About The Egregore of Russia. Post One

BackCoverPortrait-TanikaA Note from the Author. My article about  the egregore of Russia became so long that I cut it into three posts – The Strange Problems of Russia,  Russia Problems Have Deep Roots in the Past, and Exhibition of Sergei Shchukin’s Art Collection in Paris. These posts are not the fruits of a scientific research, rather my deep, or not so deep thoughts about Russia, where I lived 55 years. Then I came to America, and soon noticed that American egregore, despite the opposing features, have some similarities how they impact people who had birthed them with their hopes, fears and lasting, repetitive thoughts and emotions.

The Strange Problems of Russia

LeninToday we are accustomed to scold all that the revolution of 1917 had brought us up to the discovery that it did not happen at all. Instead, on the October 25, 1917, (November 7 on the new calendar), Vladimir Lenin and Bolsheviks launched a bloodless coup d’état in Petrograd, at that time the capital of Russia. Lenin became the virtual dictator of the first Marxist state in the world. Instead of revolution, there was a devastating Civil War — Red Army fought against White Army (1918-1920), in which the Lenin’s false promise to give land to the peasants granted him victory. However, instead of receiving promised land, peasants were forced to join the kolkhozes, by giving up the land they had, sowing grain and cattle for free. Peasants, of course, did not want to surrender their livelihood – land, grain, cows and horses to kolkhozes. Aiming to brake peasants’ resistance, as well as overall low acceptance of Bolsheviks politics, the Red Terror filled fast the net of Siberian Gulags with inmates called “the people’s enemies.” The most known episodes of The Red Terror were ill-famous Volga Hunger and Ukrainian Holodomor that took millions and millions of human lives, mostly peasants lives. The total of victims caused by Bolshevik’s violence against their own people has not been properly calculated up to our days, although it is known that the bill went to tens of millions of Russian and Ukrainian people. It seemed that the devil himself was dancing a jig in the hearts of the Communists and their rulers! And by the 72nd anniversary of the victory in WWII, in Russia — The Great Patriotic War, was announced as big as 42 million casualties. (The 1950’s the statistic said the Soviet population was 180 million people) As Bulat Okudzhava, the writer, poet and popular bard once sang — “we need a victory, one for all, we’ll not falter to pay the bill” and, as people said, Zhukov spilled the beans, “Women ’ll birth the new ones!”

However, Bolsheviks, later called Communists, tried to transform the country as well — to implement the Lenin’s electrification plan, to build at river Dnieper the world’s largest hydroelectric power plant  Dnieprogez. They overfulfil their five-year plans, rocked the Stakhanov’s movement, industrialized the vast land, steel was melted in the Ural, the production of home-made tractors and durable heavy vehicles was a success story, and in the war the production of tractors was switched to production of war machines, tanks. Nikita Khrushchev exposed the Stalin’s cult of personality, Yuri Gagarin was sent to fly in the open cosmos, and, finally, building of cheap housing was started to get people out of nightmarish communal apartments; Moscow clean and gorgeous subway and airports were built, home-made airplanes started establish airways and ever-roaming Soviet people switched from trains to airplanes saving time while crossing Soviet space from Baltic sea to Pacific Ocean. The nuclear armament was built and terrible tests of atomic bombs were conducted, and soon there were enough of those to destruct the mankind multiple times. But despite all the enormous sacrifices and unthinkable efforts to drag Russia from its pastoral past into modern times the people did not start to live better, the depressive control and pressure of disliked Marxist ideology broke the souls. Painful fear sat in blood and indescribable horror, the trace of the Red Terror, was poisoning the subconscious mind. The peasants who were not allowed to become farmers, rushed from the villages to the cities where they could find jobs, but discovered soon enough that there was terrible shortage of everything, housing, cars basic foods. And exhausted at work people stood hours in line to buy piece of bread and milk, and there were never enough meat or veggies, and no fruits… When the “iron curtain” of this giant country started to crumble, and some trips abroad became available (under the control of local Communist Party committees, who checked, if an applicant was trustworthy to travel abroad), the fairytale pictures of Western ways of daily life shocked the imagination of the Soviet people to the extent that it became a death sentence to the Marxist ideology, the totalitarian regime and to the Soviet Union – that topped it all!

Here are two photos: – “Yesterday” and “Today”.



русская деревня сегодня

The pre-revolutionary photo shows the picturesque poverty of a village in tsarist Russia. The second modern day photo shows that about hundred years later, the Russian village still looks the same. The modernization had not touched it. The only difference is lack of people. There are no people! Once populated village is now empty! We see only a lonely lovely lady waiting that God will take her to a better world! Kolkhozes had failed Russia, the people made by force to become kolkhozniks, were running away from villages into cities “to industrialize” the country… The Internet is full of stories about the disappearance of the Russian villages from the Russia maps on daily bases. Did the millions of victims of the Red Terror perish in Gulags for nothing?

After collapse of the Soviet Union, all causes of Russian impoverishment have been scientifically studied, inventoried, described and publicized by the mass media. However, the results of these studies have no answers why everybody who had tried to help Russia to improve the life of its people, had failed, including the last category of helpers, oligarchs, and Russia’s new government? Maybe the alternative or esoteric approach would cast some light to the deeper and darker reasons of the historic impoverishment of that country? Of course, this idea may seem too wild to have some merits? Or, on the contrary, it is wild enough to reflect a certain reality, for example, an irrational, elusive reason why all the nations from big to small, from Ukrainians to Evenks, who once lived under the rule of Russian monarchy, and after the revolution, under the rule of Soviet totalitarian regime, did not like Russians and were ready to fight for their independence like David fought Goliath?

A random Russian YouTube video is just telling that those were Jews who had taught the Ukrainian people to hate Russians. Maybe Jews, for one, taught the same to British, French, American people, and Spaniards as well? Or, those were also Jews who propagate Bandera-type neo-Nazi movements in Ukraine, as if fanning competition who hates whoм more? In case, I checked with the Internet, if Russia, by the chance, has also cocked up some neo-Nazi movements? What I found, made me, the old fool, speechless.

Site http://by24.org/2016/02/01/russian_nazi_are_counted  published the article В России насчитали 53 фашистских организацийIn Russia, There Are Counted 53 Fascist Organizations” classified as “moderate, radical and forbidden,” and the first and second have the opportunity to conduct their activities openly.”  The anonymous author of the site “By24.org” adds, “Only 8 organizations, professing Nazism and fascism, are banned in Russia. However, their presence on the lists does not imply that they do not conduct their activities. They do, only in secrecy.” Here are titles of these forbidden neo-Nazi organizations:

  1. Movement Against Illegal Immigration – DPNI
    2. The National Socialist Society – NSO
    3. The National Bolshevik Party – NBP
    4. The Slavic Union – SS
    5. Front National-revolutionary action (FNRD)
    6. Russian National Union – RONS
    7. League of Defense of Moscow
    8. Format 18”

The Wikipedia describes Russian neo-Nazi as followers of German Nazi who had adopted the latter’s ultra nationalist views of Neofascist in Russiaracism, antisemitism, homophobia, Islamophobia and extreme xenophobia towards people from Asia. Their ideology centers on defending Russian national identity against what they perceive as a takeover by minority groups such as Jews, Caucasians, homosexuals, Central Asians, East Asians, Roma people, and Muslims.

I think, poor Russians, if they are scared by the possibility of takeover by Roma people, in other words, nomadic Gypsies and other minorities! Can this fear be the reason that seeded Russia with neo-Nazi organizations?

Recall, what started the Nazi movement in Germany – humiliation, depression from defeat in WWI, economic and financial misery, joblessness, poverty, devastation, things that Germans cannot absorb or live with. And then came Adolf Hitler with the flamboyant speeches addressed to the nation in deep depression that he would bring them jobs, financial recovery, and Friedrich Nietzsche’s parole “Deutchland über alles”. And they vote for him in numbers as big as 95 % of all eligible voters of that country.

Some explain the emergency of Russian neo-Nazi movement with the opposite —  by the ideological vacuum after collapse of the Soviet Union. Some apply the German phenomenon to Russia reality and explain things by poverty and joblessness amidst Moscow youth after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the beginning of the 90’s. But if Germany was a defeated country then Russia was not. Besides victory in WWII, there took place unprecedented bloodless kill of the Communist totalitarian regime, tearing down the “iron curtain” and strong support of tearing down the shameful Berlin wall that still cut Germany in two opposing halves – the well doing capitalist South Germany and the not so well doing North Germany under the communist rule. Russia could be hungry and jobless in the 90’s, but the excitement of the new beginning–the “honeymoon” over embracing the market economy was not over yet. The root of Russian neo-Nazi movement did not come from joblessness alone, but rather from the mystical dislike of Russians everywhere, and wish to adopt Nazi force as a tool for becoming looking strong and likable. It calls loudly to cast a closer look at the egregore of Russia.

The Birth of an Egregore

how people are made to think in one directionLet go back to the esoteric concept of the egregore, this cloud-shaped entity that lives in 4D astral world and seems to connect earth plane to astral plane for reasons that we will never fathom entirety. It does not have a divine monad, but is endowed with quasi consciousness and energy to search food everywhere. Its cloudy body is not woven from vapor like normal clouds in heaven, but from the excretions of human and animal thoughts and emotions like admiration and hopes, fears and guilt, and hopelessness and aggression, to name the few, floating out of humans IN ONE DIRECTION. Both grand egregores and Vadim Zealand’s pendulums, “local egregores” look like prolonged cloudy formations reminding reptilians. Their natural function is to connect earth plane with the astral plane. We understand some of them, like the function to disperse information during the millions of years the development of humankind. However, there exist some other functions that stay incomprehensible to us. The photo shows a crowd that thinks in one direction. The idea that the circled one, who is not taken by mass madness, is naive, of course.  He may be the instrument of the egregore, but not the egregore itself. Sure this large crowd is feeding right now its egregore lavishly.  In Germany, Hitler was the  instrument of Nazi egregore; in Estonia, the laulupidu, the all Estonian song festival, was the instrument of for feeding the egregore of Estonia,  in Russia, Stalin was the greatest instrument of the Russian egregore, and this is why some Russians want “him back”, to fill the vacuum of strong leadership that oftentimes can lead to destruction, how it happened in Germany and Russia.

Let’s try to explain how Zealand’s pendulum, or egregores come to life. Imagine, you and your friend meet at a café. Having your coffee, you communicate, as we all do on daily bases, and immediately, an invisible cloud is forming above you and your friend. It is called a group spirit. It comes from your and your friend’s communication energy and emotions. It is invisible to a normal eye, but visible to seers. We cannot see it because its vibrational range is higher — beyond the range allotted to normal people, to support their eyesight. If we can expand that range for ourselves, we will see it. Now you are done with coffee and you and your friend are parting. If you are not duty-bound, and you part in different directions, your group spirit dissipates in the air! It stops to exist.

However, if you and your friend are members of some bigger group, and you rush, say, to a meeting to fight for animal rights, the “cloud” that you and your friend created having no faintest idea what they did — the little cloud above them would obediently follow them to this rally and will merge with a much bigger and more stable “cloud” that is already hovering over this rally. Your little cloud would be dissolved in the bigger and more powerful “cloud” of fighters for animal rights, and this is your priceless contribution to the movement to protect animals’ rights, not this $5 that you leave in some donations’ box. In other words, if you do not have money, and you still want to attend some event, do it, as you will support it with way more valuable donation than money! Do not let be intimidated by lack of cash!

We cannot see or touch it, but we have more than enough evidence of its existence and its main activity – the pervasive search for food always, in any situation, and their capability to manipulate the human consciousness to some astounding degrees to arouse human emotions and this way granting more “food” for their consumption. If you want to learn more about it, how it works, read Vadim Zealand’s books about transerfing in English.

Vadim Zealand would call this cloud “a pendulum of the movement fighting for animal rights”. A mystic and poet Daniil Andreev, author of the book Rose of the World, or Rosicrucian Valentin Tomberg, or Theosophist Charles Leadbeater would call this more mature cloud the egregore of large group that fights for the animal rights.

The Bible points to the very existence of group spirits through a Jesus’ saying, “For where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them.” Matthew 18:20 (GMTA).

Look, compare this description with the story about friends who rushed to a meeting to fight for the animal rights!  Jesus Christ will be with you, if two or three will come together in HIS NAME!  So, will be some other entity under any name, Satan as well. So, be careful, if attending a gathering, in what name you give your energy away, and what kind of info-energy you will receive in return. Any communication is energy exchange, so watch out in what name you are forming a group spirit! Forget cursing, using foul language in company, think, what kind of group spirit you are creating.

I think we are sufficiently prepared to understand the current encyclopedic definitions of the term “egregore”.

Every one of them starts with the same preamble found from Bible: “The French occultist Eliphas Levi identified the egregors traditionally with the observers, watchers and fathers of the Nephelines. (The mysterious name of Nepheline, is derived from the word “cloud” on one of the ancient languages, which I failed to identify, regrettably.) The Nephelines were understood as horrible creatures that “crush us without pity because they do not know about our existence.”

Nowadays, the concept of egregors as a condensate of mental energy waves, saturated with information, was developed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn of Rosicrucians. In the book “Transerfing. Book One”, Vadim Zeland, quantum physicist and trans medium, calls these formation “pendulums,” because they wave like pendulums during their happy hour of consumption. By the way, his book “Transurfing”, has been translated into twenty languages, including all major European languages. The book is easily available both in book stores and online. Therefore, I will stick only to encyclopedic descriptions of egregores.

Daniil Andreev, the Russian mystic and the author of “Rose of the World” confirms the concept of the birth of egregores from human’s psychic excretions in crowds united by a same goal. He also stresses that “egregors are devoid of spiritual monads, but they have a temporary concentration of the volitional charge and the equivalent of consciousness. Every state, great or small, has its own egregor, even such small state like Luxembourg.”

Group spirits, egregors, pendulums live in 4-dimensional space, which quantum physicists can imagine, maybe! However, a normal average person, like myself, a decent medium, cannot see how 4D looks like. I have asked the spirits to explain how the 4D space, the astral world, differs from 3D space, our earth? But the answer is invariably the same. They say, it does differ! “When you arrive into our world, you will see it for yourself!” Getting this warm advice about dozen times, I, finally got it that they cannot describe the differences, because in our language there are no concepts and words for the descriptions in the details the 4D’s world.

It is often written that the egregors are in constant search for food, thus spreading the information, knowledge, which impregnates with information the energy from which they are created, gives us knowledge that literally “fells in our heads from above.” The details of this process are unknown. But sure, cloud-like formation cannot bite carrots, they just connect to our auras and take in energy from our rapture or anger, our annoyance or joy, and they become full. The pole of our emotions, positive or negative, does not matter for them.

Maybe, I squeeze in here a real-life example inspired by Zealand’s books, and strongly confirmed by my driving practice. You drive on the freeway, and you are of course in rush. Suddenly, there is a champ” in front of you.  He is driving slowly, he is keeping you from driving faster, because the side lanes are busy and you cannot pass him, and he is forcing you to tail him and accept the speed that he is dictating to you. The stronger you disagree with that dictation, the louder you curse him in your mind, the more food the “freeway pendulum” gets from you!

Once I decided to try a trick. The “champ” was there, in front of me, I was in rush, of course, but at that time, I did not let my emotions to flame! And believe it or not – soon the “champ” was gone, because the “freeway pendulum” did not get any food from me, and “champ” was probably sent to tease other drivers. It is hard to understand how “the freeway pendulum” makes a slow driver to obey and drive in front of a fuming driver in rush, spreading around egregore’s food.

In the modern literature, Annie Besant, David Icke, Paco Nathan, Mirra Alfassa, Paramahansa Yogananda, Vadim Zealand, Dolores Ashkraft-Nowitzki, Charles Leadbeater, Alexander Sviyash, Anatoly Nekrasov, Roman Zyulkov have written about the egregores, and I’m sure that I have not listed all the authors whose books on this issue are worth being found and read by readers.

People’s negative habits, such as smoking, alcohol, narcotics, countries, armies, corporations, celebrities (Elvis Presley, Mozart), official religions and especially religious sects, wars, crises, rulers (Putin, Reagan, Tramp), nations, schools, sports teams – all these units of human activity have everyone unique egregores.

Triumph 1234The more a star has fans, or a political party of followers, the greater the egregore, the glory of the star is brighter, and the party has more influence. The egregores fight in competition for “clients”, and they die when people’s interest in the information that they carry, disappears, or becomes obsolete. Egregores die when certain party loses ground, when a former celebrity, book, movie, theatrical production fells out of trending mode. And it dies slowly, as forgetting something that once was “thundering” happens slowly and gradually.

As a medium, I have heard some about the egregores from former luminaries on earth, now spirits in the astral world, when I was working on my book “Prisoners of Fame”. The spirits of the former stars reported enthusiastically that they were finally forgotten, and their egregore was dead. Former Hollywood stars called their egregores cosmic parasites, eaters of human energy. After the disappearance of their egregores, the spirits of the former artists arranged banquets in their astral world celebrating liberation from their parasites, always hungry and annoying the former celebs with demands to feed them at any cost. Think about it! In the astral world, artists cannot wait to be forgotten on earth!


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