medium-seal-500x500 A Word about JVP School of Mystical Art that
Touted Me To Trust My Intuition 

In 2015 I signed up for on-line classes of Master James Van Praagh’s School of Mystical Arts: The Courses of JVP Psychic and Intuitive Certification Level1 and The JVP Mediumship Certification. I did not want to demo spirit communication publicly, as I have some limitations that will not allow me to do it successfully (like my learned English, for instance!) My goal was to develop, activate and make work my channels of intuition and spirit communication for writing about spirit communication. Along the way I found out more than I was bargained for…  The book is in making. This post will give is a brief look into that book!

What I can say about the JVP on-line courses! It was a tense study, when I was told to take a seat in front of a mirror and check out how my chakras work, I thought that James is slightly exaggerating, so to speak!  But I did sit there, in case, and I could not believe when colorful pictures of my chakras started to show up in the mirror! I got back my self-esteem as a psychic, I learned to trust my intuition—JVP made out of me the person able to develop. I learned to love the TEACHER in James Van Praagh who, in my case did incredible work supporting the writer in me not by reviewing, not giving the connection in publishing world, but opening new channels in me for this kind of work! There cannot be a more valuable gift that a teacher can bestow on his disciple! Now I am not reporting what OTHERS say about spirit communication, I write about my own experience as a spirit communicator, what is so much more interesting and valuable!

a brief insight into the new book’s subject!

As a medium, I had the chance to report on various spirits’ revelations regarding “terrible conditions” of their mental body what they discovered immediately after coming to senses after the transition from life on earth to life in the astral world.

Also, as a medium, I asked them for a favor to describe the condition of my mental body, how they see it. Their description gave me idea to try to cleanse my mental body on my own. Soon enough, I learned that this is possible, very much possible, and here is my honest and simple report how I have done this so far.  Feel free to copy this report and try to use it for yourself! If you have time, send a note about it to my e-mail account tatyana.paide@gmail.com.

One has to start with meditation. Say, today, I have already chosen a specific problem to work on. Say, I am jealous on my friend who has achieved so much more than me, working lesser than me! I already know that this negative feeling of jealousy will produce so called gluey thought forms which will land onto the surface of my mental body, clog it, and clogging will impair my will and good luck in everything!

First, a few words about meditation – if you skip this step, nothing will happen and you will not advance with cleansing of your mental body what is truly crucial and important for your health and money luck – for your well being.

So, I start meditation: I relax and try stop the automatic mind talk to yourself about nothing. I concentrate on breathing until I see light behind my closed eyes. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes, until the ocean of golden, violet or completely transparent colorless energy waves will fill the mind space behind the closed eyes. Now my mind has a workable connection with LIGHT, and I can proceed earnestly!

I “speak” to Light, asking to show me my problem as a symbolic vision in my 3rd eye world. I ask for a particular symbolic reflection that would show me my particular problem that I had chosen to work on today! Say, this problem would be the feel of doom that I will never ever resolve my money problems.  Or I have to work on my believe or conviction that I am too fat, too old, too stupid to have a love affair, to have a husband, children, family, because everybody around is smarter, more successful than me! You know the names of these problems by heart, as they are on the list of every decent healer and you have tried to be healed by almost everyone of them!

Now, for a change, try to heal yourself with your own means stashed into your psyche by ALMIGHTY HIMSELF in the process of creation the human race, as we know it today! You are wired to heal yourself. All you have to do is to believe that your Creator have made you to be happy, prosperous and loveable! Fill your entire heart with overflowing love vibes no matter how strong winds are blowing around you!

Let go back to our meditation session. Now, be sincere, because during this work your honest look at yourself and your problems will be you most valuable currency, the only currency that Light will accept!

My friend, now in spirit, Estonian doctor and healer Luule Viilma suggested also to ask forgiveness from your body for producing negativity like jealousy and allowing it to cripple your body decades before your recognized its existence in your psyche!

In my case, LIGHT gave a symbolic picture of my problem, say, jealousy as a dark gray mountain of some industrial residue!

Now, this is your work to move that mountain out of your holographic selfie!

Remember, you cannot work with that mountain directly, but you can work with its symbolic picture and destroying the picture, you will destroy the “mountain” itself, despite its strong and threatening look!

With the aid from the power of thought, I ask LIGHT to accept my “package” and receive it, and melt it, erase it, make it disappear in the GOLDEN LIGHT.

And LIGHT accepts the nasty “package” with images of numerous manifestations of my jealousy that I have created without knowing or thinking that this will harm my life. I ask LIGHT while erasing my corresponding negative thought forms TO SEND ME BACK MY CLEANSED ENERGY! And LIGHT obliges again and again and again, giving me back my cleansed energy!

LIGHT loves you, LIGHT works for you, LIGHT slaves for you! 

Find right words to THANK LIGHT for this invaluable, incredible work on your behalf worth be named a miracle of creation! And it will cost you absolutely nothing but about 30-60 minutes of daily meditation that you have to squeeze into your busy schedule… Sorry, not to squeeze in, but organize your schedule around the universal healing meditation as frequently as you can.

Why is this so? Each  expression of our negative intentions, thoughts, emotions, and actions leaves a receipt in form of a gluey thought form on the surface of your mental body.  A lot of such “receipts” clog the mouths of our channels that steam non-stop cosmic vital energy into your energy system. But clogging diminishes the quantity of energy that you get through these cosmic channels, and you become weaker, and weaker and weaker… and when the clogging is complete, the death mercifully relieves us from our misery!

… Why these thought forms has to be destroyed? They can only exist at the expense of your vital energy. These thought forms are “thieves,” because they either destroy you, or you destroy them, and there is no alternative to this dilemma. @!

One more time – The negative thought forms keep your energy in “captivity”, because they can only exist at the expense of your energy. “The idea of”, say, jealousy, may materialize itself, building the “body”, in other words, a corresponding thought form for jealousy out of your energy as a building material aka wood, concrete or plastic!

There are more to it, having some life in itself, it attracts other people’s jealousy into you psyche making you more jealous! Read the classic work of Annie Besant “Thought Forms”.

My personal experience. It took only one meditation and my jealousy was weakened significantly, some of it left my aura with the “roar”, and quickly … A lot of energy was sent back to me, and I took it in with deepest gratitude to God, Light and for such HELP –to UNIVERSE!

The return of cleansed energy gives you sense of victory over your weaknesses! And on the physical level this return cannot be missed or taken for something else!  You will recognize it, because it heals you and makes you stronger instantaneously!

However, if there is no return – – it is also recognizable without any mistake, it means that you either formulated you question wrongly, or you failed to open your channels, or you mistrusted LIGHT, and underestimated your problem!


Look at this picture, taken by permission from the great promo site of  photobucket.com.

Try to become a cat who would see in the mirror instead of the powerful and threatening lion – yourself and you will become a very strong and happy “cat”@!

P.S. Now you know what The Ancient Greek aphorism “gnothi seauton” “know thyself” truly means. It is also one of the Delphic maxims and was inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the center of Greek spirit communication! In Latin the aphorism is generally given as nosce te ipsum or temet nosce.



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