A Strange Conversation

Sunday, March 8, 2020

On North side of Ventura Boulevard where trees and bushes hid private residences a hose-warming party was in full swing. In the mingling crowd of well-doers, I did not spot anyone who would be excited to change a word with me. A young couple in provocative costumes of Adam and Eva offered guests champagne in shiny flutes. A financier, the owner of this splendor that we were invited to adore, trusted my nephew, once a student of the Estonian Art Institute, later the student of architecture in Col Poly College, today an award-winning architect — to invent a new house for him. Right now, he was parading guests through this new house, and I, having nothing better to do, walked toward the tree in the center, it looked like presentation of the Biblical Tree of Knowledge. Before I k new it,  I was automatically peeping under my foot. Was I expecting to meet a real or decorative toy serpent in this garden? Some confrontations with real snakes flashed through my mind… Decades ago, the jury members of a Soviet Baku film festival were treated to a trip to Azerbaidzhan Tropical Botanical Garden. When we, the film critics, were crawling out of the bus at the entrance to that exposure of exotic flowers, a large and fatty serpent was demoing its blackish shiny skin in front of the opulent entrance gates. We froze, stopped talking, and stood there in awe, until a specialist suggested it to look for a better locale for slumbering under the hot tropical sun.

In Estonia, during my summer stay on Hiiumaa island, once, taking a shortcut to Almi, a purveyor of country freshness to island’s summer denizens, I had another bicker with snakes. Only God knows why, but on that day, vipers had literally a meeting on my path to Almy. They sat there curled into knots and sticking out their small warheads with beats-like eyes. I was afraid to turn my back on them, imagining, that they would jump up to chase me, but I had to proceed… As a matter of fact, they looked at me indifferently. How they knew that I was not going to harm them? Maybe they saw us as their peaceful neighbors not worthy of their attention, too old, too weak, too dull… We were worrying about them nesting in the nearing woods, but they did not give a damn about us. I arrived to Almi unhurt, and she laughed her head off when I told her how they guarded me to her house. She picked up some vegetables from her garden, jammed two bottles of still warm milk into my bag, and showed me a safer way to our hut at the sea.  

Back to California! In the garden, a small group of guests with goblets in their hands, gathered around the tree representing the Biblical Tree of Knowledge to many. “So, we are finally here, and where is the villain of the tale, the ill-famous serpent responsible for spoiling life for entire humanity?” The actress’ partner, a young man spoke, “I want to know how our Lord tolerates serpent’s presence under His nose all the thousands of years since time when Bible was written and read by those few who knew how to write and read… Another handsome young man known as Clement, the manager of the financiers’ numerous properties, said, “They memorized both myths and blurbs of the myth… They passed it on from one generation to another. The myth had to be worth to be remembered… Who would memorize our instructions how to use our computers, laptops, or cell phones?
The next morning, I consulted my laptop regarding various Rabbis ideas which tree could house the serpent during the centuries? They listed Apple Tree, Wine Tree, the gorgeous Fig Tree that provided Adam and Eva with cloths, and Etrog Tree, or Citron Tree of desires. But do we have to concretize the tree sort of this symbolic tree, belted by a serpent of good (knowledge) or evil (destruction)?

My glance fell on the open book on my table.  It spoke about ancient symbols of what people believed in old days, back in our past. … I heard mysterious voice to whisper, “Try to look for a minute at this yin-yang picture? This is astounding, how easily one can “grow” out of the black spot on the saintly white background and start swathing a circle? In the mirror image the colors are reversed:  white is now black, and the dot for a curled snake is now white! Looking at this long enough, we get it as something not sticking to the earth, but, on the contrary, something bursting into heaven like explosion, like energy, connecting hell and paradise into something inseparable!

Our Wikipedia had chosen the following words for explanation the meaning of this image. “In Ancient Chinese philosophyyin and yang (…) is a concept of dualism, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.” 

Mysterious voice picked up the conversation and continued, “Pronounce, say, word “man”, and your mind throws into air word “woman.” Death and life, paradise and hell, hot and cold…

I asked, “Who are you?” 
“I am whom you called by “looking long enough” at the black spot on the yin-yang graphics on your table.. I am the dirty soul of the Serpent, or Temptation in form of grand Serpent pictured on so many paintings of famous painters. Why I would miss the opportunity to ask who are you to bring me talking to you?”

A light shiver run down my spine, do I, the medium, really hear voice of mystical holy Serpent, what I have to do, run or stay, ignore the voice, or continue talking to it? 

“Do not panic, I will not bite you, as I never bit Eva or Adam, rather they bit me in their naïve curiosity as humans always do, delegating guilt so far away from themselves as possible. Will they ever admit that they harm themselves more than their worst enemies could do! So, it was always me, always me, who was hurting them, never their stupidity, not their shortsightedness, nor their naivete, nor their laziness or slowness of their untrained brains…

Look at you, how old are you? 85?! And you still look for a suitable husband?! O my God!

Are you allowed say “My God!”
Do not interrupt me, I am a QB in demand resolving people’s miserable problems! What’s up?

Why God do not see you under His nose when you belt His favorite Tree of Knowledge? In other words, are you Satan’s Creation, or our God’s creation, maybe you are His only mistake?

OK!  Think, what’s better — to create Paradise in an earthy snake pit like Russians did, or tolerate serpent’s presence in Paradise what none of the humans, always short in deeds of Good, have ever seen?

Many wizards have proposed a Paradise without the “holy snake”! However, in reality, for some mystical reason such paradises turn fast into deadly hells! Why we cannot create a Paradise on earth without the presence of Evil? Because only balance between Good and Evil can exist in our consciousness. And all extremities speak always about certain imbalances that we may like and unlike at the same time, as, say—artistic geniuses…  want an example?

Ironically, it was your question to the French actor Alain Delon , who was his favorite Hollywood actor? In his younger age, Alain Delon was most handsome male actor who had ever graced European film screens. Without any hesitation, Delon answered, “Arnold Schwarzenegger.” He added, “Can you show me his “Terminator”, because at home I missed this film.”

Alain Delon’s natal chart contains a symbol that foresee his fame in case, if he could stick to demands of the most merciless planet Saturn. His natal Saturn sits on 3th degree 57’ in Pisces and it is impacted by fixed star Formalhaut, a royal star, patron of magic, fame, occult and faith… You would say, how nice, why he is a lucky one, and I am not!  Alain Delon played by the rules dictated by his destiny. According to Saturn’s demand, Delon turned the strongest diet into his lifestyle, and pressure from admirers chased him, as it had chased many other famous film actors into permanent additional burden that turned the idea of personal happiness into unreachable phantom, something that professionals give up so often in the name of work in the name of success.

Image result for arnold schwarzenegger youngHere we have a photo of young Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Do we need more comments if we compare these two photos? If the first photo reveals overflow femininity as source of unusual fine beauty of the actor, the other photo shows an opposing imbalance, the overflow of masculinity. Sometimes, married couples may surprise by seeming inconsistency. Beautiful Sophia Loren, and shorty round Carlo Ponti.

  Image result for george sand quotes                
 George Sand and Frédéric Chopin? Franz Liszt introduced George Sand to him. At first, Chopin was repulsed by the notorious cigar smoking, trouser wearing novelist. He asked, if she was indeed a woman? Nevertheless, they formed a romantic relationship that lasted 9 years.

The voice of the Holy Serpent was still there.  It said to me, I may like you, but you better leave me here, in my garden alone.  Be happy not to become part of this garden, look what we did to Adam and Eve! We sent them down on earth to serve us forever.  All I have to do, is to make them succumb people down there to temptation to become famous!  They have no idea that this was me who instilled into their hearts this terrible goal! They believe that this is good to be famous and they start working like crazy trying to reach “their” goal…  And most of them never reach that goal, because it was not in their destiny.  Only hard work was  there. But they misinterpreted this calling and wasted their short lifetime on earth… because they worked for nothing…. for a false goal! Those whom you chose to show in your blog post, were they the real ones? I do not know it, I am only a serpent, does God knows it?  Does he want to know it? And what the heck you know about them?  Maybe you disturb their peace on earth, or in afterlife?

There was the one, who told you the truth! Recall who he was?  And let me go…

The voice disappeared, and my horror of hearing it started to subside.

Yes, I recalled who had discovered the secret to be a genius, happy on earth, and happy in afterlife at a time. It was the spirit of Leo Tolstoy. He said, if I could start it all over again, I would never publish anything during my life on the earth.  I would write for my self, leave it all on my table with a note to publish it, say 50 years after I would be gone, and be happy both on earth and in afterlife as well. I am a medium, I had seen it all, I had seen the suffering of the greats both on earth and in afterlife, but knowing it all, why we still want be famous, and admired, and followed, why, why, why?  I do not know it, if you do, let me know and reveal your secret in a note below!