Different Lives – Same Consequences in Afterlife. Story 1

 BackCoverPortrait-Tanika From the Author Tatyana Elmanovich:  After your transition, your negativity materializes in a way that cannot care less about your nationality, the color of your skin, your social status, are you rich or poor, and how do you pray, or you do not pray at all, or if you were on earth a lucky guy, or a victim or the terrible circumstances . This materialization is a Great Equalizer, it seems to act totally automatically, despite having huge impact on the souls’ destiny both on earth and in heavens. And the question is why the knowledge about it had been buried in various secret societies, and why today some mediums, like myself, are encouraged by their guardian angels to blog about it. On Earth people do not see the actions of The Great Equalizer (GE) , or what is going on with their mental body near their Solar Plexus chakra, or the survival chakra. However, after The Great Transition, or death, in the new environment with different vibrational frequencies your spirit will see a dark and non removable “cloud” in front of your tummy. Let’s give it a name. Let it be The Tough Equalizer. Trying to prove the point I decided to utilize my knowledge of three languages, English (my “second” language learned during my  27-year stay  in USA), Russian (mother tongue) and Estonian (as good as mother tongue), and speak to spirits who had human experience in very different countries, in the USA, turbulent Russia and small Estonia. Also we will recall some corresponding saying spilled by celebs in my previous book “Prisoners of Fame”.

lfdecreased-resolution     Leslie Flint:  They called him “the last great direct voice medium.”

Leslie Flint (1911-1994) spoke about his work in  the book “Voices in the Dark. My Life as a  Medium as told to Doreen Montgomery” ***
“Speaking about his work, he said: “I am a medium, and I do my work by sitting wide awake in total darkness with other people. I have a rare gift known as the independent direct voice. I do not speak in trance; I need no trumpets or some other paraphernalia. The voices of the dead speak directly to their relatives or friends and are located in space a little above my head and slightly to one side of me. They are objective voices which my sitters can record on their own tape recorders to play later in the privacy of their own homes. Sometimes those who speak from beyond the grave achieve only a whisper, hoarse and strain, at other times they speak clearly and fluently in voices recognizably their own during life.”    

The Excerpt from the book “Prisoners of Fame,” 2014

Leslie Flint speaks about The Equalizers effect on human life   

TE: — Soon I picked up on more hints about things we know very little about. Stars dropped a word here and there about problems with their personal spiritual bodies. It seemed that somehow the human mental body* and thought forms* were connected, perhaps tightly connected. I asked whether Leslie Flint wanted to elaborate on this phenomenon as well.

LF: — Good question. Now we will get somewhere. This applies to everybody — to the celebrity and to the elevator operator; to a cook as well as surgeon; to the president and to the president’s security guard, wife, mistress, and his cleaning lady. This is what equalizes all of us — the mental body, the cloak made from our individual miscarriages and an underdeveloped intelligence. I apologize for being so strict and rude. I get mad when I think about all the stupid things that I did during my long stay on earth, and how much trash I carried around. Then instead of leaving it all behind me when I died, I brought it all over to the other side! Yes, here I worked truly hard to ease this burden.

T: — How? What did you do?

LF: — Mostly by doing nothing but relaxing, as in some double or triple meditation while bathing in flows of light. I remember, I said to Vladimir* during our first meeting that I was still resting, listening to music and enjoying paintings. I expected you to ask, “Mr. Flint, are you sure, you are not tired from resting so long? There are limits to doing nothing, but listening to music and enjoying art.” But you are a polite person, and you did not ask something like that. Of course, I detected that these kinds of thoughts flashed through your head. “Mr. Flint, isn’t the six-year period since your transition long enough for a nice rest?” Of course, at the time you did not know about thought forms, even though you had your suspicions that I was holding back some information.

I listened to music and enjoyed art for a purpose — to intentionally cleanse myself via deep relaxation. Here is a significant difference between a Hollywood celebrity like Cary Grant or Elvis Presley and a medium such as myself. I recall, we already spoke about this difference. A medium serves people, while a painter thinks that he serves, but in reality, he serves only his ego. That is why, coming here, Elvis had to serve by working with souls who died from a drug overdose. And Cary Grant is still roaming around in search of stuck souls and helping them to go to the Light.

T: — Do you see what you are releasing during your deep relaxation sessions trying to release your “stuff”, as you call it?

LF: — Sometimes I stop looking, but in general, yes. I see darkness of halls and various other séance rooms, and faces — faces of strangers that seemed to eat up the last oxygen from my space… I was aware that I had to get rid of my stuff in order to reach the desired level of recognition as a painter in my next life on earth. I desire and intend to reach the level of a successful professional. If a guy’s mental body is full of shit, he is not going too far. So, I “listened to music.” And I did deep relaxation exercises.

T: — My last question is, if we start talking about it, how will it concern mediumship, spirit communication, and how will it change the role of mediums?

LF: — What a question! In the present way mediumship brings money, it will continue for quite a time. Let them do their business! On earth, there are still many billions of people who need to be educated! But the more inquiring minds among mediums will take advantage of the chance to differentiate what they get from their egregores and what they get from spirits.

T: ― Do we receive lots of evidences from vitals, group spirits, egregores — you name them?

LF: ― Not always, but sometimes we do. A young medium will have a hard time differentiating one from the other.

LF: ― The idea will be to raise the level of truthfulness. The higher the level of truth, the less is the amount of waste that our mental bodies create, and consequently, there will be less garbage to clean up in the afterlife.

T: — Please, give an example of how that will work?

LF: — There will be thousands of ways of doing it. Instead of telling the sitter that his dead father regrets the drunken beatings and asks for forgiveness, the medium will, possibly, explain to the sitter why it is so important to the dead father to be forgiven by his son whom he beat up while drunk. In the afterlife, this father cannot get rid of self-deprecating pictures that the son is beating him up. Only his son’s forgiveness can stop this endless punching. You cannot imagine how many things will be done differently, when we move closer to truthfulness.

Something tells me that we have to stop here. My dear, you have to have some rest. Thank you for your great tea.

T: —How to raise the level of truthfulness? One more example! Please!

LF: —This is crucial for the survival of humanity. This is why the old knowledge about thought forms is coming back to serve us. Look around, everybody is lying, and we are lying to ourselves. Think about the damage that marketing has done to America! Oh, do not start me on that! It is more than we can talk about right now. Make the work what you have written so far.



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