Sergei Vronsky: Different Lives – Same Consequences in Afterlife. Story 5

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Forgive me this long introduction, it has its reasons to be included in this post.

Sergei Vronsky (1915-1998), the Russian astrologer, esotericists and the author of 12-volume astrology encyclopedic treatise “Astrology” was the only survivor of the 1929 all Soviet Astrology Congress. That one-of-the-kind congress ended with all astrologers attending being sent to the Gulag’s. However, the twists and turns of Vronsky’s life did not end there. Under still mysterious circumstances he winded up working for Rudolph Himmler in the Third Reich era. He did horoscopes for Hitler, Eva Brown and his elite entourage. As the stars were not favorable for Nazi leaders and Germany in WWII and as tactful as the astrologer tried to be, his predictions did not support his popularity in the Hitler’s inner circle. The situation became dangerous, and Vronsky did an attempt to flee from Germany to Russia. He stole a plane, crossed the border and his plane was… taken down on the Soviet’s side of the frontline. Vronsky survived, and was not sent to Siberia immediately, as did happen to any returning home Russian POW without any exceptions. He worked in frontline hospitals, and was trusted  with surgical operations. They say, the warning to leave the Third Reich as soon as possible came from … Stalin himself? However, Vronsky could not avoid a free raid to Siberia for long. He served five years in a Gulag establishment. After rehabilitation he had no right to live in Moscow or Leningrad. But he got permit to live in his home town Riga, Latvia. And now he did horoscopes to the Soviet elite. Many who should benefit from his work, ignored stars’ warnings. Among them was Juri Gagarin who was advised to avoid flying during certain time period, he did anyway, and we know how things ended. Sergei Korolev, the architect of the Soviet Space Program received the specific warning regarding the data of scheduled surgical procedure. Vronsky suggested to reschedule it. The warning was ignored, and Korolev died on the hospital table during the operation. On the level of Yuri Andropov, firstly, head of the Soviet KGB, later the president of the Soviet Union (1983–84) and general secretary of the Communist Party (1982–84) emerged a suggestion to restore the astrology in the Soviet Union. Among Vronsky’s disciples we see Pavel Globa and Sergei Shestopalov, to name the few. Later, with the blessing from maestro, Shestopalov founded The Astrology Academy in St. Petersburg, and developed Vronsky’s unique branch of vocational astrology. Today we can learn this from Shestopalov’s book “Delovaya astrologia” – “ Business Astrology”, published by Mir Uranii, Moscow 2005.

As Vronsky’s all contacts were strictly controlled by KGB, his astrology teaching reached us in Estonia, my country, also through the filter of conspiracy, suspicions and secrecy. However, something still came through, and it made me an astrologer as well. Today, in about 40 years, my more trusted friends told me that my candidature to meet Vronsky personally for learning directly from teacher was declined by KGB sternly. Nevertheless, I got some basics that worked for me up to this day. Like a vow never reveal to a client his possible date of death and never to succumb to temptation to tell the client what he or she wants to hear from you. Over time, both promises have shortened the list of my clients, but opened the door for my personal development. This is why I have my personal obligation to record Vronsky’s spirit words, if he decides to trust me as a medium as well. I assure you, it was my pleasure to record the following story of Vronsky’s Judgment Day after his transition, what I translated from Russia to English according to best of my ability. … A note for astrology lovers. In Sergey Shestopalov’s birth chart planets Sun, Jupiter and Venus are found in the Aquarius. No comments, astrologers can figure out, why maestro trusted Shestopalov with founding an Astrology Academy in Leningrad.

One more passing note… You may notice that Vronsky’s last name sounds somewhat familiar. Who has read Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”, may recall that Anna’s lover’s last name was Vronsky as well. Sergey Vronsky came from a Russian noble family with corresponding upbringing, education and many languages on his lips what made all what had happened to him possible, including learning astrology in Germany on the highest level possible, and bringing to Russia the best kind of advanced astrology possible. What his disciple would do with this in given them time and circumstances, is another story…

The sources: and The site is freely available to everyone who might be interested in Sergei Vronsky’s biography.

Sergey  Vronsky’s Judgment Day

s-vS.V. – Tatyana, I think the title of one of your books «Death the Beginning» is not quite true. Death is not something external, a new beginning, but the continuation of the natural flow of life. Because neither before nor after transition life does not stop, on the contrary, life continues to flow and change. Oftentimes, it remains unnoticed by the most inquisitive thinkers of our time. Here is an example. Who you are today? You are an eighty-year old woman who is not alien to the thought that at any moment she can die from the second heart attack, which was threatening her day by day during this unusually hot summer. Fortunately, this summer is now gone. In recent years, you have gained weight, as you are slowing down and cannot find time for a walk or for a trip to the beach. I can enumerate more little things that you may do better than sitting days long at your computer in the room cooled by air conditioning.

Come on, let’s say you live another seven years. But a hot summer may come again, and the day will arrive when you will surrender to your fatigue and numerous ailments, and the angel of death would take pity on you, and bring you out of the body, and free you from your agonizing wait for death, what you, of course, would never admit to yourself. But, suddenly, you would be with us.

And after the transition, the same things that had happened to us would happen to you. Probably, many readers are aware that during transition from earth plane to the subtle world, their souls will be “weight” to establish their merit. If in Ancient Egypt this job was trusted to god Anubis, portrayed as a man with the head of a jackal, in modern days esotericists knew that the soul “weights” itself automatically in the subtle world. When the main energy channel, “silver cord” breaks away from dense body, the person’s soul starts its free fall through the mental body’s elliptical hole formed by its fast perpetual revolving. In your book “Prisoners of Fame” William Powell gives a colorful description of this process.

T: – We have to ask why the so-called “heavy souls” of presumed sinners fall deeper stopping in the realms with significantly slower vibrations than the realms where we see the majority of so called average people. And why souls of the saints may find themselves in the realms of higher vibrations, or paradise. The automatism of the “weighting” process is granted by the configuration of the elliptical opening in the middle of the mental body, its size. Probably the souls’ size is the same despite expressions like Russian “shirokaya dusha” – “a wide soul” meaning generous soul. But the accumulation of the negative thought forms on mental body surface creates a pressure that stretches the elliptical hole, and it becomes bigger, and soul fells deeper.  In other words, the accumulation of the negative thought forms born by the humans’ thoughts, ideas, emotions and actions are the culprits. How human creates negative thought forms and how they end up on the surface of the mental body, is a long story, worth telling in a separate article.

SV: — Getting rid of its dense body, the “temple of the soul”, the soul experiences incredible feeling of freedom and happiness. Without looking back, it accepts the next form of existence. The soul recalls instantaneously, in a single vibration, the otherworldly environment, where everything was different and everything was possible. And the liberated soul is ready to take off. But suddenly it discovers that it cannot do it. The state of delight disappears as fast, as it overwhelmed the soul an instant ago, making it to wish to fly and explore the new heights!

Now soul wonders why it cannot fly? Suddenly it notices being surrounded by some strange creatures who ask her to follow them… Fear makes her dutifully trudge behind these monsters who are rushing straight to the Hall of Justice.

It may happen that you remember that you have been here countless times. It happened to me, I recognized the interior of the Hall of Justice, the corresponding visions, details, symbols started to surface from the deep depth of my subconscious into the light of recognition.

Something white and big was taking shape, golden rays of light were coloring it with a touch of pinkish tones. You see the incredible triumph of white color’s purity, you stay in front of the Hall of Justice. The doors and window openings are edged by cherry red beams. A guard opens a heavy entrance door and you are literally thrusted into  space in front of you. … Tatyana, soon this door into Hall of Justice will be opened for you as well! These doors will open in front of millions of souls who had finished their present journey of gathering earth experiences. Day-by-day it opens for masses of humans since the dawn of humanity.

SV: — You will find yourself alone with the council of sages, and you cannot help asking yourself … “What they want with me? What they would ask?” Something is tossing and turning in your mind, it is painful and heavy and it is trying to reach you and tell you something important, to warn you; and you are listening attentively, but you cannot understand what your inner voice is trying to tell you. (Too thick has been the layer of fear and multiple experiences with any sort of deviousness in order to trust your naïve inner voice!) And before you knew it, you ask yourself, who are these judges, are they truly wise men who were supposed to have my best interest on their mind? This has been said that they are wise, but what if they are not? Maybe they are the actors in disguise barely sobering for this meeting to decide what to do with me, hang or pardon? Maybe they were representatives of some political parties, or they are simply torturers, masked as normal people. Maybe they are here to decide what tools to use for torturing me in order to get out of me more information about world-wide insane conspiracy? I see how black waves of doubts separate from me and fly toward judges and they dismiss them as waves of annoying flies. I gather the last crumbs of my strength in order to silence these terrible doubts of mine, and … I faint and collapse, as if dying all over again.

However, soon I come to senses and discover that monsters had dragged me closer to the judges. So I learned what was the monsters’ or robots’ true role in Hall of Justice. They were needed for performing physical tasks during measuring the justice to the newbies. Most likely, I was not the first one who had swooned in front of wise judges. Probably, before me many were plagued by the surprising and complex emotions, like who were the judges? What they know about us, and life on the present day earth? How will they assess my soul, how would they decide, if I belong to hell, or some other place in the astral world? Can it be that at this point I have not found myself at the ending, but on the contrary, at a new beginning? Instead of the promised rest, as they mumble at your coffin, you have been thrusted into a school again, way more difficult than schools on earth!   What the heck these judges want? Should I answer, or keep my mouth shut? What is here “a must to do,” and where is here the line that one should never cross? What I should do, or don’t do?Who am I in their eyes — a sinner or a good guy, as it all depends how they look at it! What is their judging criteria? Will they measure me on the scale of New York businessmen, Russian priests questionably educated in the spirit of Marxists views on everything under the skies!  Were judges Jesuits, Catholics, Buddhists, Islamists, Jewish rabis? Jesus was still a Jew, a Rabi, but do we know a word of truth about him, and who was Moses? Could he whoop as a thug, “Stone him to death!”– as did writers of The Book of Leviticus, establishing laws to stone to death esotericists, mediums, prostitutes, and whom else they did not like? Maybe my judges have under their table baskets with stones ready for “proper” use, because on earth, being a devoted astrologer, I did not shy away from any mediums, neither magicians nor prostitutes, and according to that book I would be sentenced to death via stoning. On the other hand, if I am here, I have already gone throw one death, would there be more opportunities to die? Never heard about such chances.

Finally, you are pressed to a peculiar backless chair with a transparent seat. You are told tosergei-vronski sit on this chair. But because the seat is transparent, you doubt its durability. You think, if you sit on it, then, like in an 007 movie, the floor beneath you yawn, you will drop down straight into lake with sharks or crocodiles, or with monsters worse than crocodiles. This time, falling head first, you will truly die finally, and it would be over in a second. You want to escape, but the monster grabs you forcing to sit down on that damn chair. And … nothing happens, the ground is not opening beneath you.

You sit on that transparent chair, and you are not falling down despite the feeling that you hang in the air. Thousand and one measures are taken off from you in the most incomprehensible ways. A tiny mechanical “hand” moves some arrows, lines and dots on an electronic screen on the wall, and time-to-time some colorful flashes flare up brightening for a second mystical symbols and numbers, and alphabetical letters and some even more mystical equations that, probably, have some deep meaning for judges and do not mean a thing to you. So, you are still kept in the dark, and you cannot tell, if you sink or float! Somewhere a printing machine has been switched on, and it starts spew out printed pages one after another. A body of pages is falling in a box for the judges to read and decide my fate in the astral world for the entire period of my stay here, until I will be ready to incarnate again and I will claim a new body for me.

Some at the table continue looking attentively at their clear, but significantly reduced screens and pin down same data on their personal small devices. Then, out of terrible silence, a voice announces, “I have a proposal to offer: “Aqua 17, the second category. Judges, please, share objections, concerns or questions?”

I hoped that the discussion will clarify the meaning of this decision and I would know, if I was awarded, or condemned for eternal torture. But my modest person did not provoke any discussions, everyone seemed to be happy to let me go and start dealing with the next fresh arrival. The robots’ strong hands went under my arms, as I was losing the last of my self-control, and they dragged me out of the judges’ sanctuary. Someone was shouting “The next!”  I wanted to look back, but we were already in the neutral hall, and I was seated on a normal bench to gather my mojo and become myself again.

T: — Aqua 17, the second category, what it turned to be? Was it high, low, or medium range of the vibrational frequencies?

SV: – I took what I was given. Aqua 17, the second rank is a bit higher than the common range of frequencies of those celebs who spoke to you when you were writing “Prisoners of Fame,” but not much. In my area, there were fields, flowers, roads and nice residential buildings. I got my house, which I gave to my friend and partner, actor Ustinov. This level is considered for people who were not mired with race, financial status, and position issues, but, instead, tried to do something creative and positive, like write, distribute, to leave some positive marks of their dreams and efforts to materialize them for everyone’s benefit, to do some good that would outlive the doer’s time on earth, for instance, like the garden in story number 4, that your grandfather created for the joy of so many people, as I learned reading your previous blog.

Aqua 17 first category can be found on much higher level. There we can found private houses surrounded by land – given just for you. And you will be able to work on this land and live there.

T: – Thank you for such a detailed and vivid account of the inevitable! How Leo Tolstoy lives in your world?

SV: – Tolstoy chose vagrancy voluntarily. He is begged continuously to accept a shelter of his liking and to sit behind the writer’s desk again, if he chooses so. He has been proposed to sharpen his attention on something, for example, to continue the study of comparative theology and write about its influence on society.

T: – What Fyodor Dostoevsky does?

SV: – I do not know, but he lives with his family in a luxurious mansion.

T: – And yet, one last question: Does a spirit can change the given level of existence in your world?

SV: – The change for the better is possible, but it asks for a significant effort, will to concentrate and hard work. It is easy to descend to a lower level, but no one wants to go under. Everybody wants to go up! However, ascending is hard not because someone does not let you fly, but because of your hardened and thickened uncleanness, accumulations of your negative thought forms are restrickting your way.

T: – Is it possible to consult on the matters of your interest in your world?

SV: – Consultations are given willingly, any kind of consultations are available to you. In general, they are encouraged, and any desire to work and develop is supported, I was surprised, when I discovered how available  is the knowledge and support to the souls who want to develop and work in this direction.

T: – Do you use this privilege?

SV: – I use and will use in the future.

T: – Thank you again, I hope that this story about the astral Judgment Day will capture readers, since the essence is so important. If I, for instance, would have known this earlier … my life would be completely different, or so it seems to me today!

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