A Chance to Be a Messenger

Sunday, May 8, 2016

On May 5 2016, on the last day of the Out of Body Exploration Intensive (April 30 to May 06, 2016) in Monroe Institute, Faber, Virginia, 22938 under the tutelage of the lead trainer William Buhlman …


…we received the instruction to simulate an OBE by the power of our imagination while listening to the hemi-sync sound . Of course, it was a fun instruction: we were sent to get a real OBE, and not to be disappointed, if we would not get one on our last day at Monroe Institute.

Receiving permission “to pretend,” in other words, “to lie”, or ‘to make it up,” I imagined a conversation between my guide and me at a bonfire suspended somewhere high in the space. At the same time, an earthy voice advised start relaxing. Soon I felt light specific vibrations. And my guide announced that, if I wanted it, a flight to Mt. Kailash, the sacred site of Western Tibet was available right now!


The north face of Mount Kailash

(Internet: “A great mass of black rock soaring to over 22,000 feet, Mt. Kailash has the unique distinction of being the world’s most venerated holy place at the same time that it is the least visited. The supremely sacred site of four religions and billions of people, Kailash is seen by no more than a few thousand pilgrims each year. This curious fact is explained by the mountain’s remote location in far western Tibet.”)

Before I knew it, I was facing an entrance to library hidden inside that mountain. I saw clearly my feet in warm winter boots and I felt being light. I was not sure do I had to take the boots off, or I would be allowed to keep them on. A small group of monks, about 6 people in orange garbs were there to greet us. I was asked, if I would be willing to sacrifice 5 young years of my next life as a research student from Europe in the Kailash’s department of old manuscripts? I, of course, exclaimed yes, yes, yes!

Then I was guided inside the cave into a dark room, and left there alone. Moving toward the door, I opened it, and found myself into a very European hospital. Reaching the end of the hall I stepped into a room with the magnificent view.  The room’s glass wall was facing the ocean.

I was told that I was back in a version of the Monroe Institute in future.

A row of special white beds was equipped with various high-tech electronic devices, and in all of them were patients. In one of the beds I recognized N, a fellow student in present OBE Intensive workshop. Stupid me rushed to share this good news with group. As it sounded as a funny and good news, we, the idiots, produced a sudden explosion of joyous laughter. In the middle of talking I felt an obstacle to appear in my mouth, as if forbidding me to continue despite having seen way more than I had shared. The reason, why an invisible force made me to stop, became clear later.

Let me continue now. The row of beds stood against the white wall of the normal height (the height of the ceiling was higher than height of wall behind the beds) and the wires of various medical healing devices went through that wall into utmost important room behind the wall.

There were “dental chairs” richly mounted with more high-tech toys. There was one chair for every bed behind the separation wall.

What was happening in these “dental chairs” was not revealed to me. The “connection” between the beds facing ocean view, and “dental chairs” backing them behind the separation wall was not revealed either.

And there, behind the “dental chairs”  was the third row. It was hard to describe, as it seemed to be an anti-technological “row”, or level, probably most important for the healing process. Was I seeing real shamans or pictures or photos of them?

The visualizations showed shamanic initiations. I saw twisted figures of ancient shamans caught in the moments of their painful and torturous trials .

In order to find some way to describe it, I got help from Mircea Eliade book “Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy”. This book has many passages from anthropological works based on authentic field researches conducted by Finnish and Russian anthropologists before the revolution in year 1917. Somehow the reports of these works were found by Mircea Eliade in France.

Here comes two excerpts from chapter II “Initiatory Sickness and Dreams” in “Shamanism” by Mircea Eliade. Pages 38-43.

“The shaman Ganykka told him (anthropologist Lehtisalo – T.E.)  that once when he was beating his drum the spirits came down and cut him in pieces, also chopping off his hands. During this time, his soul was in the sky, journeying with the Spirit of Thunder and visiting the god Mikkulai.” P.38

(In our language, the shaman describes his awareness of his multidimensional existence.)

“The Tungus shaman Ivan Cholco states (to anthropologist Ksenofontov – T.E.) that a future shaman must fall ill and have his body cut in pieces and his blood drunk by the evil spirits (saargi). These—which are really the souls of dead shamans—throw his head into a caldron, where it is melted with certain metal pieces that will later form part of his ritual costume.” P. 43

“Another Tungus shaman relates that he was sick for a whole year.  During this time, he sang to feel better. His shaman ancestor came to initiate him. They pierced him with arrows until he lost consciousness and fell to the ground; they cut off his flesh, tore out his bones and counted them; if one had been missing, he could not have become a shaman. During this operation he went for a whole summer without eating or drinking.” P.43

Reading this, I still did not grab the connection between the three OBE visions – white beds facing ocean, the separation wall behind the beds with the  row of “dental chairs” behind the wall.  And there was a third row of wild shamans in state of torture. How this triose reflected or predicted TMI future, was not clear to me. .

Some help came from… Robert Monroe himself.


During departure, waiting for the van that would bring us to airport, I idled into TMI bookstore and bought the book by Ronald Russel “The Journey of Robert Monroe: From Out-of-Body Explorer to Consciousness Pioneer”.

On the page 106 I found a reminiscence of Robert Monroe saying “I have a tiger by the tail, and I do not know what to do with it.”

It was said despite intensive work on creating various healing and development programs, their improvement and searching of new venues of application, maybe domesticating Monroe’s own OBE experience.  Among his works, there was  Mentronics, later dropped program, and there were other programs live and well up to our days: Hemispheric Synchronization (Hemi-Sync), and “the best play Bob ever wrote,” the program called Gateway Voyager. According to Ronald Russel, up to the year 2006, more than twenty thousand individuals had taken this six-day residential program. And there were Lifeline, Outreach and Going Home programs. In other words, Robert Monroe, the keen businessman, was working hard, testing and improving the practical applications to help humans in their deepest desire to discover and develop their own individual spirituality.

Monroe “left the building” on March, 1995.Already year before his death he was aware that the transition was nearing. In January 1994, he “did not take the chair, yielding it to Dr. Suzanne Morris, a long-standing member of the board.” Ronald Russel continues: “Monroe outlined the changed structure of the Institute, commenting that the financial health of the nonprofit element was not good, adding that he was no longer able to subsidize it himself. While the Institute was never profit-oriented it had to become self-supporting, although he gave no clear indications as to how that could be achieved.”  P. 284.

I, as a medium, I believe that  the OBE in question was suggested by the soul of Robert Monroe. His presence was sensed by many OBE Intensive participants.  Of course, I have any idea how he intended to channel the energy released during shamans’ initiation for healing purposes, for helping fatally ill to overcome their fear of death. But I could see that after death Monroe was still working on the Institute programs, thinking about incorporating thousands years old shamanic healing skills, or at least part of it, into medical practices of the modern world.

When the stupid me boasted seeing one of my group members laying in the futuristic hospice or ICU bed, I did not know the first thing about the life of Robert Monroe, about his friendship with Elizabeth Kübler Ross, his work with hospices’ clients. Are the shamans’ traditional initiation a close relative, the twin brother or cousin of yogi enlightenment, or similar to the effect produced by awakened Kundalini? This is not for me to decide. One thing is sure,  shamanic initiation, the instant of yogi liberation,  or the run-up of Kundalini energy releases immense amount of healing energy. Can it be that Robert Monroe was searching ways for simulating this energy via high-tech electronic devices? And how was OBE entwined with shamanic initiation phenomenon ?

I cannot answer any of these questions. I was used only to publish my OBE experience and forward the description to people who would know what to do with it, or encourage TMI  Team take to the heart the Institute’s  future — it’s growth and expansion.

The OBE was experienced and reported by  Tatyana Elmanovich



















































































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