parents, who have pinned their hopes on me. In their eyes I was handsome like some Hollywood star. I attempted to write plays wanting to become a professional playwright. I knew I would make it in the theatrical business. But something was always blocking my road, and I could not understand, if it came from me, or it was built by some external circumstances. Perhaps, it came from that terrible atmosphere which was reining in theatres during the first decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The nineties turned into the terryfyingly lean years, and we were afraid of repetition of the Leningrad’s blockade during WWII. Many were scared and confused and embarrassed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, many tried hand in private business which was completely shut down by the Soviet regime that had killed all knowledge and experience how to run it as well. Some jumped into uncharted waters of privete enterprising . But I did not have that courage, that grip, which was demoed by some very independent individuals during switch from communist regime to the free market economy model.

But I was, in some sense, a product of mama’s desire to make me great. However, as soon as I tried to fulfill my mom’s expectations, and create something “great”, my plans bumped into unforeseen obstacles that I was not able to overcome, and I was in the midst of the ruins again. I started looking into producer’s profession.

T: — Did you have any realistic propects to raise some money for becoming a producer?

Andrei: — I think I had because I was able to persuade anyone, yes, acting talent was given to me, and I could convince anyone do anything I wanted effortlessly.

T: — Please, name some movies or stage productions where you have played some roles,  can we see your work?
Andrei: — It is not necessary, as it was time when they produced batches of terrible flicks in the spirit of Dontsova* and Marinina** type police stories. I left suddenly, no one was prepared, and I was mourned only by my mistresses and parents, because their hopes were crumbled to dust! The bitter irony was that already in afterlife I discovered being happy to be released from role become a great one! It is terrible to aspire to become famous. I knew you have gotten it completely  while working on “Prisoners of Fame”.

I will soon return back on earth, I will land back to Moscow, Russia. I believe I have learned  some during my short stay in afterlife as well. I planned to become  a drama and movie producer, as that world depends on producers. Actors are always changeable, there is always a Pete who wants the part, and if it is not Pete then Jack will do, and if something happens to Jack then there will be a Mary available, and in some 5 minutes they will rewrite the part adjusting it to the female character. If this happens to be a leading role, it would be OK as well! We will have instead of the hero, the heroine, and it may look more interesting after all!

I’ll reincarnate soon, and I beg them find me mother who will not make a prodigy of me! Mom’s vanity destroyed me. In theatre they hated me for my parents who arranged everything for me, and someone in my surrounding found the right dudes who mudered me!

I woke up in a puddle. Trying to get up I was convinced that I was drunk, but my head seemed surprisingly clear. I got up and looked around. I was in a place that reminded me the near Moscow area where they killed me. Then I was approached by a man, whom I did not recognize at first. He said that he was Pavel. He was my uncle from mother’s side. He said, “You’re still so young, you would have your share of life on earth, you left too early.

I noticed that there was not a single injury or wound on me. I was quite sober and confused. My uncle guided me to the place called Justice Hall. I was greated and prepared to face judges almost immediately. On that day there were no colletive  transitions, no catasrophes, nothing special, and judges were gald to deal with me. So, I did not wait long for my appointment. They looked at me with pity, but also with a good share of disgust, I could sense that they did not like me.

Someone spoke to me, perhaps, to encourage me, to stop my shaking from a terror of standing there and being judged by them. To me, they seemed like members of the Politburo of the Communist Party, whom we saw face to face when they stood on tribunes — above all of us — side by side during parades, like  Victory parade, or The October Revolution Anniversary parade, or Sport parade — to instill a doze of patriotism in us! A bunch of idiots was standing there, all in astrakhan and musquash hats not to catch cold in Moscow drafts. Someone among judges read my thoughts of being compared to members of  Commnist Party Politburo and  whispered it to his neighbor, and they laughed out loud, what dissipated the tensions and I obtained some hope that I would not be sent to hell for wakeless drinking and whoring, and instead, I would be assigned to some sort of re-educational rehabilitation center.

I tried to keep a lean face, which also caused laughter. On the screen appeared images, the formulas, who knows what and looking at all this mysterious movement on the screen, I got headache. They were soon done with me, as in my head, there were not many intrinsic brain convolutions, maybe one, sitting rather in my ass than in brain! For them I was as simple as some rotten stump!

They passed on me their decision. Then they showed some surprising mercy. They said, “If over there, the environment of given level would seem to you unacceptable, come back, and we will revise it under certain condition. You have to promise not to linger here long, because prolongation would only worsen your condition and make things more difficult for you. If your inention to become a producer is serious one, we can help with healing and look for a family with familiar life style for you. However, for this you have to give up drinking!”

I did not believe a word they said to me, especially about giving up drinking! But when I got to the level they gave me I shied away: it was the astral layer for drunks  and crippled invalides who crawled everywhere.

I endured my colleaugues for a short time and went back to the Hall of Justice. Everybody had forgoten me completely. In short, I looked around to whom to talk. Finally, I noticed a idle robot and approached him. It took a lot of explaining to make him understand what I needed here. He kept repeating, “Id numbner, please!” But I had no idea what what the ID number was. Finally, we found a human being. To my surprise, sinking into a row of boxes he found me. My ID number was so long that there was no way to memorize it. My folder was pulled out and I got my second appointment with judges. I decided not to leave the Justice Hall and settled in a corner of the waiting room. There I met some other folks who got a second Judgment Day because their found that the dwelling levels given to them were too low, and they deserved the better ones. Most received worse assessments, and they regretted snooping around for more and better as our peopole are used to do! I stood there being afraid to have an accidental drink and ruin my chances to improve my settlement. I was given everything, I was assigned for a treatment to a good hospital, and permission to be reborn in Moscow, but then Volodya turned up, and all this flew out of the window!

But God is merciful to drunkards and rogues like myself. I had my third meeting with judges and I was told that one more revision of the fate is available to me. I was offered a chance to reincarnate as a war correspondent when needed, because this occupation did not carry any drinking restrictions. The war correspondents’ life is too harsh to stay sober, so drinking was allowed. Volodya will be soon sent on earth and this will be his fifth forcible reincarnation attempt. This time it will not be aborted as the previous attempts were. Maybe we go together, if this would be possible, or close enough to meet on earth.

It is true that the mental body of the young peopel, who have died too soon, is in better condition than elderly people’s mental bodies. My mb and nearby 3rd chakra could be fine, if it would not carry alcoholism related signs. They are truly unbearably disgusting. If the drunkards would see these pictures and how “beautiful” their mental bodies are, they would drop dead  from shame and sober up for good!  I suggest to create a museum for mediums who can archive their studies. Believe me, after a couple of short years the Russian drunkenness would be a thing of the past!  .

T — Maybe it would make sens to pair the reports of drunkards’ true conditions with reports of conditions of informers, what would you say?

Andrei: — Escellent idea! Let them see that ruining other people’s lives will castrate their own lives, corcking up any chances for development, especially in subtle world, as the informers and denouncers would incarnate only as streat cleaners and janitors. In that lifetime, all other roads would be closed for them!







Different Lives – Same Consequences in Afterlife. Story 2

BackCoverPortrait-Tanika  The note from Tatyana, the medium: Of course, your life on earth influences your life in heaven, but the materialization of  human negativity cannot care less who you were on earth!  It does not care about your nationality, the color of your skin, your social status, are you rich or poor, and how do you pray, or you do not pray at all, or if you were on earth a lucky guy, or a victim of  terrible circumstances . This materialization of negativity is a Great Equalizer, it seems to act totally automatically, despite having huge impact on the souls’ destiny both on earth and in heavens. And the question is why the knowledge about it had been buried in various secret societies, and why today some mediums, like myself, are encouraged by their guardian angels to write about it. Let move to another testimony from a person who suffered death from gangrene in besieged Leningrad (known as Leningrad’s Blockade)  

When people keep quiet, dead speak up! 


After  the end of WWII, we received an official letter about my uncle Juri, a soldier’s death from liver failure in a besieged  Leningrad’s hospital. The spirit of Juri said that this was not true. 

The number of civilian casualties of Leningrad Blockade (September 1941 – January 1944) was big. Out of city 3,5 million people, only 700 000 lived to see the day when the siege was lifted. War battles were tense. General Zhukov led the Red Army major offensive. The president Roosevelt promises aid. The Soviet Winter counter-offensive came to a halt, after having pushed the exhausted and freezing German Army back 62–155 mi from Moscow. German “Operation Barbarossa” and Blitz Krieg failed. Ahead was a lasting war that would exchaust both sides.
Out of the backdrop of these war events, out of the ruins of seiged Leningrad, appeared a soul of a war casualty Yuri, my uncle, the wounded soldier, and here is his story how he died and what consequences it had on his afterlife.

Yuri: – You’re asking terrible things, you know, what happened to me, I died of gangrene caused by frost. The pain was indescribable.

T: – How long the torment lasted?

Y: – The army had forgotten us in ruins of an unheated building (damaged by bombardment) during winter time. We did not know, was it a former school, or a communal apartments, or maybe something else, what diffrence it made?

T: – How long it lasted, according to your calculations?

Yuri: – Probably not too long. We called to have someone to shoot us dead in order to free us from unbearable pain, but there was nobody around, nobody, not a single soul, and earlier the weapons were taken from us, so we had no means to shoot or commit suicide, or kill each other…

T: – How big was the group,  how many of you were there?

Y: – About eight men, I am not sure, I do not remember it clearly, maybe my brain refuses to recall!

T: – I hear anger in your voice. You started getting angry. Let it go, it is over, if you reincarnate, something like this would never ever happen to you!

Y: – It sits in me.

T: – Have you tried to release this?

Y: – I drink and use to become normal …

T: – Do you feel relieved when you finally left the body.  How was it?

Y: – At the end of the frost, I suddenly fell asleep, and it was a relief, and when I woke up, I was completely healthy, and I did not feel the cold anymore. And I thought I was completely recovered, but I walked and walked across a snow-covered plain, and suddenly I saw that I started to melt. And in front of me something threatening, looking as dark thundercloud carrying mud and dirt started to take shape.

Tatyana: Here I have to interrupt Yuri’s story. The reader may ask, what Yuri is talking abut?  However, this is exactly what Leslie Flint was talking mentioning his overloaded mental body clogged by materializations of his negative thoughts and emotions. We will talk more about it later, in following posts. On earth we did not see our thoughts, but then vibrational frequences change, this materialization occurs. Positive thoughts seems to “fly away”, and negative thoughts seem to glue themselves to mental body and also to energy channel’s mouths. If asked, spirits talk about this phenomenon openly. This materialization of our negativity has huge impact on human life, and death does not end it! The  uncle Yuri story shows how far goes the impact of negativity, and it may explain why all known to us religions stress the same thing — the virtue of calm and positive thinking!  I asked Yuri to continue his story.

Y: – Tatyana, I cannot speak about it now. Your grandmother asked me to pass you her greetings, and also some of her advises. She said that you do not have to beat your head against the wall. Because, everything you need will be given to you. Believe, relax, and it will come …She is telling me the same. … My problem is that inside of that ugly visions what I see in front of me, there is something moving always.

Yuri: — It looks like a dark thundercloud containing mud and dirt with always moving maggots in it.  And this dark cloud is always seeking you out, accompanying you, and you cannot get rid of it. Sorry talking about the nasty side of the story. You asked about it, and this is just what you’re asking, and I was told that nothing could be changed! And I had chosen to lie about it to cover up that shame, and people see through my lies, and make fun of me. In   public places, it seems to me that I am naked. 

Yuri: — In whole, it is a terrible vision of the war in front of you at the level of the stomach and up to the heart. This is not a belt, but it goes ahead of you and you want to get rid of it, you see pus, and it seems that sick screams have stuck in that dirt and pus. Now I know, that beyond the mental body the heart and the throat all carry debris that block the influx of cosmic energy.

T: – Do you see it all the time, or there are some breaks in seeing it?

Y: – I have not even tried to let it go, I do not say that nothing can be done. But if you reveal me some methods how I can get rid of it, I’m going to be treated. I do not want to continue dragging this burden along through eternity, you know what I mean?  What did you do with your garbage? You had a plenty of it, but now your burden had diminished significantly. How did you do it?

T: – I will tell this later, do not switch the attention from you to me!  Maybe you want to add something?

Y: – When I’m drunk, I just do not see it, I’m going to a different vibration, so we are all here trying to escape this view as often as possible. When we were in that cursed abandoned house where we suffered, and prayed God, and cursed God, and getting drank from vodka we blasphemed rotting alive, but our souls were still sitting in our doomed bodies, taking in everythingwe did or say, until pain, finally, got us!

I wanted to say that pain is not a cleanser from sins, as some think! They do not know what they are talking about. The pain is the most terrible “sinner”, a monster! Or call it a monstrous entity, you name it!  The dark cloud contains graphicly  the consequences from blasphemy that came from our gangrena pain, all our drunkenness sits now in my horrific visions which are attached to my mental body in the 3rd chakra area.

Tatyana: I have to interrupt Yuri’s story again. I recall that Elvis was speaking from the spirit world that after the transition he had to help  OD folks who suffered from the impact of terrible visions after transition. Elvis tried to cut out these visions surgically  establishing for himself the surgeon’s career in some future lifetime. Regrettably, at a time when Elvis spoke about it, I had no idea what he was talking about. Thank God, i wrote it down without asking any questions, Now it gives me a channce to reread  his words and introduce them to reader with better understanding what Elvis was talking aobut. Pay attention to one undisputable detail: the soldier who died from horrific  pain  caused by untreated gangrena and visions of drug addicts look  similar. Both kinds of visions are hard to tolerate!  In other words, these visions have no “moral consideration”. By the way, in the book “Prisoners of Fame” Paramahansa Yogananda hints to it. And we will have reasons to read and learn from his comments about impact of negative thought forms on soul’s life in subtle world over and over again.

Y: — When I stay with my mother, it somehow helps to drag my visions along. At mama Luba’s home, there is less shame, there is something to pacify the pain from suffering.  But as soon as I leave my mother’s place, the emotion of being ashamed of myself returns  with vengeance!  If you find anything how  to handle this, tell me, and it will help me!

T:  According to a guru advise, I create an imaginary fire in the middle of my room. I ask Yuri to throw his painful visions into this imaginary fire and watch, if it would burn them to ashes?

Y: — I got some of it into fire! The pain unwinds in form of rotten bandages. Falling in fire, they are raging.

T: –Will it help Yuri?

Y:– There are no end to these bandages. I have to continue another time. Tatyana, I’ll go get drunk and forget myself, I cannot look at them anymore right now!

th9 Besieged Leningrad, the photo of an unknown soldier, one of the millions who died or got crippled in that war.


My Chance to Be a Messenger

Sunday, May 8, 2016

On May 5, 2016, on the last day of the  “Out of Body Exploration Intensive (April 30 to May 06, 2016)
in Monroe Institute, Faber, Virginia, 22938 we received the instructions to simulate an OBE by pretending to have one while listening to the hemi sync’s sound.

Receiving permission “to pretend,” in other words, “to lie”, or ‘to make it up,” I imagined a conversation between my guide and me at a bonfire, the entire scene suspended somewhere in space. At the same time, an earthy voice advised start relaxing. Soon I felt light vibration on legs.  And my guide announced that, if I want, a flight to Mt. Kailash, the sacred site of Western Tibet is available. .

The north face of Mount Kailash


(Internet, the official description of this mountain: “A great mass of black rock soaring to over 22,000 feet, Mt. Kailash has the unique distinction of being the world’s most venerated holy place at the same time that it is the least visited. The supremely sacred site of four religions and billions of people, Kailash is seen by no more than a few thousand pilgrims each year. This curious fact is explained by the mountain’s remote location in far western Tibet.”)

Will I agree to see Kailash? Of course, I do! And before I know it, I was facing an entrance to library hidden inside that mountain. A small group of monks, no more than 6 people in orange garbs were there to greet us. I was asked, if I would be willing to sacrifice 5 young years of my next life to work in the Kailash’s department of old manuscripts? I, of course, exclaimed yes, yes, yes!

Then I was guided inside the cave into a dark room, and left there alone.  It seemed like experiencing a shift of space-time thing!  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Moving through dark space toward the door, I found myself into a hospital. Reaching the end of the hall I stepped into a specific room with the magnificent view behind the glass wall facing the ocean.

I was told that I was back in Monroe Institute in its future version.

Along the hospital glass wall, also facing the ocean, stood a row of special white beds, equipped as ICU (intensive care units) beds in a contemporary earthly hospital. Describing them, I recognized Mario, a fellow student of present OBE intensive workshop in one of these beds. Stupid me rushed to share this good news in my oral description of what I had experienced during present “lying” session. It sounded as excited good news, and we, the idiots, shared a sudden explosion of joyous laughter. In the middle of that laughter I felt an obstacle to continue, despite having seen way more than I had shared. The reason, why an invisible force made me to stop, became obvious later. At that moment, I stopped my description, and another student went on sharing of her experience during that last session of the Buhlman’s OBE Intensive workshop.

Let me continue now. The row of beds richly equipped with high tech devices stood backs against the white wall of the normal height (the height of the ceiling was higher than height of wall behind the beds) and the wires of various medical healing devices went through that wall into utmost important room behind the wall. There were “dental chairs” richly mounted with more high-tech units. There was one chair for every bed behind the separation wall.

What was happening in these “dental chairs” was not revealed to me.  The “connection” between the beds facing ocean view, and “dental chairs” backing these beds was neither clear or obvious, because the backroom contained one more row of mystical nature, as if backing the row of dental chairs and being inwardly connected to the row of beds with patients in them.

It was most hard to describe, as it seemed to be anti-technological “row”, or level, or part of the healing process. It visualized shamanic initiation. I saw twisted figures of ancient shamans caught in the moments of their painful and torturous initiations.

In order to find some way to describe what I saw, I got help from Mircea Eliade book “Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy”. This book has many passages from anthropological works based on authentic field researches conducted by Finnish and Russian anthropologists before the Russian revolution in 1917. Somehow the reports of these invaluable researches were found by Mircea Eliade in France.

Two excerpts from the chapter II. “Initiatory Sickness and Dreams” in the book “Shamanism” by Mircea Eliade. Pages 38-43.

“The shaman Ganykka told him (anthropologist Lehtisalo – T.E.)  that once when he was beating his drum the spirits came down and cut him in pieces, also chopping off his hands. During this time, his soul was in the sky, journeying with the Spirit of Thunder and visiting the god Mikkulai.” P.38

(In our language, the shaman describes his awareness of his multidimensional existence.)

“The Tungus shaman Ivan Cholco states (to anthropologist Ksenofontov – T.E.) that a future shaman must fall ill and have his body cut in pieces and his blood drunk by the evil spirits (saargi). These—which are really the souls of dead shamans—throw his head into a caldron, where it is melted with certain metal pieces that will later form part of his ritual costume.” P. 43

“Another Tungus shaman relates that he was sick for a whole year.  During this time, he sang to feel better. His shaman ancestor came to initiate him. They pierced him with arrows until he lost consciousness and fell to the ground; they cut off his flesh, tore out his bones and counted them; if one had been missing, he could not have become a shaman. During this operation he went for a whole summer without eating or drinking.” P.43

Experiencing described “pretentious” OBE during the last day of the Intensive” workshop, I did not grab the connection between the three visions – white beds facing ocean, the separation wall behind he beds, and the  row of “dental chairs” facing the separation wall; and the third row of wild shamans in torture, or visions of them, or cartoons of them and how this triose reflected or predicted TMI future.

Some help came from… Robert Monroe himself.

Robert Monroe

During departure, waiting for the van that would bring us to airport, I idled into TMI bookstore and bought the book by Ronald Russel “The Journey of Robert Monroe: From Out-of-Body Explorer to Consciousness Pioneer”.

On the page 106 I found a reminiscence of Robert Monroe saying “I have a tiger by the tail, and I do not know what to do with it.”

It was said despite intensive work on creating various healing and development programs, their improvement and searching of new venues on applying, taming, maybe domesticating his own OBE world in order to share this with people who were anxiously searching access to their own souls. There were later dropped Mentronics program, and there were other programs live and well up to our days: Hemispheric Synchronization (Hemi-Sync), and “the best play Bob ever wrote,” the program called Gateway Voyager. According to Ronald Russel, up to the year 2006, more than twenty thousand individuals had taken six-day residential program. And there were Lifeline, Outreach and Going Home programs. In other words, Robert Monroe, the keen businessman, was working hard, testing and improving the practical application of human’s deepest desire to discover and develop their own individual spirituality. Monroe “left the building” in March, 1995.

Already year before his death he was aware that the transition is near. In January 1994, he “did not take the chair, yielding it to Dr. Suzanne Morris, a long-standing member of the board.” Ronald Russel continues: “Monroe outlined the changed structure of the Institute, commenting that the financial health of the nonprofit element was not good, adding that he was no longer able to subsidize it himself. While the Institute was never profit-oriented it had to become self-supporting, although he gave no clear indications as to how that could be achieved.”  P. 284.

I, as a medium, believe that the last OBE during the OBE INTENSIVE (April 30-May 6, 2016) was suggested by the soul of Robert Monroe. Of course, I have not slightest idea how he intended to engage the shamanistic healing for healing and helping fatally ill to overcome the fear of death. When the stupid me boasted seeing my group member Mario laying in one of these white beds in my OBE, I did not know the first thing about the life of Robert Monroe, about his friendship with Elizabeth Kübler Ross, his work with hospices. Now I understand that in my OBE I saw my fellow student in a white bed, probably hospice bed. Was he already carrying a deadly decease in his body? Are the shamans’ traditional initiation a twin brother or cousin of yogi enlightenment (liberation), or a relative of the awakened kundalini effect? This is not for me to decide. One thing is sure, Shamanic initiation, yogi’s liberation moment, Kundalini run up through spinal column releases immense amount of healing energy. Can it be that Robert Monroe thought about a chance to apply it for healing? And how is OBE entwined with shamanic initiation phenomenon?

This is not me who can answer these question. But I was used to forward given message to people who would know what to do with it, ignore or  apply for development of Institute future plans.














































































A Mysterious New Year Gift


What made me surf the Internet on January 1st, 2016? Why would I search for some  instruction for meditation on such day? I live 26 years in this country and have frequented numerous New Age websites. They use to start with some form of Buddhist meditation. Was I hoping to find something new and exciting in endless instructions scattered here and there all over the Internet?

dr Tan2 Almost immediately I found myself browsing Doctor Tan’s intrinsic web site. It encouraged to download and share given instructions for free. I downloaded Samatha meditation that stood out by exactness and professionalism of instruction.  In a week or two I revisited this web site intending to take advantage of the generous offer to proceed with downloads, but I learned that the site was taken down because of the untimely death of the grand master of acupuncture and teacher Dr. Richard Teh Fu Tan. He died on January 15, 2016. The coincidence that I found his site two weeks before he left the earth plane, invited to share his exclusive instruction that can help many to understand the true nature of meditation.



… Sit comfortably with the full intention of meditating. Otherwise the practice could be reduced to a routine chore. Before the start, take a deep sigh to totally relax one’s body. Then ascertain not to allow problems of the office, home or relationships, etc. to intrude during the period of meditation. Now assume the position, either in semi-lotus or sitting on the chair, and rest one’s hands on the lap. … Lastly, gently shut the eyes, and look at the back of the eyelids for a short while. Now take three deep breaths. During these three breaths, one notices that as you breathe in the abdomen moves out; and as you breathe out the abdomen moves in. After this the breathing must be normal for the rest of the session.

Then one should start feeling the sensations of the body. This is an inward journey, so that the mind does not go out externally. Start with the eyelids and then the nostrils. Feel the sensation at these points. What is the feeling at the nostril with the air brushing past it? Then go to the upper lip, and then the teeth inside. Stop for a moment each time to savor the sensation that is present at that location of the body. One can now move down to the neck, thence the shoulders. Are they hard and stiff? Then go down the arms, first the right then the left. The torso is next: the chest, the abdomen, the hips and down the thighs to the knees. Go further down along the legs and feet. Is there any tingling sensation? Are there any thrills or shivers? Then slowly move up to the head at the scalp and then the face. A few minutes are spent going through this process without hurry.

This process is not to relax the muscles, but to center oneself in the body. One need not go through every part of one’s body, but after some practice one will know when he or she has settled down inwardly. The mental and physical restlessness has now ceased. At this point, we stop looking at the feelings of the body. One can now come back to the breathing. At the nostril one feels the air going in and out. One can feel it at the opening of the nostril or at the upper lip. The breathing must be absolutely normal, and no control of the breathing is allowed. Do not count the breathing, as this procedure will dilute the concentration. One is actually feeling the air, and no imagination is involved. In order to prevent restlessness, one should only concentrate at one respiratory cycle at a time. Firstly, follow the inward inspiration ending with a pause. Then let the expiration come out naturally, also ending with a pause. That is all. Your goal is one respiratory cycle at a time and you have achieved it! Then one starts all over again with the next respiratory cycle, and so on until the end of the session.

However, before long, thoughts will start to appear. If one has problems they will surface with the first thoughts. If there are no worries or problems, memories of the past 24 hours or days will turn up. Then planning what to do in the near or distant future will come about. Finally, random associative thoughts may take place as a continuous revelry. All these thoughts must be forcibly stopped by repeatedly coming back to the breath. This is repeated hundreds of time during one meditation session. One must not get upset with one’s own mind, whose function is to think. It is like a mother walking with a toddler on the pavement along a very busy road. On the road many cars, lorries and buses are travelling at varying speeds, and if your toddler child were to be crushed by one of the numerous vehicles it could mean instant death. So it is the mother’s love and duty to repeatedly pull the child back from the road to the pavement. The child is like our concentration, which has to be pulled to the breath time and again. The mother who is shoving the child back to the pavement cannot be upset with the child, because she loves him and the child does not know better. After practicing for many weeks or months, there will come a time when the thoughts will become less and one can stay with the breath for longer periods. Thoughts are either pictures situated at the middle of the forehead or mental chatter at the ear. Either the pictures or the chatter will predominate. To one person mental chatter or commentary is the bugbear; to another, mental pictures are the source of distraction. No matter which type it is, repeatedly coming back to the breath will reduce the thoughts in due course. Just concentrate on one respiratory cycle at a time.

Gradually stillness and silence will start to appear. In stillness, not only is one’s body to be still, but so are one’s thoughts must be still. That means one’s thoughts must not travel anywhere at all, not even to the neighbor sitting next to you. The attention must only be with the breath. This is the true meaning of stillness. Silence means no mental chatter or commentary. The silence is internal. Externally, there may be noises, which should not bother the meditator at this stage of progress.

So with this internal silence and stillness, one’s awareness is greater and sharper. One is more aware of the slightest movement or noise in one’s environment. However, one’s one-pointed concentration is still at the breath.

Before one started the session, the breathing is predominantly from the chest. Then as one goes deeper into alpha and theta states, one’s breathing becomes more and more abdominal. The breathing is also slower: from the normal 20 respiratory cycles per minute, it may slow down to 16 or 14 cycles per minute. Some of the yogis in India who practice pranayama (controlling one’s breath) may even reach 1 or 2 cycles per minute, but we are not practicing pranayama. Our method is anapanasati. As one becomes more one-pointed, happiness, joy, bliss, calmness and tranquility will start to creep in imperceptibly. It will come to a point when the meditator becomes addicted to his meditation. This is a good sign, but even this harmless addiction has to be broken off at a later date, because very little wisdom can accrue from this calm and bliss. Insight (Vipassana) meditation will then have to be practiced.

One final technique in this method is to separate a ‘watcher’ in our consciousness to watch all the activities that are being enacted. The ‘watcher’ is merely the same pure awareness that is behind all our thoughts. It is our true self (soul). It is that silence and stillness without thoughts. Therefore, let this ‘watcher’ keep reminding oneself of the fact that one is sitting here, in this room on the cushion or carpet. Only 10% of the awareness is given to this task. The remaining 90% is used to concentrate on the breathing, and the distraction by thoughts. This ‘watcher’ is separate from the body, the emotions and the thoughts.

With this separation, one’s negativities will affect one less. ‘It is this body that is suffering these emotions and thoughts, not I. I am not my thoughts, I am not my emotions, I am not my body.’ This watcher is not involved; the watcher does not judge, nor reject or accept any thoughts or emotions. It just knows and does not take sides: it is non-dual. With this watcher it is much easier to arrive at stillness, at which stage we are silent, but we are still left with one single thought, namely the breathing. This is one-pointedness. There is now no sadness, no pain or any other form of suffering; there is just the breathing. The meditator and the breathing have become one!

To summarize, one sits in a semi-lotus position or in the chair. Then one heaves a sigh of total relaxation of the whole body in one fell sweep. Take three deep breaths, after which the breathing should be normal throughout the meditation session. Then see that the torso and neck are straight with the head looking straight ahead. Shut the mouth with the tongue pressed against the palate. Then gently close the eyes. Briefly look at the back of the eyelids. Then spend a few minutes feeling the sensations all over the body one area at a time. Feel the tingling and the vibrations. Feel the movement of ‘chi’ at different parts of the body. While one is concentrating on the body, one is at the present moment. Having established some form of calmness, separate a watcher in the consciousness to observe the body and the mind. The technique of this mindfulness of breathing is to merely concentrate on one inspiration and expiration at a time. Thoughts are forcefully pushed away as they arrive. Keep on coming back to the breath repeatedly, until one day, silence and stillness are achieved. Then stick to the one-pointedness as long as one can. This is briefly the practice of Samatha.

Who am I? The Spirit Message from P.Y.


Paramahansa Yogananda said, ” I like Stephen Davis’ book “Butterflies are Free to Fly”, it contains a promise, according to the subtitle, to offer a radically new approach to reality:  A New and Radical Approach To Spiritual Evolution.”

Did author deliver on the promise? I do not know. Coming from India, and having my life experience as a yogi, I am familiar to many interpretations of eternal questions like who am I, where I am coming from, and what am I doing here, in other words, what is my purpose, and why I live and what I am supposed to achieve, and why I fail and do not achieve any of it, and why everything what my body wants, beauty, money, cars and houses with pools and lawns do not make me as happy as I was supposed to feel achieving what most people want? Why I am growing old, die, why I betray the trust of God, my parents, and why my children are doing exactly same to me?

On earth I achieved enlightenment with the help of my guru Sri Yukteswar, and it happened in his presence. My experience has been described in the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” and I would not repeat it here.  The question is, did I become a better person, did I become a wiser person, and did I fulfill my mission on earth. Did my efforts make the earth a better place to live and growth?  I did not have any answers to any of these questions, and now, in my present world of dwelling I think that all these questions are false, empty and not enough sincere to provoke any sensible answers.  Let’s start with questions of all questions, ”Who am I?”

The Christian Bible says that God created human in his image, and consequently for a Christian there is only one answer, I am God’s child, God is my Father, and Jesus is my Shepard. And I think that instead of asking “Who am I”, Christians should ask, “Why I do not believe what my Bible says about my origin?”

Enlightenment has been considered the pinnacle of yogis’ growth. However, in my present world of dwelling I see that the moment of enlightenment was not a high point of achievements, but rather a new set of goals. How comes that I was so profoundly wrong in valuation of true worth of enlightenment, my ultimate goal of any yogi on earth?

Do we have to continue?  A Darwinist, who believe that over millions of years of evolution had mutated  a particular branch of monkeys into humans, may wonder why God allowed this to happen, as the final product, humans as a kind of advanced animals are now destroying its own environments of dwelling, the earth?

Why… Let interrupt our conversation here… Someday I will continue.

Mediumship & Patience

Case 1. Did Boris Berezovsky commit suicide, or was he murdered?  

As a practicing medium, one of the most intriguing spirit messages that I had received was the spirit message from Boris Berezovsky, who died in London in Mach 2013. He came through for a spirit talk on August 13, 2013.

Berezovsky 2
Boris Berezovsky

… was a Russian business oligarch, government official, mathematician and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, one time one of the richest people on the the planet, and the first super rich of the new Russia. I was an average medium, former Estonian film critic, in other words, an immigrant, or exile, depending how to look at my situation. Of course, Berezovsky and I were complete strangers, our paths had never crossed, and I had no knowledge about his life or career, or circumstances of his death.

But I was a Russian speaking medium who had lived in the United States long enough to become an impartial onlooker of boiling political intrigues in Russia. However, my neutrality had its downside as well.  I was not able to find any evidence or confirmations to his spirit statements. He said one thing, media said another thing. He said he did not commit suicide, but the media said he did!

The pressure of the media was strong: Russian, English and America media, especially Forbes Magazine, parroted what Russian media was spreading around. Forbs magazine claimed non-hesitantly, I would say, aggressively, that Berezovsky was impoverished and depressed because of loss of all his money, following a bitter £3 billion high court battle against Roman Abramovich. International media chorus announced loud and clear that he committed suicide, because he was found with cord around his neck.

In the name of mediumship’s integrity I decided to keep the spirit message intact, as I received it. My consideration was simple: I was too old and not famous enough to get in trouble. So I can afford the luxury to pursue the honesty in my recording. I do not know, and do not have to know, if he committed suicide or not.  My duty to Spirit was not to take sides, not be influenced by politics, media frenzy, but  try to record Spirit message as close as possible, listen carefully, and write it down as accurately as I can.

I posted my recording of Berezovsky spirit monologue on my blog in English and Russian languages, and later added it into my book Prisoners of Fame, a collection of spirit messages from former celebrities.

If I had any cautionary doubts regarding publishing the message they evaporated when I understood why the oligarch was seeking for a medium. He needed to send out the word, especially to Jewish communities in New York and Los Angeles that he did not commit the suicide. He was a Jew, and he did found a way to say it in the most discreet way. I recalled that Judaism considers suicide a gravely sin. And under the pressure of international media shameful allegations about the suicide Berezovsky attempted to make his voice to be heard that he did not consider himself to be an angel, but he did not consider himself a coward either.  Definitely , it was not his time to leave the battlefield called life via cowardly act of suicide. Yes, he lost a chunk of money to Abramovich, but was murdered when he prepared to present new rebuttal evidences to the court challenging its decision in favor of Abramovich.

An excerpt from Berezovsky’s spirit message: “Yes, I lost the shameful lawsuit to Roman Abramovich. He wanted my money, and the judge gave it to him! Nevertheless, I covered the trial expenses and still remained Berezovsky. I had a plan how to replenish my savings. Money was not the object, or reason, or anything that would push me over the edge.

Love, sex and woman…. The press has paid enough attention to my private life. I was no Don Juan; however, I loved beautiful women, and they loved me back, and I had no problems in this department either. I had some power and control issues, but none of them would make me to commit suicide. I saw the loss of a significant amount of money in court as an exciting challenge, no more.  I was eager to search for new business deals; I would begin with the stock market research, my hopes were up and it was as if becoming young again. Instead of succumbing to depression I could not wait merging into business life in the Western Hemisphere. Why I would commit suicide, think of it! Making money was my profession, and this was the only thing that I would do professionally.

Russian and English clairvoyants warned me about the plots to murder me. Maybe the lawyers of Abramovich were running against the time to avoid my counter lawsuit. If I would have time to prepare properly the documentation, I would build a strong case. Could I still lose the second time? I think I would not. I had clear sight how to make back my lost three billion dollars. Moreover, I came to an understanding that I do not need so much money after all! I realized that peace of mind was more valuable commodity than money. I had discovered many incredible things available for exploration in the free world like the ancient history with topics that have enticed humanity through eons, like Sphinx, the Giza pyramid, Stonehenge, Bolivian Andes. I wanted to know more about Shakespeare, who he was, and why he decided to hide his identity. I wanted to know more about myself, who I was, and what were my past lives? Which one of my earlier incarnations led to this lifetime; why I was chosen to earn all that money, and what I was supposed to do with it, and why I was stuck in relationship with Caucasian nationals, and why I had to bring Putin to power? Who was I under the mask of a Moscow lucky Jew?”

When I published it, there was not a single clear evidence confirming any of his spirit statements. Miraculously, in a year the first validations of truthfulness of Berezovsky’s spirit monologue started to pop up in the various Internet publications. Of course, non of them was made to support my Spiritualist recording, every one of them had it own agenda, and it made them most valuable as the source of evidences and confirmations.  A couple of days ago, on the Russian you tube, I noticed a  video “Смерть Бориса Березовского” — “Death of Boris Berezovsky”, TV program “Момент истины” — “Moment of truth” by Andrei Karaulov* posted on January 12, 2014. The video revised the suicide allegations passionately. The author and the host of the program Andrei Karaulov visited all available sources in order to check out the financial situation of Berezovsky.  He found out that at the time of the oligarch’s death, his accounts carried about 1.5 billion dollars. Hardly the reason to commit suicide! So, Berezovsky’s spirit words that “I paid the court the expenses and still remained Berezovsky” were true!  Karaulov also found out that before his death, Berezovsky signed two promising business deals. In other words, Berezovsky  declaration that he couldn’t wait to expand  his business activity in Western world were also true.

According to English and American spirit communication traditions, a medium was expected to confirm twice the accuracy and reliability of the spirit message that he or she was bringing through. I believe, we did it right now!  However, this is not the end of the story.

I would never know what made me to surf the Internet today. But I did it, and stumbled upon a fresh e-page of Daily Mail.com**, an UK electronic newsletter from November 22, 2015.

“Exiled Oligarch Boris Berezovsky was murdered because he was about to hand Putin evidence of a coup plot, claims former head of security…” by Will Stewart

The title was followed by the article’s synopses:

  • Sergei Sokolov says he doesn’t believe Russian tycoon took his own life
  • The 67-year-old was found hanging at ex-wife’s Berkshire home in 2013
  • Berezovsky had evidence of plot to topple President Putin
  • Sokolov claims Russian tycoon was killed by Western security services 
  • An outspoken critic of Putin, Berezovsky had sent him ‘repentance’ letter

 Sergei Sokolov, the source of Will Stewart’s information, was head of the Atoll security agency, and worked for Berezovsky from 1994 to 1999.
If I ask why Sokolov  kept his mouth shut two years ago during the investigation of Berezovskoy’s death, I would sank into the depths of International spy world, or land onto battlefield of big business competitors, but this is the last place where I want to be.

Nevertheless, according to Sokolov, “Berezovsky’s murder was prepared for several months. It was a brilliant operation by the secret services. “You decide: Berezovsky had a house …. round the clock security, CCTV cameras around the house. A fly would not make it. And on the day of his death all the security guards vanished, CCTV cameras were switched off for some reason, although they are placed every 100 meters. It is likely that not only MI6 took part in this operation but also CIA. There were people around Boris who were recruited by these secret services, including some of his guards.”

The Daily Mail stresses again that the theory came from Sergei Sokolov, who now disputed the version of British police that the ex-billionaire took his own life. He alleged that Boris Berezovsky was killed because he was preparing to give Vladimir Putin evidence of a plot involving leading oligarchs to topple the strongman in a coup.

As a medium I stop here. I have read enough! Of course, I am publishing these notes also for defending my own book that contains the original recording of Berezovsky’s spirit monologue. But I hope that this publication may encourage other mediums to trust the voices of the dead that come to us from afar. It truly does not matter, if the message cannot be proven at the moment when medium gets it. Especially, if the Spirit speaks about complex and controversial issues. Because the evidence may surface later!

dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3011021/     “Exiled-oligarch-Boris-Berezovsky-murdered-hand-Putin-evidence-coup-plot-claims-former-head-security.html#ixzz3s6fGPkNp
* “Момент инстины”  —  is Russian TV program’s channel 5 hosted by Andrei Karaulov.  It can be found also on  http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3rZ3DKoeiccjl-e-lams

**Daily Mai is considered a tabloid magazine, published daily. It is the biggest such publication in the U.K., with Ireland and Scotland editions. It is considered conservative and right-of-center, but folks from other countries such take note that those terms will likely mean different things in the U.K. than in, say, the U.S.

A “tabloid” magazine is very different from a magazine that uses “tabloid journalism” to obtain high readership. The one doesn’t necessarily include — or preclude — the other. That said, DM is not above sensationalist headlines that require further reading.

The Daily Mail has satirical articles — sectioned off from the rest of the paper — and editorial pieces, so be mindful that you’re not resharing an opinion piece as a factual piece, unless the article itself contains enough citations of authority to back said opinion.





The Lost Knowledge Regarding Cleansing Overloaded Chakra Points

coffee cup      The Conversation

June 17, 2015
T: — Cary, hello, did you enjoy coffee at this morning hour? What’s your take on the following simple question? Why so simple tool, as meditation for cleansing overloaded chakra points was lost, forgotten or hidden from people? I am sure that easy and effective ways of cleansing were  known by advanced seers, psychics, magi, shamans, alternative healers, members of secret societies always — back in past, and today alike.  As Leslie Flint put this, the knowledge has been fallen through the cracks. How comes? How it was lost or “forgotten” or hidden?  Something is fishy here. This loss can be compared with the sudden loss of knowledge how to make soap. Imagine our planet with out soap in some days from now…  But cleansing of chakra points may be even more important for freedom and well being of an individual.

Cary:  Ask your guides. I am worried by my slow progress in afterlife.

T: — Maybe you want to meet Gogol, this will be my gift to you. He has been through most challenging and  difficult and advanced incarnations. He knows so much more than he talks about. He revealed for “Prisoners of Fame”  that spirit has no means to help his or her overload around the channel’s mouths,  mostly around solar plexus and heart. The stuff restricting influx of cosmic energy can be get rid of only on earth. However, if spirit will find real work in afterlife, whatever it happens to be, it will completely change his career prospects on earth. In other words, it will change his or her destiny on earth, allowing to create successful career and happy personal life. Do you want to meet Gogol?

C:  — Of course, and I will share what he will get from him?

After about ten days, Cary told me the following.
Cary: — The issue in question was wiped away from the table of our opportunities when the preparation started to handle  upcoming uncontrollable growth of human population on earth. The corresponding knowledge was “forgotten” by the simple reason: inevitably, it would lead to loss of control over swelling human masses.  It was hidden so profoundly, that despite staying openly under the nose of all the great gurus through all the times on earth. They were blinded regarding it. For some reason, it looks that the time is near when these blinds has to be removed. As nature resources shrink, people have to be able to help themselves.

T: —  The removing of blinds started with revelations of video “Secret” ; it brought fame to the brave speaker and story teller David Icke, it comes through via  public’s extraordinary interest toward ancient occult knowledge all over the world.

Cary: — Now, the instruction to you, a specific one…  the rest of your life you will work only on this topic and nothing else.

September 21, 2015gloves      Gloves
More about the strange confrontation with a homeless lady  at 7 am on the cross of LaBrea and 4th street. Yes, the huge and shiny Lenin’s head in front of the Ice Museum, judges day and night the capitalism,  calling us, the runaways from socialist paradise, the traitors.  I reached the crossing line. A homeless woman was slowly pushing her heave overloaded cart on the same cross of the LaBrea and the 4th Street. She stopped close to me. And I couldn’t stop the temptation to tune in and look at her with my mind’s eye. Around her neck, there was a blackish-grayish misty “scarf” covered with fatty warms. I sent Light to her. But … of course, my  energy was not strong enough to make a difference. Light killed some warms only, this was all it did… How to help homeless, how to be sure that you are not taking over the sufferer’s energy, not being even aware of it?

Thomas: — My name is Thomas!  Golden girl! You are not ready to heal the homeless. I do not allow you to do it.  Continue doing readings, mostly for free…  Look at these gloves on my hands? Look what I gathered from your neck after you imagined that you had sent some to Light asking Light to melt them away? You took the worst thing possible onto yourself!  Look, I am tossing these gloves into LIGHT. Did you see it?
Tatyana: — I do.
Thomas: — Do you want me to ease your situation with a myriad of protective walls from many civilizations that you have built attempting to do the psychic and medium’s work?

Tatyana: I do. I suspect that the English gentleman Clive* was right asking, “Friends, protecting ourselves with invisible walls before psychic classes, collective meditations or healing session begins, against what we are protecting ourselves? I think, we protect ourselves against Light. Meditating, I see “grayish light” firstly quite a long time before it turns into gold, or shiny violet. Now I see a grayish Light”!

Thomas: — It is dust from eternity clouds! Wait! Now I made the dust to move!

Tatyana: — The golden Light was filling the space, and I was swimming in that Light!sunshine Thank you, Thomas for help!

*     http://www.soul-healer.com
Soulwork, self healing, self exploration & subtle & simulation argument evidence research & investigations.

Healing Session “3 in 1”

BackCoverPortrait-TanikaMy name is Tatyana Elmanovich.  As an astrologer, I have been busy 40 years, and as a medium I wrote my first book based on spirit communication in 1998, and energy healing came firstly as a by product of spirit communication. This year I was certified by James Van Praagh as a psychic and intuitive in his JVP School of Mystical Arts. And healing I learned from Barbara Martin on her courses of alternative healing.  So, what I can do for you in case, if you need my services?

During your call or request via e-mail tatyana.paide@gmail.com  I will ask for your DOB plus birth time, like Tatyana, 08-02-1934, at 8:30 PM in Paide, Estonia. When you come to visit me, I will have your astrology chart in front of me for detecting you most probable problems.
IN YOUR PRESENCE, I’ll contact your guides Guardian Angels asking being brought straight to your problem area, and the healing begins.  For instance, once I was guided to client’s ether layer, where cosmic channels appeared being clogged “up to the last point” and a being in black hooded cape with scythe was standing by already.  I did whatever was possible to free some space for “breathing in” prana. The client realized that she is better the next morning, giving me a surprising phone call and describing how she felt after healing session.

Another case: I was guided right away to the client’s heart chakra for putting out a fire of a burning wilderness in a lovely client’s heart… I felt more like firefighter than healer! Aura layers meaning

Lately I was shown a  dry oak tree (the entire clan’s traditions) in a very professional client’s ether body… We got them out, as it was time for them to go!

Oftentimes I have been guided to the clients’ Solar Plexus Chakra, or Survival Chakra to check out reasons of lack of prana energy (that brings money, love and overall well being). If chakra looks like a flower in hot desert, thirsty and ready to give it up for good, I have to find out what is clogging energy influx. Sometimes they are daily things that do it, like images of dirty rags (client hated cleaning), unwashed dishes (client hated washing dishes), a hoarder’s images of her “collections” were corking invaluable channels of survival energy…  Once I saw there an architect’s  old drawings what he was clinging to, not  even remembering why?  Once I saw … a mother holding back daughter in unholy competition for attention…

Some clients want to discuss this kind of findings after session (recommended), some – don’t! Sometimes clients’ relatives from the other side show up to advise what will help to keep channels, clean, healthy, and delivering both energy and information.  Thank you for reading this! My contact info is:

Tatyana  Elmanovich

404 Cochran Avenue, Apt 306, Los Angeles, CA 90036
preferable way to contact:

(323) 934–0211
Suggested donation $100.00

The Loose Leaf from a Medium’s Archive: Swami Sri Yukteswar about Time and Space

Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri (1855 - 1936)
Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri (1855 – 1936)

June 07, 2014

Dear Yukteswar, this is a common knowledge that in the subtle world, there are neither time or space. However, it is also known that discoveries, technical inventions, political ideas, poetical and mystical inspiration, music, stories, myths, visions, and philosophy and ethical intentions were “given” from above, sent down in proper brains in the name of the development of humanity. But who produces it all up there, in the skies? To cut long story short, how all these bright ideas come into existence without time and space continuum, because any kind of unfoldment and realization needs time for BECOMING, say, shifting from sounds into heavenly sounds, into Mozart’s music, or into incredible technical ideas of Tesla? How it all BECOMES without time or space? Some out of body travelers report completely crazy stuff about higher planes with multiple coordinates of time?

Y: I have never heard about it! But it would be foolish to be sure that this is not possible, because everything is possible over there, in God’s realm. I will be back soon, let me look it up in library… Tatyana, I found everything, but we will not talk about it today, I will offer another theme, maybe easier to understand. Let us start from the beginning. I love your question about “time”. It will lead us where we have to be. There is no time here as well.

Time is a cosmic illusion as fame and many other things. Time is a property invented by people and turned into “reality” for somehow organizing the development, unfolding, explaining birth and death phenomena, organizing change and substitution process, any movement as such, like simple question, “ You bus will arrive in what time?”

Time sets the ducks in a row; time organizes the thinking, and time organizes our imagination… Same is the space. It is also our invention in order to organize our thinking, philosophy and search for purpose of our existence. The thing is that none of us is ready to accept the lack of any purpose at all! There is no time, no space, no God’s will, no human’s will! Our desperate clinging to life, our survival instinct, has no explanation. We have no clues who we are, where we are going, and if somebody or something needs us… it is …

Tatyana: A brief reminder: Giri Yukteswar lives in the spirit world since 1936. Once Paramahansa Yogananda, his disciple and the author of “Autobiography of a Yogy” recalled of his guru saying: “The rishis wrote in one sentence profundities that commentating scholars busy themselves over for generations… What more liberating thought than ‘God is’ – nay, ‘God’?”

It echoed in my mind, ‘Time, space’ – nay, ‘time, space’?  I had more questions, but Yukteswar was gone!

The Loose Page from a Medium’s Archive

I found it, I forgot it how I got it down… An artist asks to reduce the price $11 000 000. 00  for his artwork in the name of saving the famous icon for posterity:  the vibes of greed and aggression are RUINING it. Of course, the photo doesn’t do justice to this icon, but this is what we have here…  


Andrei  Rublev,  a Russian monk (1360-1430), the greatest medieval Russian icon and fresco painter, known also by his 15-year long silence vow, gave a surprise spirit message shortly after I published Berezovsky’s word from the other side that he did not commit suicide. Here is the message, partially written down in English, partially in modern Russian. Rublev took both languages out of my head, as highly evolved spirits can do! I created all English and another all Russian version. This is all English version, the Russian one is seeking proper place to be published.   

“Yes, I am Andrei Rublev; can you hear my strong Russian accent? Call me monk Daniil. In film “Andrei Rublev” he … was featured negatively and in spirit world it made him suffer. If you call me Daniil, it will quiet his pain…

May I switch to Russian? Or, let continue in English. It may be slow, but it will sound more believable. I did not kept silence for achieving fame, or special effects on people who would pray at this icon. And, of course, I was not able to foresee this greatly exaggerated monetary value that has been attached to my modest icon today. And the whole thing is outrageous … (the nasty dispute of the greedy, rude, uneducated collective of Russian present day church fathers, mostly former KGB informers or present day ФСБ agents) dressed in the Church garb who dance they dance of unlimited greed around this nice icon, once used by the same churches fathers as a board for pressure cabbage into sauerkraut.

At the beginning of 20 century, Russian patrons and critics were guided by certain spiritual forces to find this icon, and they found it and it was restored and the Church should leave this icon alone. Now is time to look for bold and honest art critics and art dealers who bring the greedy ones to senses, and reduce significantly the market price of the icon in question. (Trinity – T.E.). It will immediately cool the disputes, and they would back off, leaving the icon alone. The flows of horrible vibrations of greed and evil accumulate around this icon destroying it. However, in future, this icon has to play its role in restoring the sense of national identity. In Russia, it will happen for entire generation when the time comes to stop worshiping the devilish materialism and start seeking the human soul and heart instead. It will be the time, when souls of the brave who in December 1825 demanded to give Russia the Constitution and were hanged for it, return to their earthly home again.  It will happen, when souls capable to create and think and teach start coming back to Russia to overwrite the false truths of troubled times suggested by the present day souls’ deceivers …  That’s all I wanted to say. Declare me the ordinary painter!

Publish it! You made public the word of acquittal of a person (Boris Berezovsky) accused committing  suicide. Your publication turned out to be correct and effective, read by many. Do the same for my cause. I was able to reach you today, because you had worked all day with chakra energies.

In my time, I had my personal motives to take the vow of silence. Today you would say that I had political motives to declare “speaking strike”!  However, the reasoning was very personal, as a matter of fact. I was badly envied, I was envied by many, and there was no other choice left for me but escape into silence. We did not have a chance to flee to America, as it was not yet discovered by Europeans, and the land was not yet developed. In my time, I had truly hard time both spiritually and ethically living in the environment of a little-educated clergy. A group of monks hoped to instill hesychasm (a mystical teaching born in the Eastern Orthodox Church) as this teaching was expected to renew the Russian church spiritually. Already in that time our Church was failing to worship God, as it was shifting toward worshiping the worldly power instead. I was hoping to stop this tendency with my 15 year long silence, but this, of course, did not happen.

I leave you now, and return to Tarkovsky, as being both in spirit bodies we can, finally, talk. He will have to reconsider the Soviet interpretation of that era. There will be done a more truthful film in regard of its content and quality of the technical execution will be better as well. It will also reflect the true problems of the Russian church. The truth is that its leadership is no different from the leadership of the Catholic Church, both are equally deceitful.

I’ll be back in human body when the time of churches that burned scientists and innocent people will be over. However, who knows what kind of problems will bother humanity in future, and what they believe systems will be. No, I’m not coming back to Russia and I will not go to Tibet as well. Probably, I will be involved in attempts to restore the harmony between body and soul. How can it be done? How can body be included into search of spirituality? Nobody knew it in my time, and nobody knows it today, and how to find a proper start for such search… For example, I see that you have a typical problem of the century, when the soul flies high seeking God, and the body lags behind suffering the unpleasant symptoms of aging. The problem comes from overstaying on earth about 50 years or more! Who needs such life: you take three steps and stop resting, because you can’t help gasping.  I will stop my grumbling, I ask you to publish this!